June 2, 2023
Devn Ratz

Restaurant Online Ordering Solutions: 8 Things to Look For

Through online ordering solutions, enterprise restaurants stand to streamline operations, drive growth, and enhance customer satisfaction. Neglecting this competitive edge means missing out on new revenue, customers, and the evolution of restaurant technology.

Without future-proof online ordering, enterprises struggle to attract the customers who choose competitors offering online ordering integration. Frustration rises from outdated food tech, disorganized orders, and error-ridden inefficiency. As satisfaction and service slip, restaurants ultimately lose leadership, loyalty program engagement, and market share.

Embrace online ordering for sustained success and sales in today’s digital age. See why restaurants need online ordering solutions, the eight needs they satisfy, and how to capture off-premise ordering. Explore online ordering solutions, and demo Revolution Ordering to maximize growth or learn more.

Key Takeaway: Future-proof online ordering solutions feature integration, automation, and optimization to continually improve profits and processes.
Explore the best of restaurant online ordering solutions through Revolution Ordering.

Why Restaurants Need Online Ordering Solutions

By 2021, smartphone use in the United States climbed to an amazing 81% majority. By then, 92% of American customers already preferred online ordering for restaurants. Because millennial and Gen Z generations form a majority, restaurant delivery software estimates may surpass a $160 billion-dollar market before the end of 2023.

Most (87% of customers) actually expect restaurants to offer easy, online ordering. Their online orders have grown about 300% faster than on-premise business and in-house dining. On average, restaurants see a 20% boost to increase restaurant sales while cutting costs with online ordering integration solutions.

In fact, 61% of online ordering customers say the experience improves dining. Online ordering also sharpens efficiency by reducing errors through automations and shrinking prep time with streamlined processes, tracking, and insights.

Enterprise restaurants and hospitality businesses adopt seamless online ordering solutions to gain speed, sales, and a sustainable competitive advantage. Without such software, businesses suffer revenue loss, service decline, and customer abandonment.

Core Concerns for Online Ordering Solutions

As an investment, online ordering software promises a convenient way to overcome critical business threats and inefficient friction. Of course, that assumes your software partner comes equipped with the latest and most secure innovations in food tech.

Without the future-proof features to follow, software partnerships present the risk of crashes, glitches, and downtime. Restaurant owners also know software issues can raise costs, cause confusion, become unreliable, and fail to scale. 

To protect sales from software slips, create reliable, connected experiences for your company and customers. See seamless app integration, smart pricing, scalable support, and bottom line benefits in action with a Revolution Ordering demo

8 Demands of Online Ordering Solutions

Eight features define the best food delivery management systems for restaurants. First, through custom menus, secure payments, and competitive pricing, businesses can attract more customers. 

They can further increase orders, drive sales, and enhance experiences with intuitive interfaces, order tracking, and review capture. System integration and scalability then ensure sustained support for the best possible success with off-premise ordering.

1. User-Friendly Interfaces

With customers, intuitive design helps ease navigation while ordering. User-friendly interfaces also support faster staff processes and reduce training needs. Revolution Ordering uses digital menu ordering, button optimization, and layout enhancements to boost user experience further.

As a restaurant, the design and development of online ordering solutions matters. Smooth loading and simple navigation ensure minimal errors and reduce staff confusion. With the same simplicity, user-friendly interfaces boost customer satisfaction and order conversion.

2. Custom Menu Offerings

Online ordering solutions use custom menus to help customers tailor options and orders. The restaurant software adds flexibility as they exceed customer expectations to fit dietary preferences and offer more personalization.

Restaurant owners improve order accuracy and eliminate manual menu updates with the same automated online ordering solutions. Menu features for dynamic pricing also test and tune prime profitability. Custom menu offerings encourage repeat orders and boost customer experiences.

3. Secure Payment Gateways

Industry-standard online ordering solutions typically use advanced encryption to protect payments. Giving customers familiar and favorite payment options builds trust, secures customer data, and avoids costly breaches or theft.

Most businesses aim to minimize payment errors, disputes, and fraud. Secure online ordering solutions increase customer confidence and stimulate successful off-premise order placement. Better security often means more success when choosing the best food delivery management option.

4. Live Order Tracking

Real-time, live order tracking helps customers watch order progress and easily manage expectations. Online ordering solutions notify customers, estimate delivery times, and show driver locations on the customer’s preferred channel—text, push, or email.

Enhanced transparency in the ordering and delivery process produces fewer customer concerns, questions, and calls. With more satisfying experiences after each smoothly delivered order, loyalty programs, and order averages grow.

5. Customer Rating Capture

Online ordering solutions help customers rate dining, review experiences, and improve operations. Revolution Ordering features a user-friendly rating system with comment options, giving restaurants insight into quality and performance.

Collective customer feedback directs and enhances customer satisfaction by suggesting areas and strategies for improvement. As online ordering solutions collect and analyze customer reviews, business owners can more effectively strengthen their brand.

6. Cost-Effective Pricing

Not every restaurant software plan can serve enterprise-level business and order volume. Revolution Ordering offers food costing software features and pricing structures designed to scale and produce savings.

Transparent pricing from online ordering software partners maximizes profitability as it minimizes expenses. After your initial investment, the chosen online ordering system should improve revenue growth, inventory management, and overall profitability well beyond subscription costs.

7. Future-Proof Scalability

Restaurant owners can prevent expensive frustration with software partners by focusing on the future. In infrastructure, Revolution Ordering can efficiently handle growing demands and increased order volumes with seamless speed.

Through regularly updated features and interfaces, Revolution Ordering expands support with business sales. A secure online ordering solution also prevents system failure, order crashes, and service disruptions to maintain customer satisfaction levels.

8. Existing System Integration

When online ordering solutions integrate with your existing POS systems, restaurant CRM solutions, or inventory management software—they sync customer data and smooth operations. Compatible kitchens, inventory, POS, and other systems means more ease and efficiency.

Syncing their online orders with existing processes, restaurants coordinate operations and achieve higher efficiency. Online ordering integration reduces manual work, human error, and service delay with automations. 

For all online ordering platforms, these essential features from Revolution Ordering show how optimization and expansion can come built in. You can learn more about online ordering solutions through the most common questions restaurant owners ask.

Online ordering solutions organize and optimize restaurants for off-premise business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Ordering Solutions

Business owners and restaurant leadership can better choose online ordering solutions when they consider its business purpose and how online ordering software works. See what to look for and anticipate the future of online ordering for restaurants in these frequent questions.

What is the purpose of an online ordering system?

Online ordering solutions exist to help customers place convenient orders through digital platforms, corporate sites, and mobile technology.

Off-premise solutions like Revolution Ordering also bring customers closer by connect divided operations through fully integrated software. This means better optimization, more personalization, and greater insight.

How do online food ordering services work?

Online food ordering services provide platforms for customers to browse menus, select items, customize meals, and make payments.

Once customers place orders online or in-app—the online ordering solution starts prep, assigns drivers, and updates customers until successful delivery.

What is the future of online food ordering systems?

Online ordering systems continue to expand and innovate with advancements in AI, voice ordering, and delivery drone technology.

Experts expect the hundreds of billions in online ordering revenue to grow each year. Alongside demand, online ordering will adapt with more intelligent, new technology in restaurants.

Scale and Streamline Service with Revolution Ordering

Through full-featured online ordering, restaurants can boost revenue, enhance experiences, and streamline operations for a better brand, business, and bottom line. 

Tap into the 92% of customers who prefer online ordering by adopting seamless, integrated software to meet off-premise demand. Schedule your demo with Revolution Ordering.

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