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Off-premise is business outside the four restaurant walls:

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Off-Premise Opportunity

No single trend in the restaurant industry is as big as delivery. The wave of third-party services and clear demand from consumers has just about every major restaurant chain headed in that direction.

Nation’s Restaurant News, May 2017

Off-premise comprises
$210 Billion
Which is
of the annual $500 Billion US revenue
Customer Satisfaction
of Millinnials rely on takeout or delivery
Doing nothing is no longer a viable option

Options for Addressing Off-Premise

Some of the biggest chains will do it all themselves – with deep investment of time and money (i.e. Panera)

Large Investment

The rest are attempting to solve it through the delivery marketplaces – an incomplete solution that creates pain points for the stakeholders.

Partial Solution

Operators need to build a direct off-premise business with the right partner.

Off-Premise Partner

Pain Points & Relief

The ordering and management of off-premise calls and digital orders have created pain points for:

Poor Margins with Off-Premise Orders

Handling Delivery Tablets

No Customer Data Captured

Independent Systems

Little/No Order Management Functionality

Pain Relief - The Revolutionary Approach

Orders taken from any channel (online, mobile, social, chat and voice).

Orders monitored real-time assuring customer satisfaction.

Intelligent upsell programs raising average tickets.

Customer and order data captured and owned by restaurant.

Orders integrated directly to POS.

Focus is delivering the best overall customer experience.

No delivery tablets to manage.

Ability to remarket to loyal customers.

Delivery fulfilled with top national partners with better economics.

Restaurant’s brand and business are growing.