July 19, 2023
Lauren Platero

The Power of Innovation: Exploring Revolution Ordering's Top 5 Tech Solutions

Tech solutions have the power to dramatically improve business operations. From flexible payment processing methods to restaurant marketing tools, there are many options depending on your company’s needs. In fact, many experts claim that innovating a business is essential to remain afloat.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the importance of tech solutions in the restaurant industry and beyond. Then, we’ll explore Revolution Ordering’s top five options that can allow you to maximize profits and enhance customer satisfaction. So, let's dive right in!

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Why You Need Tech Solutions 

Solutions that fall within the category of innovative restaurant technology come with many perks. The best part? Such benefits will help the business as well as the customer base. With this in mind, there's no reason not to innovate a food service brand. 

Once you adopt restaurant technology solutions, you'll likely reap the benefits of several of the following outcomes:

Now that you know what improvements in your business can look like, check out the next section to learn how Revolution Ordering can make it happen!

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5 Tech Solutions That Revolution Ordering Gets Right 

Revolution Ordering offers an advanced suite of tech solutions that can take your food service business to the next level. Here are five groundbreaking features that you should know about:

1. Hardware-Free Solutions for All Off-Premise Orders

One of the best perks of off-premise software is the need for minimal hardware. In traditional settings, the restaurant host would require a tablet for each third-party app. However, our suite of solutions allows eateries to manage all orders in a single dashboard. 

Eliminating hardware has a number of advantages. For one, it keeps restaurant operations more organized. Second, it can reduce work overload, as the host(s) don’t have to manage multiple devices. Coordinating and keeping up with orders can be a headache as your business gets busier. So, off-premise solutions can ease customer-facing interactions while maintaining profits.

2. Multi-Pay Group Ordering

Restaurant reservations for large groups lead to enormous profits. With this in mind, it's vital that you can accommodate group dining. With our platform, you can simplify payment processes when large groups cater an event or special occasion. 

For instance, let's say a corporate breakfast is taking place at an office. The manager can select Group Ordering and send the appropriate email to their entire team. Then, each employee will receive a link, have the ability to choose their meal, and pay.

However, payment from each individual is not always necessary. Sometimes, the facilitator can choose to pay for all the orders. Once the deadline rolls around, the order will be sent to your restaurant. It's that simple, and a sure way to accelerate sales with ease.

3. Location-Based Marketing 

Marketing your brand is essential for long-term growth. In this day and age, two of the most powerful marketing tactics are SMS and email marketing campaigns. 

With Revolution Ordering, enterprise locations can leverage these restaurant marketing strategies. Whether you want to set up simple text reminders or a personalized email marketing strategy, it can all take place through our dashboard. Plus, you’ll have access to all marketing-related data.

4. Google Food Ordering 

Have you ever experienced how convenient it is to order food directly through Google? Well, we can set that up for your business. 

Google food ordering allows businesses to accept transactions via Google Search and Maps. So not only is it easy for customers to place orders, but it makes businesses easy to find. As people search for nearby eateries, your restaurant can appear with the option to place an order. So, this also means that there are no third-party apps in the equation. 

As you can imagine, this is an extremely easy way to boost sales. Plus, it increases brand visibility within the local market.

5. Seamless Marketplace Integrations 

There wouldn’t be off-premise tech solutions if there weren’t marketplaces to exist. With our tools, any food-serving business can become available on apps, such as Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats. 

Partnering with delivery service providers is essential for promotional efforts. As hungry customers are scrolling through their options, they’re bound to come across your business. This concept significantly reduces the need for a perfect brick and mortar location.

Marketplace order insertion is also ideal for securing the largest sales possible. This is because brands can upsell orders through the platform. Whether it be past purchases or common add-ons at checkout, there are automatic tactics to encourage customers to buy more menu items. In doing so, the average cart value will increase and revenue will soar.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to innovate your food service business? Our team is excited to help! Undergoing a digital transformation can be complex, but we make it easy. 

Book a demo with us today! Soon after, one of our dedicated team members will be in touch. After the onboarding process is complete, you won't believe how you ever went without such revolutionary tech solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tech Solutions

There are many variables to consider when onboarding tech solutions. Even though innovative tools will impact operations for the better, it’s always good to know what to expect. Below, you’ll find additional insight about adopting different technologies in the hospitality industry. Read on for more!

What Types of Tech Solutions Are Commonly Used In Restaurants?

Some of the most commonly used tech solutions in restaurants include:

Can Tech Solutions Help With Marketing and Customer Engagement?

Yes, there are tech solutions that assist in marketing and customer engagement efforts. CRM systems, data analytics dashboards, and loyalty program management are all features that tech can streamline. Plus, you can use solutions to host things like SMS and email marketing campaigns. 

How Can Tech Solutions Help With Inventory Management?

A restaurant inventory tool is one of the best tech solutions a business with food service can invest in. It allows the staff to put several time-consuming tasks on autopilot. Features like the reorder point, demand planning, and a wholesale directory are all part of such tools. Keeping up with inventory control has never been easier. 

How Can Tech Solutions Improve the Customer Experience?

Tech solutions improve the customer experience by speeding up various processes. For instance, marketplace integrations let people to quickly order food. Or, self-ordering devices eliminate lengthy wait times. They generally provide a more personal experience, which gives the consumer more control. In turn, customer satisfaction is the result.

Are Tech Solutions Secure Enough for Handling Payments In Restaurants?

Yes, all payment methods must abide by PCI standards. Data encryption and other protection measures are in place to secure customer data. As a restaurant owner, you should always opt for reputable payment processing providers for the highest security regulations. Doing so will provide you and the customer peace of mind.

Revolutionize Your Business Today!

Investing in the right tech solutions for your business can completely transform operations. Maybe you want to introduce customer-facing features to improve their experience. Or, perhaps you need to reduce labor and maximize revenue by doing more with less. By innovating your business, you can tackle all these challenges simultaneously. Over time, you’ll achieve longevity and steady cash flow. Click the image below to discuss what’s right for your business!

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