July 16, 2023
Devn Ratz

Restaurant Roadmap to Streamline Online Ordering Platforms

Picture your restaurant brimming with business. Customers line out the door, an air of excitement vibrates, and the aromas of food favorites attract everyone's appetite.

The flow of business runs smoothly, until your phone rings. Two, 10, and then 50 customers call to place orders for curbside pickup, delivery, or catering. Questions, concerns, and requests quickly turn into full disruption without the right support.

Now imagine those 10, 20, or 500 orders arriving through your POS hardware automatically. You get every order from an easy-to-use app or website menu. Each detail remains clear, payments process securely, and your staff achieves excellent order accuracy without frenzy or fuss.

This is Revolution Ordering. Our online ordering platform elevates restaurants and maximizes profits. Integrated, optimizing, and scalable—our software helps partners create profits, speed service, and supercharge performance. 

Choosing online ordering systems for restaurants means more than accepting a monthly fee for the ability to create an online menu. It opens countless online ordering features.

Follow this roadmap for enterprise restaurants, and discover the features, benefits, and automations for unprecedented growth.

Key Takeaway: Online ordering platforms like Revolution Ordering optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth.
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Online Ordering: Seizing Emerging Customer Trends

New entrants to the online food ordering scene can bank on the buying consistency of Gen Z and millennial consumers. 

These demographics are three times more inclined to opt for food delivery in comparison to older age groups. Notably, they gravitate towards personalized and thoughtful shopping experiences:

Millennials Spend More

Data shows that millennials and Gen Z are likely to boost their digital expenditures each passing year. They cherish the comfort, speed, and variety that online food services provide.

Gen Zs Prefer Custom

Younger generations crave distinct and personalized culinary experiences. Providing interactive digital encounters and tailor-made choices can set a business apart in a saturated market.

Everyone Encourages "Eco-Friendly"

Above all others, Gen Z and millennials value ecological preservation. Companies providing environmentally friendly, especially plant-based delivery options, align well with these priorities.

Online Ordering Maximizes Opportunity

Post 2020, and its global health precautions, digital food ordering has become a regular aspect of consumer routines.

The COVID-19 crisis escalated demand for online food services, innovative food tech, and easy access options. Currently, and even looking forward, consumer data shows bias for easy, digital restaurant services. 

In 2021, a significant 60% of US customers availed delivery services at least once weekly. Surprisingly, one-third revealed utilizing an external delivery provider a minimum of twice each week.

The National Restaurant Association recently saw how half of customers say delivery options make choosing restaurants more likely.

Improved efficiency for restaurants comes from the strategic use of online ordering platforms.

Restaurant Delivery Software: Advancing Operations with Optimized Solutions

Revolution Ordering empowers your restaurant to expand its scope. It helps you satisfy customers needs and outperform a growing number of rivals through software that harnesses restaurant trends.

Higher Efficiency

Our software swiftly digitizes tasks traditionally done by humans. The results are quick order management, more precise oversight, optimized routes, and smoother interactions. This leads to speedy deliveries, fewer forgotten items, and satisfying experiences for customers.

Improved Experiences

Customers can track their orders with ease, know when their delivery will arrive, and get immediate updates about their purchases. This enhances clarity and dialogue, resulting in greater satisfaction, solid loyalty, and growing sales long-term.

Cost-saving Processes

Our delivery software fine-tunes your restaurant operations while saving you money. Decrease fuel expenses with better routing, reduce mistakes with automated orders, and cut down waste through more informed operations.

Data-driven Development

Restaurant owners leverage their delivery software to inform decisions and propel business growth with information technology. These systems provide valuable data about clients, orders, delivery performance, trends, and preferences. This will help you tailor offerings, promos, and deals.

Clearer Communication

Revolution Ordering enhances interactions between team members, drivers, and customers. We facilitate flawless coordination in your restaurant, while en route, right to the customer’s door. Improved cooperation leads to more successful deliveries, supportive reviews, and rapid expansion. 

Key Takeaway: Delivery software increases efficiency, customer experiences, and business savings while offering precious data clarity. 
Experience a demo of Revolution Ordering, the software that enhances restaurant operations by tracking orders, optimizing ops, and cutting labor costs.

Online Ordering Software: What Should Your Enterprise Restaurant Seek?

Top-notch restaurant management technology remains ready for emerging trends in the industry. That means it sports the most recent advances through influential technology.

You can identify whether a certain partner in ordering software will work out through at least eight characteristic features.

User-friendly Designs & Mobile App Integration

Simplicity fosters customer engagement. Your digital presence influences brand perception. Strive for a user interface that allows effortless navigation through your menu and ordering platform using instinctive layouts. Attract customers using mobile technology by putting your menu and services literally in their hands.

Custom Payment, POS, & CRM Integration

Diverse payment options widen your market reach. Integrated systems optimize efficiency in operations. Boost your customers' sense of safety by offering diverse payment methods from integration with your point-of-sale (POS) system.

Online ordering systems link customer experiences to scrutinize every order, bolster loyalty programs, and contribute to  better businesses. Free online ordering can attract customers from around the web, social media, and built-in marketing tools. Make sure you monitor every interaction with integration.

Order Monitoring & Inventory Management

Real-time tracking enhances customer satisfaction. Inventory alerts prevent revenue loss. With Revolution Ordering, both customers and management can track orders as they progress. 

Set up automatic alerts for dwindling supplies to guard satisfaction, service quality, and sales against "out-of-stock" disappointment.

Secure Processing & Compliant Data Practices

Security promotes customer loyalty. Compliance avoids legal hassles. Safeguard orders from potential data breaches, fostering a sense of trust and security that promotes online ordering. 

Display adherence to data protection laws (including GDPR), and customers will appreciate your respect for their privacy. 

Restaurants see substantial increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty from streamlined ordering and delivery features from advanced online ordering platforms.

Online Ordering Solutions: Ultimate User-Friendly Features For Restaurants

Eight defining features can make a food delivery systems invaluable to restaurants. Look at the core: custom menus, secure payments, fair pricing, easy interfaces, order tracking, review capture, integration, and scale.

Intuitive User Interface

An intuitive design eases order navigation for customers and streamlines staff processes. The Revolution Ordering system leverages digital menu ordering to enhance the user experience. Straightforward navigation lowers errors and boosts customer satisfaction.

Simple Menu Customization

Online ordering solutions offer custom menus, enabling personalization to fit customer preferences. Restaurant software automation increases order accuracy, eliminates manual updates, and promotes customer experience.

Secure Contactless Payments

Advanced encryption secures payments in standard online ordering solutions. Trusted payment options build customer trust and prevent data breaches. Secure systems boost customer confidence, leading to successful orders.

Transparent Order Tracking

Live order tracking manages customer expectations by showing order progress. The result is fewer phone and in-person queries as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Customer Data Insights

Online ordering systems gather restaurant data analytics like customer feedback, improving operations. These insights help business owners to strengthen their brands.

Volume-Aware Pricing

Revolution Ordering provides its online ordering enablement and optimization to scale, regardless of your order volumes. Transparent pricing from online ordering software partners like us means you can protect profits.

Enterprise-Level Scale

Forward-looking restaurant owners choose software like Revolution Ordering, which adapts to growing demands and order volumes. Our clients enjoy custom development of functions and features to suit multi-location restaurants.

Complete Ecosystem Integration

Starting with technology integration through point-of-sale systems and restaurant CRM, operations streamline in your restaurant. Your restaurant is then ready for cross-channel, multi-location benefits using kitchen display systems and databases to the fullest. 

Key Takeaway: Successful ordering solutions hinge on intuitive, secure, and helpful design for better scale, sales, and support. 
See the power of an online ordering platform designed for enterprise and steeped in POS data during your free demo with Revolution Ordering.

Online Ordering Integration: Why Revolution Ordering Syncs Your Systems

Successful online ordering integration fosters digital transformation, capturing new customers and bolstering restaurant revenue. 

Implement the right strategy and witness the growth opportunities in order volume, customer loyalty, and overall business outcomes. All these perks issue from the benefits of an integrated online ordering system.

Streamline Restaurant Operations

Online ordering integration centralizes transaction monitoring and customer interaction tracking. Smooth syncs of in-house and remote orders soothes major pain points by reducing errors and amplifying efficiency.

Customize Customer Experiences

Customers increasingly crave flexibility and convenience in placing orders. Modern software integrations that deliver real-time updates and order tracking can cater to these needs effectively.

Sustain Maximized Revenue

User-friendly interfaces from integrated online ordering platforms draw in more customers, leading to increased restaurant revenue. Integrating restaurant POS systems could expand your customer reach, supercharge performance, and amplify your restaurant marketing efforts.

Automate Inventory Control

Online ordering in the best POS systems via Revolution Ordering facilitates more automated inventory. Real-time data averts overstocking, under-stocking, and stock outs, avoiding disruptions and unnecessary costs.

Increase Restaurant Sales

Online ordering, by its sheer convenience, attracts a wider customer base and raises profits. The expansive role of technology refines these earnings with premium pricing, suitable for peak times, special seasons, or sales experiments.

Create Brand Visibility

Linking with popular apps and restaurant delivery software, integration magnifies brand reach. A quality, trustworthy, and convenient brand image helps restaurants through more online visibility and app integrations.

Drive Decisions with Data

Rarely do businesses present customer data in a coherent, accessible format. With integration, businesses and staff navigate new sales methods through robust analytics and unified restaurant software.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Online ordering and self-service technology presents opportunities for cost savings, notably in reducing food waste and order cancellations. Real-time order management decreases expenses. Inventory management also eliminates surplus storage costs.

Promote Loyalty Programs

Customer satisfaction is fortified order after order, through seamless delivery and dining experiences. Ordering integrations protect customer experiences across platforms. They boost personal communication, nourishing customer rewards programs

Online ordering platforms benefit waste reduction, cost control, real-time tracking, and more for higher efficiency, satisfaction, and sales.

Food Delivery Management Systems: How They Advance Restaurants

Food delivery management systems ease delivery from restaurants of all kinds. Revolution Ordering enables more customer service and increased profits.

Automated systems such as ours aids growth and scale. Using our food tech, your orders, drivers, and deliveries sail through service expertly. We create enhanced efficiency through online ordering solutions that drive growth. 

Discover these systems and see how our software boosts service and increases restaurant sales.

Omnichannel “Anywhere” Ordering

Revolution Ordering, an integrated ordering solution, encourages order placement. Customers can order from any channel: your website, mobile technology, or delivery service providers. Our restaurant tech simplifies order collection. 

Customer satisfaction and loyalty rise with easy ordering experiences. Enhance accuracy and reduce errors. Install custom restaurant POS integrations alongside bespoke app integrations through Revolution Ordering.

Order Data Monitoring

Order details, including customer data, protect order accuracy and customer satisfaction. Managers can then prioritize orders from one central location. 

Integration with POS systems and software allows valuable real-time order monitoring of order volumes. Special requests are more manageable.

Intelligent Order Fulfillment

Revolution Ordering assigns orders based on workload and customer data like location, considering distance and driver capacities. This reduces lost time, improves labor costs, and saves delivery time.

Coordinated Internal Processes

New orders begin preparation almost instantly with Revolution Ordering. Coordinated communication results in better order accuracy and savings. It controls stock, reduces restaurant food waste, and elevates quality.

Automatic Driver Dispatch

Delivery assignments follow location proximity, shortening delivery times. New technology in restaurants integrating with third-party services cuts delivery times, improves customer experience, and promotes growth.

Centralized Order Tracking

GPS-enabled food tech provides real-time driver tracking. This results in accurate estimates and clear communication. Revolution Ordering ensures customer satisfaction with timely notifications about deliveries.

Effective Personalized Messaging

With Revolution Ordering, brands can customize communications and restaurant marketing strategies for online orders. Instant confirmations and updates improve the customer experience.

Delivery Management Integration

Online ordering integration with POS systems makes expansion seamless with Revolution Ordering. Check integration capabilities before selecting software. Proper technology management will help your restaurant grow.

Customer Feedback Capture

Customer surveys provide valuable insights. Personal offers and restaurant promotions develop through this feedback. Brand trust and reputation then improves through consistent reviews. 

Key Takeaway: Integration increases food delivery sales and satisfaction while streamlining order management and enhancing operations. 
Delve into the benefits of Revolution Ordering’s intuitive online ordering platform for enterprise restaurants through a demo.

Food Costing Software Features: How Restaurant Tech Cuts Food Costs

Food costing software integrations empower managers to scrutinize expenditures effectively, from individual dish costs to labor management.

Menu Management

This kind of software simplifies the intricacies of food expenses. It considers every nuance from ingredient quantities to recipe variations. Using this tool, restaurants can rapidly pinpoint optimal recipes and ingredients, balancing customer retention and cost efficiency. 

With insights into costs and portions, businesses set profitable prices, attracting customers with cost-effective dishes. It also sheds light on the cost of goods sold for a restaurant, giving clarity on growth strategies.

Inventory Automation

Restaurant inventory management requires robust tracking and organization to ensure availability and cost reduction. Ingredient monitoring helps anticipate buying needs and avoid shortages, contributing to green restaurant strategies. 

The software also offers an avenue for reducing waste, managing portions, and simplifying processes. Moreover, it provides data-driven insights for automated replenishment, enabling restaurants to maintain a fresh inventory. Managers then promptly address overstocks or low ingredient issues.

Labor Optimization

Revolution Ordering refines workflows, enhances efficiency, and leads to be labor solutions including cutting the cost of labor. With sales predictions and food trend analysis, managers craft schedules that cut labor costs. 

These forecasts facilitate time-saving, prevent schedule clashes, limit overtime, and spur better revenue management. The software's automation further reduces manual work, allowing staff development while saving money through better resourcing.

Insightful Reporting

Our software provides fresh perspectives into food costs, inventory, and menu items, unlocking growth opportunities. It processes sales data, ingredient expenditures, and labor costs to yield precise profit margins when you request our custom reports. 

Data clarity allows managers to identify high and low-profit items, reallocate resources, and trim expenses. Reporting and analytics present key indicators simply. Tailored reports suit individual business needs, offering managers a deep dive into operations and aiding strategic decision-making. 

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