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Enhance the dining experience at your country club with Revolution Ordering by allowing members to conveniently place online food orders. The Revolution Ordering platform makes it easy to browse menus and place orders whether it’s before you hit the golf course, after, or at-the-turn.

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Revolution Ordering can provide country clubs with a modern and efficient online food ordering solution. The platform enables country club members to easily access menus, place orders, and make secure payments, whether they're at the club, on the golf, course, or ordering remotely.

At-The-Turn Ordering

One benefit that country clubs can take advantage of when using Revolution Ordering is the "at the turn" ordering feature for golfers. With this feature, golfers can conveniently place food and beverage orders while on the course. This ensures a seamless dining experience without disrupting their game.

Tablet-Free Solution

The tablet-free solution that Revolution Ordering offers makes it possible for country clubs to streamline food ordering. This approach allows country club members to place orders directly from their smartphones and eliminates the need for dedicated tablets or additional hardware. Orders placed through Revolution Ordering’s tablet-free solution are pushed directly into the POS. Revolution Ordering offers various POS integrations and if there is a specific one that your country club uses, we will do our best to work with you.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

The Business Intelligence Dashboard is where country clubs can access reporting and analytics for their businesses. The dashboard will provide them with insight into the performance of their country club and industry comparisons.

POS Integration

Revolution Ordering integrates with multiple POS systems in order to synchronize all operations. These integrations connect online ordering platforms with the point-of-sale system to allow order information to flow directly into the restaurant’s existing infrastructure. This will reduce the manual data entry process for country clubs. Revolution Ordering offers a variety of POS integrations including:

PAR Brink
Micros Res/3700
NCR Aloha Quick Service
NCR Aloha Quick Service
NCR Cloud Connect
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Live Customer Support

Country clubs will benefit from Revolution Ordering’s live customer support, which is available 7 days a week. The real-time assistance and direct communication channels that Revolution Ordering provides ensure that all issues are addressed promptly.

Self-Help Tools

Revolution Ordering makes it possible for country club owners and managers to manage the platform on their own by providing them with access to self-help tools. These tools will eliminate the need to wait for support in order to address a concern if it’s not necessary. Country club clients can refer to Revolution Ordering’s knowledge base, which is full of information and answers to many questions clients may have.


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