October 24, 2023
Lauren Platero

7 Olo Alternatives for Online Ordering for Small Restaurants

Olo’s products for online ordering for small restaurants are some of the most popular tech solutions in the restaurant industry. But did you know that there are SaaS providers that specifically cater to small and medium-sized enterprises? While Olo online ordering packages often service massive entities, other online ordering alternatives can be just as suitable. Some of which are easier on your restaurant budget, too.  Now, let's look further into the best online ordering systems for small restaurants. 

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7 Olo alternatives That Support Online Ordering for Small Restaurants

Ready to begin learning about several Olo competitors? The onboarding process of innovative restaurant technology is right around the corner. See below for seven Olo alternatives that support online ordering for small restaurants:

1. Revolution Ordering 

Do you operate a small to medium-sized hospitality enterprise? If so, Revolution Ordering will work perfectly for your brand. The Revolution platform is just as flexible as it is innovative. So much so, we develop products with your needs in mind. A true merchant-first mentality!

Food and beverage operations become simpler than ever with Revolution Ordering as your online ordering partner. We strive to grow your off-premise business and brand using innovative products and exceptional talent. Plus, we integrate with a variety of POS partners

Speaking of stellar talent, our dedicated customer success team is here to help. Even after the onboarding process is complete, Revolution Ordering offers communication channels that are available 24/7. Plus, we provide clients with an extensive knowledge base. This way, any minor hiccups you face can be resolved in no time.

By integrating with existing systems, transitioning from other online ordering alternatives is seamless. Then, a single centralized dashboard keeps order management simple and efficient. 

Other highlights that our clients love include the following:

The list goes on, but the lineup above is just a brief overview. But if you'd like to hear about the full rundown of how we can support your business, let's add a time to talk to our calendars! Book a demo and select a time that works for you. Soon after, a dedicated member of our team will be in touch to talk about all things revolutionary in the restaurant tech space.

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2. ChowNow 

ChowNow offers restaurants of all sizes online ordering solutions. The platform lets small businesses customize menus, as well as implement website integrations. ChowNow offers many marketing tools and resources, too. Plus, clients have ownership over customer data. Therefore, eateries are able to leverage data for promotional efforts.

POS integration features also help streamline restaurant operations. With mobile ordering and delivery solutions, ChowNow makes it easy to track and manage orders. As a result, staff can be much more efficient.

3. Chowly

It's vital that small businesses have strategies to maximize profits. After all, they're up against industry giants. In addition to being a provider of online ordering solutions, Chowly helps eateries implement dynamic pricing. They do so with their newest product, "Smart Pricing."

Delivery service providers aren't a big fan of restaurants that have in-house pricing that differs from app menu prices. In fact, food delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash will actually penalize restaurants that do this. But with Smart Pricing, eateries can change prices based on the season, weather, or if certain shifts are slower or busier. In turn, restaurants can be more profitable.

4. Incentivio 

As a small restaurant business grows, customer retention strategies should be a top priority. Incentivio just happens to be a SaaS provider that gives restaurants an array of tools to market to a target audience. As a result, Incentivio clients can nurture long-term relationships. From upselling techniques to rewards, there are many ways they do this.

More specifically, Incentivio uses an AI function to predict when customer churn will take place. The service's dashboard also places each customer into some kind of category. Depending on the category type, this can help brand leaders understand their customer base much better. It's safe to assume that most clients use such consumer data to support marketing decisions.

5. Aloha

Aloha installation is remote, which means that no interruptions have to take place in-house. However, as of May 2023, Aloha's upfront costs are approximately $3,400. In fact, this rate is pretty close to Olo pricing during their onboarding phase as well. 

Restaurant brands that need both hospitality software and POS hardware can benefit from Aloha. Plus they offer hardware maintenance, software updates, and cloud technology services. By using so many tech solutions, staff can access data, from anywhere, at any time. 

Some of Aloha's key features revolve around nurturing customer relationships. For example, Aloha Loyalty rewards customers and provokes repeat business. Meanwhile, online and mobile versions of the platform make it user-friendly for all.

6. Bentobox 

Bentobox gives hospitality clients complete control over their POS integrations. In doing so, food service brands can go as far as customizing the whole dining experience for customers. Upon onboarding Bentobox, clients can design the website based on their branding. Then, it's time to select restaurant-centric tools to increase online ordering sales. 

As Bentobox clients use these features, there are other elements that enhance the user experience. For instance, a restaurant dashboard is used to display all order data. This makes managing off-premise orders an easy process. Then, customizable marketing tools help boost traffic to the restaurant's digital storefront.

7. Owner 

Owner offers a wide variety of restaurant-centric tools, including online ordering solutions. Their online platform is also home to many marketing resources. From menu suggestions via email to upselling features, there's a wide variety. Plus, they make it easy for restaurants to manage these features. 

For instance, restaurants can customize abandoned cart emails. Or, they can make quick edits to the menu types. Clients of Owner can also take creative initiative when designing their website and storefront. Owner provides web hosting and design services, making it simple to stay on-brand. Plus, all website integrations can function on the site, so that customers won't have to exit and make purchases elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Ordering for Small Restaurants 

Whether you’re searching for EZcater alternatives for startups or something more broad, there are many options available. It’s also important to keep in mind that online ordering for small restaurants can vary from business to business. For example, while one eatery is leveraging multiple third-party delivery apps, another might be using all the available marketing features. Therefore, you should be aware of the key differences between restaurant tech alternatives

Check out the brief overview of the topic below for more information.

What Is the Best App for Online Ordering for Small Restaurants?

The best apps that support online ordering for small restaurants are:

  • DoorDash 
  • Uber Eats
  • Grubhub

How Does Online Ordering for Small Restaurants Affect Business?

Online ordering for small restaurants impacts business by accelerating sales. Once a restaurant becomes available on online ordering apps, more customers are able to place orders during each shift. Plus, it helps reduce restaurant overhead costs. 

Which Platform Is Best for Online Ordering for Small Restaurants?

Many consumers think that DoorDash is the best app in regard to online ordering for small restaurants. This is primarily due to its wide variety of store options, low fees, and its subscription model. 

Why Are Restaurants Pushing Online Ordering?

Restaurants are pushing online ordering since it’s so profitable. It’s also worth noting that it’s much more efficient to maintain. All eateries need is a platform suitable for online ordering for small restaurants and they’re set!

Why Do Restaurants Need Online Ordering?

Restaurants need online ordering to keep up with the competition. For one, many restaurants offer online ordering nowadays. By not offering such services, consumers may build a sense of loyalty with competitors. Plus, it can help maximize revenue. A restaurant’s seating capacity can only accommodate so many people. By offering delivery, you're expanding your potential reach. 

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Let’s Talk Online Ordering for Small Restaurants!

Now that you’re familiar with a variety of Olo alternatives for startups, it’s time to schedule some consultations! When investing in technology to scale your business, it’s vital that you have a clear idea of what you’d like to achieve. As a result, you’ll be able to make the most of your partnership, regardless of which provider you choose.