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Breweries and Brewpubs

Clients of breweries often want to experience a fast online food ordering experience. That’s why brewpubs and other establishments in the sector should invest in an online ordering platform with easy menu browsing, customization options, and secure payment processing.

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How Revolution Ordering Can Help

Revolution Ordering helps breweries by providing a centralized system to track and manage online orders. With the help of our system, the process is simplified for both sides. Revolution Ordering can assist breweries in managing incoming orders, minimizing wait times, and optimizing kitchen operations.

Online Ordering

The Revolution Ordering platform helps brewpubs and taprooms with a centralized system to manage incoming orders. It can be integrated with multiple other solutions and POS systems. Revolution Ordering also allows breweries to receive orders from DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. This ensures improved kitchen operations and a quicker response time.

Tablet-Free Solution

Revolution Ordering offers a tablet-free ordering solution for breweries. That way, establishments can conveniently implement online ordering without the need for any additional devices. Instead, online orders will be pushed directly into the POS. Revolution Ordering can be integrated with various POS solutions.

All-In-One Central Platform

Breweries that need an online ordering solution prefer to use a single centralized platform that manages both to-go orders and deliveries. Consolidating these services into a single solution helps establishments streamline order processing and reduce operational complexities. Furthermore, with the help of one central platform, both you and your customers can benefit from real-time order tracking which helps the staff optimize kitchen workflows.

Group Sales

Revolution Ordering is a market leader in the field of group sales. Our feature allows breweries to cater to groups, large reservations, and events efficiently. The group sales functionality can be extremely beneficial as it enhances the restaurant's reputation and response time for accommodating various group needs.

Multiple Location Management 

Do you have multiple locations? No problem. Revolution Ordering has you covered. Our multiple location management feature allows brewery chains to efficiently operate their establishments from a centralized platform. Thanks to the unified dashboard at their disposal, restaurant owners and managers can monitor performance, track inventory, and update menus across all locations.

Loyalty Programs

Brewpubs and taprooms often use loyalty programs as part of their marketing. Revolution Ordering can help integrate that with your POS. You can offer discounts, rewards, or points to encourage customer loyalty. The Revolution Ordering platform can assist your establishment in offering incentives to return customers. Additionally, you can customize loyalty programs based on individual preferences

Business Intelligence Dashboard

With Revolution Ordering your brewery establishment gets a Business Intelligence Dashboard for both single and multiple locations. This dashboard gives you easy access to reporting and analytics for your venue. You can get insight into the performance of your business as well as compare it to past periods.

POS Integration

The POS is the heart of any restaurant business. That’s why Revolution Ordering can be integrated with various POS systems. This will allow your brewery to easily synchronize online and in-store operations. The integration between the point-of-sale (POS) system and the online ordering platform allows order information to flow directly into the restaurant’s existing infrastructure. Thus, manual data entry is minimized. Revolution Ordering offers a variety of POS integrations including:

PAR Brink
Micros Res/3700
NCR Aloha Quick Service
NCR Aloha Quick Service
NCR Cloud Connect

Gift Card Integration

Breweries and taprooms can tap into gift card marketing. Revolution Ordering allows for businesses to integrate gift cards as part of the checkout process. Restaurants can integrate gift cards into the online ordering platform. These gift card integrations include:

Aloha Gift Cards

Reliable Customer Support

Revolution Ordering is proud to say that our live customer support is available 7 days a week. With technology, unexpected issues might arise. However, our team is at your disposal to fix them. By benefiting from Revolution Ordering’s solutions, you get a direct communication channel. So you don’t have to jump between customer support agents to find the right person to assist you.

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Self-Help Tools

Breweries, bars, pubs, and taprooms receive various self-help tools related to managing the platform on their own. This means that during the initial integration process, you will get every bit of information needed to fully operate the SaaS platform. This knowledge base is full of information for Revolution Ordering clients to refer to. It answers a large number of frequently asked questions our clients may have.


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