November 1, 2023
Lauren Platero

Going Beyond Olo POS Integrations: 7 POS Integration Options

Every restaurant business needs a POS system that can host innovative POS integration elements. After all, how else could eateries offer online ordering, a customer rewards program, and other enticing features? Finding a hospitality software provider that seamlessly connects to the restaurant POS platform is a major game-changer. Some experts might even argue that it's vital to restaurant success these days. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about POS integration features. More specifically, we’re going to outline several Olo competitors for POS integrations. By the end, you’ll know exactly what should result from Olo online ordering alternatives and POS synchronization. Now, let’s get started!

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What Is a POS Integration? 

A POS integration refers to the connection between a POS system and another type of software. While a POS system is limited, various integrations allow restaurants to be more innovative and inclusive. For example, businesses can use POS integrations for things like group ordering and hotel in room dining. After all, POS software strictly revolves around accepting and processing transactions.

But app integrations? That’s where groundbreaking features come into play. But maybe you’re focusing on staff-facing tech solutions to enhance employee engagement. Or, perhaps you’re looking into integrations to boost customer satisfaction. Regardless of your business’ current standing, integrations are bound to make a world of difference.

5 POS Systems that Host Integrations 

There are many POS systems that exist across the restaurant industry. We mention these specifically since so many of them are compatible with restaurant-friendly integrations. 

To name a few, here are a handful of POS partners worth looking into:

  1. Toast 
  2. PAR Brink 
  3. Aloha 
  4. ORACLE Micros
  5. POSitouch

7 Alternatives to Olo POS Integrations 

Now that you have several POS systems that may work for your business, it’s time to focus on Olo alternatives for POS integration tools. They’re certainly not made equally, so weighing your options is a must. Read below for seven brands that might cater to your POS integration needs.

1. Revolution Ordering

Revolution Ordering offers brands across the hospitality industry some of the best online ordering POS integration features. For one, all our clients have access to marketplace order insertion with leading food delivery apps, like Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash. Plus, there are demand creation and marketing features. The best POS integration of all though might just be our new business intelligence dashboard. By collecting customer data in real time, brands can view company performance at a glance. And yes, even those who oversee a franchise can leverage this tool.

Our clients don’t have to worry either about the costs associated with picking and choosing POS integration features. Instead, they have access to a suite of innovative restaurant technology for a set monthly fee. There’s zero need to stress about price fluctuations or uncertainty surrounding restaurant expenses.

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2. Toast 

There’s a good chance that you’re already familiar with Toast due to their wide selection of POS hardware. So to no one's surprise, they also offer software solutions that pair with each device. But remember, just because you use their POS systems, you don’t have to adopt their cloud technology solutions. But if you do, they offer a variety of resources, from reservation management to marketplace order insertion.

3. Aloha

Did you know that Aloha is quite similar to Toast, in that they offer both hardware and software? Plus, it’s also one of the many restaurant tech alternatives to Olo POS integrations that companies like Revolution Ordering can partner with. That’s if you’re just using the hardware, of course. But when it comes to software, Aloha offers a selection of online ordering, rewards, and gift card integrations. As a result, their cloud-based product offerings aid in restaurant marketing efforts. 

4. Bentobox

Let’s say that you want to innovate your food and beverage department, but aren’t sure of which route to go. In this case, Bentobox might be right for you. This is because they sell their products and features a la carte. In other words, each of their clients creates their own package based on their POS integration needs. However, just remember that this is how prices can get out of hand. If you find that you’d like to onboard more POS integration features than you originally thought, your monthly bill may be higher than what you budgeted for.

5. Chowly

Chowly is mainly known for their online ordering integrations. Why? Well, they make it super easy for restaurants to implement dynamic pricing across online ordering apps. Many businesses face the risk of delivery service providers disrupting their ability to rank high in the search results. But with Chowly’s feature Smart Pricing, restaurants can update online menu prices based on numerous factors. This way, they can maximize profits in a secure and strategic fashion. 

6. Owner 

If you're a mid-sized business, it might be worth looking into Owner for your POS integration needs. Owner can offer your customers delivery services. Plus, they also host marketing integrations. So, not only can you implement product differentiation with delivery and takeout, but with promotions, too. The best part? Restaurants can keep things cohesive with all integrations linking to and from the digital storefront.

7. Incentivio

Incentivio clients can partner with a number of different POS systems to offer online ordering. Plus, they’re one of the few options on the market that can be suitable for needs relating to online ordering for small restaurants. There’s just one thing worth noting. As of May 2023, Incentivio clients are not able to integrate with Google food ordering. If that’s an online ordering POS integration you need, it’s always a good idea to compare your options.

Frequently Asked Questions About a POS Integration

Every POS integration has the potential to elevate your business. From online ordering to real-time data collection, software can help you do it all. You just need to ensure that the POS system and additional software you use can connect to one another. With this in mind, it’s vital to understand the basics of POS integrations in general. So, read the following frequently asked questions for more information!

What Is a POS API?

A POS API is the interface that allows a POS system to operate and connect to software. For instance, not all online ordering service providers integrate with every POS partner. This is due to restrictions within the POS API.

What Is a Point of Sale Integration System?

A point of sale (POS) integration system is a software product that connects innovative features to the POS system. Maybe you want to offer online ordering services. Or, perhaps you want to implement a loyalty program. No matter what you want to add to your business model, it can likely be done through the point of sale integration system.

How Much Do POS Integrations Cost?

POS integrations can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per month. This price will depend on a number of factors. For one, the number of POS integration features will impact the cost if the provider doesn't offer flat fees. Then, if you operate a franchise, the number of units using the POS integrations will impact the total cost.

What Are the Four Types of POS Systems?

The four types of POS systems are:

  1. Legacy POS systems
  2. Mobile POS systems
  3. Tablet POS systems 
  4. Cloud POS systems

What’s An Example of a POS Integration?

An example of a POS integration would be online ordering services. The way it works is that a restaurant's POS system integrates with an online ordering software. Then, as orders roll in, they automatically enter the POS platform.

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Online Ordering and POS Integrations: The Perfect Match

Online ordering services and POS integrations go hand in hand. Once you select the right products for your business, optimizing operations will never be more straightforward. Plus, taking these steps is a foolproof way to modernize your business.