October 25, 2023
Lauren Platero

Comparing Costs: Olo vs. Olo Online Ordering Alternatives

Olo online ordering alternatives vary in price quite a bit. And, restaurant expenses can take up a large portion of the restaurant budget. With this in mind, you should carefully consider all fees associated with your restaurant tech investments. From onboarding costs to monthly rates, there are many variables that may contribute to the costs. 

For instance, some monthly fees might fluctuate upon adding additional units to your restaurant enterprise. Or, you might incur additional fees for adding extra features and app integrations to your package. To ease your mind and answer some questions, we’re going to cover an online ordering price comparison in this blog. How do Olo online ordering alternatives set their prices? What sets them apart, especially for small to medium-sized companies? Keep reading, and you’ll learn everything there is to know!

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A Brief Online Ordering Price Comparison Featuring the Olo Brand

If you’re in search of an online ordering system, you may already know that the Olo cost per month and deployment fee is higher than others. Plus, there are numerous variable expenses when partnering with them. 

For instance, the monthly cost may start at $1,000 per month until you onboard a certain number of units. Then, monthly rates begin to fluctuate. However, this does not take onboarding costs into account. While you’re budgeting for the monthly fee they quote you, you’ll be incurring their deployment fee of $3,000 per month. So if your brand comprises a fairly minimal number of units, the onboarding fees alone could possibly be higher than the product itself. 

Meanwhile, Revolution Ordering offers all clients a flat monthly rate. That’s right–no sudden price changes, and no fluctuations. This feature gives our partners peace of mind when it comes to future payments and incorporating our integrations into their budget. 

As a small business owner, you probably know firsthand just how crucial it is to stay within your budget. Restaurant costs can add up rather quickly. So, steady rates are essential to current and long-term strategic planning. That's actually why we offer flat rates for solutions regarding online ordering for small restaurants.

Comparing Costs of Olo Online Ordering Alternatives

Okay, so now you’re familiar with certain aspects of Olo pricing. But what about Olo online ordering alternatives? Read on for a brief overview of how some of the best online ordering alternatives set their pricing:

Revolution Ordering’s Flat Rates Are Superior 

One of the best parts about Revolution Ordering is that we offer flat rates for all of our features. That’s right! As you’re browsing through our many features and integrations, you don’t have to worry about what the total cost will end up running you. Just one set fee, and you get everything!

But what if there are features that you’re unfamiliar with or don't need, such as group ordering functionalities or hotel in room dining? Not a problem at all! Our dedicated customer success team is available to help you with anything you need. In fact, Revolution Ordering is proud to share that we offer lines of contact that are open 24/7. Plus, all of our clients have access to a knowledge base that covers the entire platform in-depth. 

Our rates are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, too. Sometimes, online ordering providers can price their products with massive entities in mind. In doing so, they’re not sustainable for brands with fewer units. Or, they have no choice but to cut back in other areas, such as labor or the restaurant marketing budget. And as a growing business, setbacks are the last thing you need. 

If a flat rate for all your online ordering needs sounds like an easy and stress-free solution, schedule a demo with us. We’d love to discuss how a centralized platform with innovative tech solutions can maximize revenue and improve operational efficiency in your business. 

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Incentivio Requires the Use of  a Payment Processor 

As of May 2023, set-up fees for Incentivio are around $3,200. However, there are minimal monthly rates after the onboarding process is complete. This process should take anywhere from six to eight weeks. If you ever decide to open additional locations, expect to incur an additional fee each time. 

One thing that shoppers should be mindful of is that Incentivio is not a payment processor. With that being said, restaurants will incur payment processing and payment gateway fees on each transaction. Though it's not abnormal, it's just something to consider when setting menu prices.

Chowly Offers Various Contracts for Their Core Package

For a fairly low fee, Chowly offers brands in the hospitality industry with online ordering packages. Under some circumstances, they may waive this fee. Then, there's a set rate each month. However, businesses might be able to reduce this expense if they opt into an annual contract.

If you're already familiar with online ordering platforms, it's worth noting that Chowly acquired Koala. So, the culmination of both brands delivers the online ordering features. In addition to this, there are also design options for websites and mobile apps.

Bentobox Prices Each Feature Separately

For about $1,500, restaurants and other hospitality brands can onboard Bentobox. Then, monthly subscriptions can be $249, as of May 2023. But that's just for the online ordering feature with DoorDash.

At Bentobox, clients can expect to pay a monthly fee for numerous add-ons. For instance, if a business wants to host ADA compliance features, they would pay an additional $249 on top of the online ordering fee.

One thing about Bentobox is they offer marketing services. Like many Olo online ordering alternatives, this includes a website that's fully designed to reflect the business' branding. Plus, the digital storefront is also built into it. But again, this would be another $249 per month.

Unlike a platform where all features are included, such as Revolution Ordering, the monthly bill can add up rather quickly. This is also very likely if you want to provide customers with a variety of features. 

Aloha Has the Option to Invest In Hardware

Starting at around $3,500 for implementation, Aloha offers restaurants a variety of online ordering services. Like most Olo online ordering alternatives, their monthly fee will vary from business to business. So, that's something to keep in mind if you're a growing brand. And of course, it'll be more if you use their devices. Credit card rates and transaction fees will also be part of your quote. 

Aloha is one of the online ordering system providers that can supply businesses with POS hardware. However, if you already use Aloha hardware, you don't need to onboard their cloud technology. In fact, Aloha is one of the many POS partners that Revolution Ordering integrates with! It's pretty seamless, and you don't have to change your devices.

Toast Pricing Includes Numerous Variables

Depending on the location, the setup fee with Toast can be nearly $4,000. Restaurant brands should also expect to spend several hundred dollars each month afterward. There are also transaction fees on each purchase.

For an additional fee, Toast users can onboard POS devices. But if you're already an established small to medium-sized enterprise, that may not be a switch you need to make. If you do end up investing in Toast hardware, they offer financing options. 

If you're already using Toast for your POS integration features, you don't necessarily have to onboard their online ordering products. Just as an example, Revolution Ordering integrates with the Toast POS system. So, keep this in mind when comparing restaurant tech alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Olo Online Ordering 

There are various differences amongst Olo online ordering alternatives. While some are vague, others are quite distinct. To know what to look for in Olo alternatives, you must know about the option at hand. So, check out the following FAQ section for some more insight on the platform. 

How Does Olo Work?

Olo works by allowing restaurants to offer off-premise delivery services. Therefore, customers are able to order food and drinks online. By integrating with your POS system, restaurants are able to digitize the dining experience.

Who Uses Olo?

Restaurants and other hospitality companies use Olo. More specifically, they target chains and enterprises with hundreds, if not thousands of units.

What Is the Olo Charge On My Credit Card?

If you see an olo.com charge on your bank statement, it’s probably from ordering food from one of Olo’s restaurant partners. If you don’t recall placing an order, contact your bank.

How Do I Get a Refund From Olo.com?

To receive a refund from Olo, contact the restaurant that you purchased your order from. Since Olo sends all order payments through payment gateways and payment processors, they would be unable to issue the refund.

What Is Olo Dispatch?

Olo’s Dispatch API functions as a delivery provider broker. It contacts and compares quotes from various delivery providers. This feature allows clients to offer not just online ordering, but delivery too.

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Olo Online Ordering Alternatives: So Many Price Differences

Now that you’re familiar with Olo pricing components compared to several Olo competitors, you’ll be able to better understand your choices. Before anything else, evaluate your business’ financial standing. Then, allocate a portion of your budget toward innovative restaurant technology. Once you have these metrics set in stone, you’ll be able to make major purchasing decisions with confidence.