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Offer customers a user-friendly online ordering experience. With easy menu browsing features, customization options, and secure payment methods, quick service restaurants are able to streamline operations and reach sales goals simultaneously.

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Revolution Ordering provides quick service restaurants with an advanced suite of off-premise solutions. With a centralized platform to manage and track orders, we make it easy to organize transactions, fulfill orders, and minimize manual labor.

Online Ordering

Revolution Ordering allows quick service restaurants to seamlessly accept and process off-premise orders. With the ability to partner with third-party apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub, restaurants can achieve higher order volumes, minimizing in-house labor and order complexities.

Tablet-Free Solution

Revolution Ordering offers quick service restaurants with a tablet-free solution. Instead of managing multiple devices, hosts can keep track of all orders in a single location. As a result, restaurants can streamline operations and eliminate confusion regarding orders.

One Central Platform

Quick service restaurants can experience the ultimate convenience of using one centralized platform for all order management processes. Revolution Ordering’s unified dashboard makes it simple for restaurants to monitor and track orders as the kitchen staff fulfills them. As a result, customers rarely receive the wrong order and in-house operations are always efficient.

Group Sales

Revolution Ordering makes it easy for quick service restaurants to accommodate group dining orders. Whether a quick service restaurant is catering a large event or reservation, the group sales capabilities make it a seamless experience for both parties. Plus, the ability to cater to specific needs within a large group allows restaurants to surpass their competition.

Multiple Location Management 

Revolution Ordering’s multiple location management feature allows quick service restaurant chains to oversee the entire business. With a centralized dashboard, quick service restaurant owners and managers can track inventory, sales KPIs, and performance across all locations.

Loyalty Programs

The best way to nurture long-term customer retention is to provide customers with reasons to return. Loyalty programs and discounts are the best methods for quick service restaurants to achieve these goals. Plus, rewards and promotions based on customer preferences can quickly enhance relationships with your customer base.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Quick service restaurants benefit from Revolution Ordering’s business intelligence dashboard. It provides information about the restaurant’s performance as well as industry comparisons. The dashboard’s reporting and analytics can drastically improve decision-making processes for quick service restaurants, too.

POS Integration

Revolution Ordering’s point-of-sale (POS) integrations allow quick service restaurants to connect in-house and off-premise operations. The integrations connect the online ordering platform and the POS system, which prompts all order-related information to enter the restaurant’s existing infrastructure. In turn, the elimination of manual data entry will reduce the risk of order processing errors. Revolution Ordering offers a variety of POS integrations including:

PAR Brink
Micros Res/3700
NCR Aloha Quick Service
NCR Aloha Quick Service
NCR Cloud Connect

Gift Card Integration

Quick service restaurants can boost profits and expand their customer base with Revolution Ordering’s gift card integrations. These integrations are flexible and connect with the online ordering system for simplicity and efficiency. Current gift card integrations include:

Aloha Gift Cards

Live Customer Support

All Revolution Ordering clients have access to live customer support 7 days a week. In the event that your quick service restaurant ever faces a major issue, customer support channels are here to help. Once you find ways to solve order-related issues in real time, you’ll likely see improvements in both operations and the customer experience.

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Self-Help Tools

Revolution Ordering offers quick service restaurants a wide variety of self-help tools to manage the platform on their own. Instead of waiting for a representative to assist you, our knowledge base is full of information that can resolve numerous issues.


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