October 23, 2023
Lauren Platero

Exploring 5 Olo Competitors for Restaurant Online Ordering

Restaurants that leverage an online ordering system have major advantages over their competitors. For one, integrating with delivery service providers lets food service brands maximize profits. Plus, these systems, including many Olo competitors, have customer-centric features that aid in repeat-business and brand loyalty. But which provider do you partner with?

In this blog, we’ll outline key details of five Olo competitors. We’ll even discuss EZcater alternatives, which you may find to be more inclusive and diverse. But before we begin, let’s discuss why you need some of the best online ordering integrations in the first place.

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Why You Should Consider Partnering With Olo Competitors 

The power of restaurant tech solutions is immense. In fact, many industry experts would argue that without innovation, a restaurant business could not remain afloat in this day and age. 

Did you know that off-premise orders, takeout, delivery, and catering comprises over $200 billion of the annual $500 billion in the US. revenues. These areas are rapidly growing sectors of the restaurant industry, too. As you can imagine, the growth opportunities tied to them are endless. If your restaurant doesn’t include off-premise dining services, there has never been a better time to add them to your business.

Top 5 Olo Competitors 

Hospitality industry personnel are always searching for ways to streamline and scale their business. Luckily, many Olo competitors offer innovative tools for such improvements. Maybe you’re searching for Olo alternatives. Or, perhaps you're researching more general tech solutions. Either way, we think the list below will help you out. 

Read on for five Olo competitors you should know about:

1. Revolution Ordering 

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive online ordering system, Revolution Ordering is for you. We're especially valuable when it comes to online ordering for small restaurants. By onboarding our advanced suite of tech solutions, enterprises are able to accelerate off-premise business. And with a merchant-first mentality, we create features that let restaurants and other hospitality brands reach their sales goals. So how exactly do we do it?

Seamless integrations with Google food ordering and third-party delivery apps will allow you to capture the utmost amount of customers. Then, easy menu browsing, customization options, and secure payment processing creates a stellar guest experience. As a result, our partners are able to boost guest retention

At a glance, some of Revolution Ordering's most groundbreaking features include:

The best part about Revolution Ordering? We integrate with systems that you already use. From POS systems to gift card integrations, we make the onboarding process a breeze. 

But what if Revolution Ordering doesn’t partner with a particular POS provider? That’s okay! As a flexible Olo alternative, we still might be able to integrate. Schedule a demo with an industry expert to learn more about it!

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2. Chowly

With the ability to seamlessly integrate with first and third-party apps, Chowly makes it simple to offer online ordering. Plus, all online ordering operations will exist within a centralized platform. This means that Chowly clients can eliminate excessive amounts of POS hardware and streamline operations. 

Chowly’s newest feature is “Smart Pricing,” which allows restaurants to set different prices in-house vs. online. DoorDash and Uber Eats are trying not to allow clients to do this, so Dynamic Smart Pricing uses AI to raise prices at the perfect times. It'll also raise prices under specific circumstances, like during holidays and inclement weather. It lets you dodge Uber Eats or DoorDash dropping you from their search algorithm for having menus with varying prices. .

Other useful Chowly features include the following:

  • Customizable website and digital storefront. 
  • Easy menu management from a single platform. 
  • Commission-free orders with a first-party ordering system.

3. Olo

If you're a massive enterprise with hundreds of locations (or more), Olo is likely on your radar. But if you operate a smaller brand, Olo alternatives might be right for you. This is primarily due to what you'll be paying in set-up and monthly fees. 

One thing to be aware of is that Olo has a "deployment period" leading up to the time in which the products are fully in motion. Even though the length of this period is technically up to the restaurant, it's very expensive. In cases where a restaurant brand isn't a massive enterprise, the deployment fees can outweigh the product costs. In fact, it can be nearly triple of the ordering system's monthly fee. 

Here's a brief list of notable Olo online ordering features:

  • A centralized platform and activity dashboard. 
  • "Dispatch," which is Olo's delivery service. 
  • Accelerated checkout and digital wallet support
  • The ability to manage and reconcile all payments in one place.

4. Bentobox

With complete control over POS integration features, Bentobox lets restaurants fully customize the dining experience. First, clients are able to design their restaurant's website with the digital storefront built-in. Then, they can use a variety of restaurant-specific tools to offer customers online ordering services. 

Some of the features that restaurants can leverage with Bentobox include: 

  • A user-friendly restaurant dashboard. 
  • A customizable website for the restaurant.
  • Loyalty program integrations. 
  • Built-in marketing solutions.

5. Incentivio

Customer retention is a primary goal between Incentivio and its clientele. Consequently, it's one of the restaurant tech alternatives that centers around the guest experience. For example, Incentivio uses AI to predict customer churn. Then, they use the results to help build marketing plans. 

Incentivio also provides clients with a "guest journey" dashboard. This tool lets the staff see what type of category all past customers are in at the moment. It's a tool that helps both marketing and financial decision-making. 

It's important to note that Incentivio is not a payment processor. Therefore, there is a payment gateway fee for each transaction. And unlike other restaurant online ordering alternatives, such as Revolution Ordering, Incentivio does not offer Google food ordering.

Other unique features of Incentivio include:

  • Customer data analytics. 
  • Customer rewards. 
  • Upselling menu recommendations. 
  • Churn management resources.

Frequently Asked Questions About Olo Competitors

There are many variables to consider when researching Olo competitors. With this in mind, it’s just as important that you become familiar with other topics, such as in-house hardware and the best apps for food delivery. So, if you’d like some additional information on these areas of discussion, you’re in the right place! 

Check out the FAQ section below for more details:

What Are the Most Popular Restaurant Online Ordering Alternatives?

Some of the most popular restaurant online ordering alternatives include the following:

  • Revolution Ordering 
  • Chowly 
  • Olo 
  • Aloha 
  • Toast
  • Bentobox
  • Incentivio

Why Are Restaurant Online Ordering Alternatives Necessary?

Restaurant online ordering alternatives are necessary since they can drastically boost revenue and efficiency. By offering online ordering, eateries can expand their reach to a wide geographical area. Plus, these platforms tend to keep purchases organized. From the time of purchase to fulfillment, staff can process transactions quickly and efficiently.

Which Platform Is Best for Ordering Food?

Some of the best platforms and apps for ordering food include:

  • Uber Eats
  • DoorDash
  • Grubhub
  • Postmates 

What Is a Tabletop Ordering System?

A tabletop ordering system is a device where customers can view restaurant menus, place orders, and pay the bill. It’s common to find these devices on each table in casual dining establishments. The best feature about them? They improve the customer experience while speeding up table turnover rates.

What Are the Top Three Food Delivery Apps?

The top three food delivery apps are:

  1. DoorDash
  2. Uber Eats
  3. Grubhub
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Decisions, Decisions

Now that you have a variety of Olo competitors in mind, it's time to see which one best suits your business. Before booking demos with SaaS providers, ensure that you have your goals and current issues front of mind. That way, you'll be able to discuss how the provider can potentially assist you to the fullest.