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Fine Dining

Fine dining blends culinary skill with powerful ambiance and elevated service. Our platform complements this balance with tailor-made features to build your online presence, streamline processes, and give profound insight into your establishment.Revolution Ordering can help you meet the modern challenges of competition, convenience, and uncompromising value. Become a distinguished part of the digital landscape with traditional luxury packaged for contemporary comfort.

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With Revolution Ordering, fine dining and exquisite eateries experience transformation. Through demos with leading, large enterprises, owners learn how to translate the world of tradition into a digital realm of simplicity and speed. Together, our tools, team, and technology help you create a growth journey defined by excellence.

Online Ordering

When people think fine dining, they often imagine an embellished in-house experience. But, the digital era demands a little more adaptability—even from the most established, refined, and premium brands. By integrating with the third-party platforms of their choice, clients elevate their visibility while maintaining their exquisite ethos. Build a more loyal customer base through fare of more flexible appeal.

Tablet-Free Solution

When concern centers on appearances, processes, and experiences, there’s little time for clunky tablet systems tacked onto a full suite of restaurant software. Instead, Revolution Ordering integrates seamlessly with existing software stacks to maintain and bolster an already well-tended upscale restaurant. Through this POS integration, customers can get the orders to the specifications they expect in less time, with fewer hiccups than traditional methods. Find out how through a demo.

One Central Platform

Customers are increasingly interested in bringing more luxury experiences into the safety of their home. Our central platform simplifies management of on-premise and off-premise orders. With a balanced system for processing them all, we help you achieve optimal arrangements in-house and customized experiences at a distance.

Group Sales

Special occasions and corporate events are favored for the fine dining atmosphere. With more group booking, reservation, and service booking abilities, you can open customers to the idea of celebrating with you in a snap. Our group order functions enable patrons and their families or coworkers to create even memorable experiences with you.

Multiple Location Management 

Across locales, fine dining must keep brand image and sentiment consistent as it trickles down to influence every element of premium purchasing. With the ability to see sales, trends, and metrics across all locations—at once—managers and their stakeholders have never seen so much synchronized control.

Loyalty Programs

Be luxury, and be exclusive. Help your customers see the perks of joining the selective ranks of your most valued members and buyers. Inspire their loyalty to increase spending through our proprietary rewards programs for ordering customers. This will make you the top-performing choice—even among the preferred.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

An understanding of your customer intimately decides the most effective sales and experience strategies. With our dashboards, you’ll receive precious insight into their favorites, peak activity, shifting preferences, and more. Make your fine dining restaurant more agile through comprehensive looks at your clientele’s tastes.

POS Integration

Your specialized POS system may have isolated you from innovation in the past, but we rely on integration. Through Revolution Ordering, you’ll seamlessly connect with your existing system to siphon and analyze all its data for business-wide benefits. More flexibility with your data and operation will mean sharper, more sophisticated service. Revolution Ordering offers a variety of POS integrations including:

PAR Brink
Micros Res/3700
NCR Aloha Quick Service
NCR Aloha Quick Service
NCR Cloud Connect

Gift Card Integration

A gift card is not so much a coupon as much as it represents the promise of a wonderful experience. Give those remarkable experiences to your loyal patrons’ friends, family, and acquaintances through custom gift card integration. Paired with loyalty programs, these spell revenue optimization and much more engagement. Current gift card integrations include:

Aloha Gift Cards

Live Customer Support

When there’s an issue for clients, you know resolutions must be rapid. We believe in the same speed for our Revolution Ordering platform partners. That’s why you receive always-live, Monday through Sunday support for your tickets, issues, and questions.

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Self-Help Tools

When there’s an issue for clients, you know resolutions must be rapid. We believe in the same speed for our Revolution Ordering platform partners. That’s why you receive always-live, Monday through Sunday support for your tickets, issues, and questions.


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