March 10, 2023
Lauren Platero

Maximize Revenue with Country Club Catering Services: 7 Tips

Catering services at country clubs can be a very profitable venture. Want to maximize revenue? Implement catering as part of your country club food service options. 

Catering restaurants vs. country clubs can slightly differ. So, if you'd like to learn how to get more catering orders and maximize revenue at a country club, read on! 

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Catering: What Is It?

Catering refers to supplying food, beverages, and relevant supplies to special events. Such events may include weddings, birthday parties, work functions, and more. 

Restaurants and other types of eateries can offer catering services. However, country clubs are one of the most upscale catering outlets. 

Country clubs can provide catering services on-site or at outside events. From simple appetizer list items to ornate entree food, catering can include a variety. Are you looking into how to open a country club? Or, are you searching for ways to grow profits? Let's look at how a country club can maximize revenue with catering. 

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Country Club Catering: The Specifics

Catering services at a country club might look a bit different. This is because they fall within a niche market. Plus, they're far more luxurious than other businesses in the hospitality industry

The specifics about catering services at country clubs entail:

 Private Events 

Country club catering usually revolves around special occasions. In addition to supplying formal meals, country clubs might include additional services. These can include event planning and sample tastings. They may also include day-of planning for weddings. 

Formal Ambiance

Country clubs maintain a high-class ambiance. Even if they're just hosting brunch, expect the scene to feel luxurious. A formal and elegant atmosphere is more common in country clubs than restaurants. This is why so many people choose them for special events. Fine china, delicate floral arrangements, and luxe silverware are just a few enhancements to the environment. 

Higher Prices

Country club and golf course food tends to be more expensive. Better ingredients and upscale dishes bump up the cost of catering services. 

Unique Location 

Catering services at a country club usually take place in an event space, such as a ballroom or banquet hall. Outside country club dining options may have views of gardens and the golf course. 

Larger Staff

A large country club management team is necessary to offer catering services. It's also vital to have enough wait staff members. Multiple servers, more than one bartender, and a couple of hosts are vital for smooth operations. You'll also need a country club manager and event coordinator to work together for special events. 

Custom Menu Types 

Rather than the fixed menu you receive in restaurants, country club catering offers custom menus. Guests can choose from an extensive, upscale list of options. Gourmet dishes are the star of the show at country club catered events. 

As you can tell, catering services at country clubs differ from other businesses. Now, let's unpack how these services can maximize revenue. 

Maximize Revenue With Country Club Catering Services 

There are several ways that a country club can maximize revenue with catering services. Read on to learn about seven strategies that can help you accomplish this feat. 

1. Utilize Features of Country Club POS Systems 

Country club and golf course management tools are essential if you want to maximize revenue. POS software can organize various tasks, from payment processing to scheduling shifts. 

The reason why a POS system helps maximize profits is it lessens manual labor. The labor cost in any business can be a small fortune. By implementing tools that do the work for you, you can focus on more pertinent duties. 

POS systems can also integrate with your catering online ordering system. This way, it'll be easier than ever to book and manage events. 

2. Offer Diverse Options 

If you want to maximize revenue, you must capture as many customers as possible. A foolproof way to do this is to offer a wide variety of country club menu options. Cover all your bases, ensuring that you can provide anything a guest would like. 

It's also ideal to cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions. Dairy, tree nuts, and meat products are just a few food groups many people avoid. The more options available, the more likely the club will grow its catering business in no time. 

3. Host Events

Give the public a sneak peek as to what your catering services entail. Host events at the country club, spanning from galas to auctions. If potential country club members don't know what you offer, they may never think to hire you for their next major event. 

It's also worth noting that allowing the public to partake in these kinds of events can boost membership sign-ups. By promoting catering services, you'll be promoting the entire entity. 

4. Provide Exceptional Service 

Stellar customer service is key if you want to maximize revenue. In fact, many customer retention strategies revolve around customer satisfaction. Provide a great customer experience by offering timely and professional service at events. 

Not only will this leave a positive impression on the guest(s) of honor, but it will influence other attendees. Many people search for venues at some point or another. By providing amazing service to everyone in the room, you'll enhance the country club culture and maximize revenue in the end. 

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5. Add Catering to the Country Club Marketing Strategy 

Once you learn how to find a target audience and identify your customer profile, market the catering services. Promote these services to consumers and businesses. Catered events can consist of personal and professional settings. So, cover all your bases.

You can conduct marketing efforts in many ways. To name a few, social media, an email marketing strategy, restaurant SEO, and paid ads work well. 

Attract guests by highlighting the best catering features. Gourmet dishes, a stunning ambiance, and custom menus can quickly catch one's attention. Showcase examples of different events to make the messaging more personal, too. 

Country clubs don't usually offer discounts and incentives. However, they can implement a referral program. For instance, if someone books catering services per a past client's suggestion, they can receive perks.

6. Nurture Relationships With Vendors 

Building strong relationships will help you maximize revenue, especially due to referrals and discounts. Vendors can generate revenue for you, just as much as you can for them. It's all about increasing exposure. 

Vendors that you should nurture relationships with include florists, photographers, and bands that perform in live music venues. These are vendors that many clients will need. So, simplify the whole experience by having them accessible. 

These efforts will also help enhance your event management business. Though some people will want to purchase catering services for an outside event, many guests will want the country club to be the event's location. And in this case, vendors will be necessary.

7. Offer Custom Packages

When consumers book catering services, allow them to customize their menu. This ability gives the customer more control, which creates a great experience right from the start. 

Luckily, country club and golf course POS systems can allow you to select custom features upon checkout. Without country club management software, adding custom features would take more manual work. 

Custom packages will also help you meet specific needs. Are there allergens that certain guests can't eat? What about an entire food group that the guest of honor doesn't enjoy? Allow them to eliminate it!

Removing unwanted items will make clients happy. Plus, it can emphasize the importance of sustainability. By choosing the perfect menu items, much less food will go to waste. From the perfect number of courses to color-coordinated dessert tables, clients can make their event dreams come to life. 

Speaking of color-specific foods, working with vendors will enhance this kind of feature. When everything from flowers and edibles, to linens and decor match, it creates the perfect event at every angle. 

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Maximize Revenue With Country Club Catering Services

By implementing the right strategies, a country club can maximize revenue. There's also a great chance these tactics will boost the club's reputation. As a premier venue, cash flow should accelerate in no time. 

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Maximize Revenue for Maximum Longevity 

Once you acquire strategies to maximize revenue, you're inherently nurturing the longevity of the business. Wealth is health. Find ways to maximize revenue that adapt to your business model. Maintain its financial health, and you'll be in great shape for the long-term.