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Provide moviegoers with a hassle-free online food ordering experience, featuring user-friendly menu exploration, customization choices, and safe payment handling. All of this is possible with Revolution Ordering, a platform designed to boost the customer experience and streamline operations.

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Revolution Ordering offers movie theaters, with in-seat ordering services, a centralized system for monitoring and handling online orders, streamlining the process to ensure precision in order fulfillment. Through Revolution Ordering, movie theater staff can efficiently oversee incoming orders, reduce wait times, and optimize kitchen operations

In-Seat Ordering

The Revolution Ordering platform provides movie theaters with a centralized system to efficiently manage incoming in-seat orders. Revolution Ordering makes it possible for movie theaters to receive orders from the theaters all in one place. This ensures a quicker turnaround time and improved kitchen operations.

Tablet-Free Solution

Revolution Ordering provides movie theater restaurants with a tablet-free solution for online ordering, offering a cost-effective and hassle-free method to implement this service without requiring extra devices.Orders placed at each movie theater restaurant are seamlessly integrated into the POS system, eliminating the necessity for tablets or additional gadgets. We offer a range of POS integrations, and even if your preferred system isn't on our list, we're open to finding a compatible solution that suits your needs.

One Central Platform

Movie theater restaurants will enjoy the ease of utilizing a unified central platform to efficiently oversee orders, whether they are for counter service or in-seat dining. By bringing these services together within one system, restaurants can simplify order management, resulting in reduced operational challenges. This centralized platform allows for real-time order tracking and empowers restaurant staff to enhance kitchen operations for maximum efficiency.

Group Sales

Revolution Ordering equips movie theaters with the capability to efficiently handle group sales, making it easier to serve large orders, groups, reservations, and events. This group sales feature not only has the potential to increase revenue but also enhances the theater's reputation for catering to diverse group requirements. This, in turn, nurtures customer loyalty and generates positive word-of-mouth.

Multiple Location Management 

The multiple location management feature in Revolution Ordering enables movie theaters to effectively supervise and manage multiple venues from a centralized platform. Through a unified dashboard, movie theater owners and managers can effortlessly monitor performance, keep track of inventory, and make menu updates across all their locations.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs enhance customer engagement and retention which is why movie theaters may consider incorporating them into their businesses. With Revolution Ordering, movie theaters can offer rewards, discounts, or points to encourage repeat business. The Revolution Ordering platform incentivizes customers to return and order more frequently. Movie theaters can customize loyalty programs based on individual preferences, therefore, building stronger relationships with their customers and creating a loyal customer base

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Revolution Ordering provides movie theaters with a Business Intelligence Dashboard for both single and multiple locations. This dashboard provides reporting and analytics for movie theater restaurants that will give them insight into the performance of their business as well as industry comparisons.

POS Integration

The POS integrations that Revolution Ordering provides allow movie theater restaurants to seamlessly synchronize their online and in-store operations. The integrations connect the online ordering platform with the point-of-sale (POS) system to allow order information to directly flow into the business’s existing infrastructure. As a result, restaurants will minimize manual data entry and order processing errors. Revolution Ordering offers a variety of POS integrations including:

PAR Brink
Micros Res/3700
NCR Aloha Quick Service
NCR Aloha Quick Service
NCR Cloud Connect

Gift Card Integration

Movie theaters can expand their customer base and boost revenue with Revolution Ordering’s flexible gift card integrations. Movie theater restaurants can integrate gift cards into the online ordering platform. Current gift card integrations include:

Aloha Gift Cards

Live Customer Support

Revolution Ordering’s live customer support is available 7 days a week. This way, movie theaters can get the real-time assistance they need to address any and all issues promptly. Direct communication channels are available to Revolution Ordering clients which can enhance customer satisfaction and effectively resolve order-related concerns.

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Self-Help Tools

Revolution Ordering provides movie theater businesses with various self-help tools to manage the platform on their own. This means that there is no need to wait for support to address a concern if it’s not necessary. Revolution Ordering has a knowledge base full of information for clients to refer to that will answer a large number of questions they may have.


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