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Provide customers with the option to order food and drinks from your sports bar online. With several payment methods and the ability to scroll through the menus, you can enhance the entire off-premise dining experience.

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Revolution Ordering offers sports bars the ability to manage all orders from a centralized system. In doing so, businesses can reduce labor, boost efficiency, ensure that orders are accurate, and improve customer satisfaction.

Online Ordering

Revolution Ordering gives sports bars the ability to create delivery and to-go options. Third-party marketplace insertion enables the business to accept orders via apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. This leads to larger order volumes, while offering consumers the most convenient dining options.

Tablet-Free Solution

Revolution Ordering offers sports bars a tablet-free solution. It makes it possible for sports bars to implement ordering via multiple channels without the addition of several devices. All orders will enter the POS system, regardless of the delivery app. Revolution Ordering also integrates with several POS providers to deliver such a convenient feature.

One Central Platform

Sports bars can consolidate all orders in a centralized platform. The convenience of keeping all transactions in one place allows the sports bar to track new orders and fulfillment with ease. Real time updates also increase operational efficiency and productivity in the kitchen.

Group Sales

Revolution Ordering allows sports bars to operate efficiently whenever group orders occur. The group sales functionality can collect information about dietary needs or even allow multi-pay options. Reservations, catering services, and events can be organized and productive. As a result, customers will have a positive experience.

Multiple Location Management 

Revolution Ordering’s multiple location management feature enables sports bars to monitor their chain of restaurants from a single dashboard. From inventory levels to sales trends, the staff will have a clear picture of the most important data metrics.

Loyalty Programs

As a business model that locals often visit, it would be beneficial for sports bars to offer loyalty programs. Revolution Ordering makes it simpler to offer rewards and discounts. These features are proven ways to provoke repeat businesses, which over time, enhances brand loyalty and retention.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Sports bars are able to analyze data about their own business, in addition to the entire industry. Revolution Ordering provides single and multi-unit sports bars with the proper analytics to make sound business decisions.

POS Integration

Revolution Ordering’s point-of-sale (POS) integrations seamlessly connect to the online ordering platform. Sports bars are able to use a centralized dashboard to manage all orders as they enter the existing system. As a result, sports bars can minimize labor, ensure order accuracy, and boost productivity. Revolution Ordering offers a variety of POS integrations including:

PAR Brink
Micros Res/3700
NCR Aloha Quick Service
NCR Aloha Quick Service
NCR Cloud Connect

Gift Card Integration

Sports bars can grow profits and brand awareness by offering gift cards. Revolution Ordering’s gift card integrations connect to the online ordering system. This way, selling and accepting gift cards is a seamless process. Current gift card integrations include:

Aloha Gift Cards

Live Customer Support

All Revolution Ordering clients have access to live customer support 7 days a week. Direct lines of communication will be open to assist you with conflict resolution. No matter what kinds of problems your sports bar is facing, we’re here to help.

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Self-Help Tools

During Revolution Ordering’s onboarding process, you’ll receive self-help tools. This resource comprises a knowledge base with a ton of information regarding Revolution Ordering’s products. The whole sports bar staff should find it valuable when a concern arises.


Streamline all of your off-premise orders in a single dashboard.

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