October 27, 2023
Lauren Platero

6 Best Online Ordering Olo Alternatives for Midsized Brands

The best online ordering solution for a large restaurant business will differ from one that's suitable for mid-sized businesses. For one, massive enterprise restaurants require more complex tech solutions. But more importantly, the fees that large franchises can pay don’t always match what’s sustainable for small to medium-sized businesses. For these two reasons alone, it’s not uncommon to find food service brands searching for an Olo replacement. However, there are other reasons why a business owner might make the switch, too.

Without further ado, continue reading this blog post for six of the best online ordering tech providers:

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Best Online Ordering Solutions for When You Need An Olo Replacement

Need an Olo online ordering replacement? Partnering with one of the best online ordering tech companies is just a few conversations and a contract away. But before you get that far, it’s probably a good idea to read up on the highlights of several restaurant tech alternatives. After all, hospitality software companies are constantly differentiating themselves from one another. See below for six SaaS companies that offer Olo alternatives:

1. Revolution Ordering 

Revolution Ordering is one of the best companies within the restaurant industry for online ordering solutions. But what makes us so different from the rest? Top-tier tools paired with the best rates, and so much more. 

Online ordering for midsized businesses shouldn't cost your company a fortune, even if you offer group ordering services. And with other companies, this is a major concern. Take Olo as an example. Over the last five years, Olo has been increasing their prices. As of May 2023, Olo clients saw a 29% increase in the cost of its products. That's why so many brands are looking for an Olo alternative, especially since prices are only expected to increase from here. Even outside the restaurant space, hospitality executives are looking for Olo alternatives, especially for things like hotel in room dining.

Now you might be wondering, what makes Revolution Ordering so safe from a financial standpoint. Well, we offer our clients a flat rate for all our features. That's right, for a set monthly fee, you have access to our products. No sudden increases, and no major fluctuations as your business evolves. As you can imagine, we keep anticipating costs and incorporating our products into your budget stress-free. 

It's also important to be mindful of the fact that small and medium-sized brands can't afford to face major issues all the time. So, Revolution Ordering employs a dedicated customer success team. We're just a phone call away from 7 AM to midnight ET. Meanwhile, many competitors, such as Olo, are only available via email. And for less time-sensitive matters? You'll have access to a complete knowledge base, so you can learn the platform inside and out on your own.

Oh, and speaking of those conversations with one of the best online ordering providers in the game–feel free to schedule a demo with one of our Account Executives to discuss all your online ordering struggles, goals, and everything in between. We’ll be in touch shortly and ready to help scale your business.

“While using the Order One platform and the Connect marketplace, Long John Silver’s managed to increase digital sales by 55%.” –Long John Silver’s; Check out more about their experience in our FREE case study!
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2. Toast

Many small to medium-sized businesses think to use Toast due to their POS hardware. However, you don't always have to pair it with the POS software. In fact, Toast is one of the POS partners that Revolution Ordering clients can use. 

But if you do end up using Toast for your online ordering POS integration needs, they offer a selection of features to help scale your business. From detailed order tracking to marketplace order insertion, they have a little of everything. But like most Olo competitors, you'll likely pay a separate fee for each feature. This is especially the case for the hardware products.

3. Aloha

Another brand that may suit your online ordering needs is Aloha. With remote installation, adding hardware and software to your business model isn't an extensive process. 

Aloha helps medium-sized brands experience repeat business and long-term customer relationships. Aloha is home to its own rewards program as well as gift card integrations. This also means that the Aloha POS system is very inclusive. Plus, the built-in restaurant marketing features always come in handy.

4. Bentobox

Bentobox is suitable for medium-sized businesses since it offers so many online ordering features. However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that everything is priced separately. Therefore, the total cost can add up rather quickly. 

As a small to medium-sized business, there are many features that you'll need to maximize your brand's potential. Even though Bentobox may have everything you need, the monthly fees may end up exceeding your restaurant budget.

5. Owner

Some aspects of Owner that make it suitable for medium-sized businesses are its marketing tools. For example, restaurants can implement upselling techniques by adding suggestions to the checkout page. Or, they can create an email marketing strategy.

Owner also makes it simple to host a custom website and digital storefront. Not only will they tackle the creative work for you, but they'll host the site. This is ideal for keeping customers on your website. And for small to medium-sized restaurants, nurturing customer retention is key.

6. Chowly 

Chowly also has features geared for online ordering for small restaurants to help grow their brand. In fact, there's one feature in particular that helps smaller enterprises level up. It's called "Smart Pricing."

As a restaurant manager, owner, or other kind of executive, you know that there are times when restaurant expenses rise. So why not raise prices each time the need occurs? Well, third-party delivery apps discourage these actions and can actually penalize businesses that do it too often. 

However, Smart Pricing uses AI and data analyses to update prices accordingly. The feature keeps them under the radar, too. As a result, restaurants are able to maximize revenue at a much quicker pace.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Online Ordering Solutions 

Online ordering for midsize businesses requires a specific selection of product features. However, it should also be priced accordingly. Maybe you’re looking for an Olo replacement. Or, perhaps you're launching an enterprise. Either way, online ordering for midsize businesses will end up streamlining operations and boosting profits. Want a brief overview on the topic? Read on for more details:

What Is the Best Online Ordering Tech Provider?

The best online ordering tech provider is Revolution Ordering. Not only does Revolution offer seamless integrations, but fees are set to a flat monthly rate. In addition to having everything they need at a reasonable cost, Revolution also has top-notch customer service and a merchant-first approach.

What Is the Best Online Ordering App?

The best online ordering app is DoorDash. For one, they offer customers great prices and a monthly subscription model that ends up paying for itself. On the B2B side, restaurants and other types of businesses are able to level up by integrating with DoorDash. Seamless marketplace insertion allows businesses to broaden their reach and maximize their bottom line.

What Are the Top Three Food Delivery Apps?

The top three food delivery apps are:

  1. DoorDash - DoorDash often ranks as the cheapest delivery app. This is due to minimal fees and a fantastic subscription model.
  2. Uber Eats - Did you know that Uber Eats has the largest network of restaurants? So, consumers have a massive variety of choices depending on their location.
  3. Grubhub - Known for their marketing efforts, Grubhub is a popular go-to for those who enjoy discounts and promotions.

Why Is Ordering Food Online Better?

Ordering food online is better for businesses since it reduces labor and certain overhead expenses. For instance, if you use delivery services from third-party apps, you won’t need to employ drivers. As for overhead and operating expenses, in-house utility bills may decrease. Or, the amount of furniture and space you need might decline.

Why Is Online Ordering Good to Offer?

Online ordering is a good service to offer due to its potential to maximize an eatery’s revenue. You see, a restaurant seating capacity can only accommodate a limited number of people. But when you offer off-premise dining, you can reach countless customers. Well, maybe not countless, since a centralized platform can track all transactions once they roll in. But you get the point.

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Now, Choose the Bes of the Best for Your Business

So, which do you think will be the best online ordering provider for your medium-sized business? As you can see, the market comprises quite the variety. One thing to be mindful of is how much more revenue you expect to generate once you offer online ordering. Then, analyze what the various systems will cost your business. Onboarding the right solution means acquiring technology that’ll turn an ROI. If not, you’ll only be defeating the purpose in the long run.