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How to Increase Food Delivery Sales: 7 Useful Tips

If you’re contemplating how to increase restaurant food delivery sales, you’ve landed in the right place! Online ordering apps and eCommerce websites make it easy for customers to order food in the comfort of their own home. 

But knowing how to increase food delivery sales can be tricky. Fortunately, many restaurant tech solutions include ways to maximize profits. In fact, tactics range from creative restaurant promotion ideas to strategies supported by quantitative consumer data.

So, let’s dive into the many ways that you can start raising the restaurant profit margin today!

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How to Increase Food Delivery Sales

The restaurant industry is full of innovative ideas to teach businesses how to increase food delivery sales. From analyzing restaurant data analytics to implementing restaurant SEO tactics, the business owner or restaurant manager of an eatery can figure out how to increase food delivery sales in no time. 

So without further ado, here are seven ideas for how to increase food delivery sales:

1. Offer Delivery-Only Promotions 

It can be hard to control how people order food from restaurants. However, specific promotions can certainly help sway their decisions. 

Try offering delivery-only discounts and promotions when testing how to increase food delivery sales. For instance, offer a 20% discount for online orders placed for delivery. Or, allow customers to gain two or three times the number of points they normally would by ordering food for delivery. 

Not only are these a couple of solutions for how to increase delivery sales, but they’re ways to process more orders overall. With more people ordering food for delivery, you’ll end up reaching a much wider audience. 

2. Launch an Email Marketing Strategy

Aside from paper mail, sending emails is the most direct way to contact a customer base. Plus, businesses can cater each message specifically to a promotion, launch, or customer segment. 

Building an engaged email list takes time. But like anything worthwhile, all good things come to those who wait. Try hosting contests and promotional campaigns that require an email address upon signing up. Just make sure that you add an enticing call to actions (CTA) in each email. 

Ensure that CTAs are clear, eye-catching, and bold. The sole purpose of adding them is to secure more sales. So, you want to sprinkle them throughout your newsletter templates without being too pushy. Balance is appropriate with everything, and is especially important amongst marketing initiatives. 

3. Promote Delivery Services On Social Media

Various restaurant marketing strategies take place on social media. And understandably so–there are numerous benefits. Social media marketing allows businesses to directly reach their ideal customer profile

Another great aspect of social media is that business owners have complete control over what they post and the aesthetic they display. High-quality imagery and catchy copy can be published in a way that attracts new and existing customers. 

It’s also ideal to invest in paid advertising efforts. Social media can help support these decisions, as their native analytics dashboards are the most accurate metrics one can access. Customer data points such as location, spending habits, age, and interests will help guide the development of a target audience amidst ad creations. 

4. Partner With the Best App for Food Delivery to Offer the Best Food Delivery Service

There are various food delivery service providers that restaurants can utilize. However, some food delivery apps might be different from others. Some of the largest delivery platforms include Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub. Plus, there are some that cater more to fast food restaurant delivery than others. It might also be a smart move to begin with the cheapest food delivery app.

Remember that not every food delivery software provider is equally as popular in each geographic region. Residents of certain towns or cities may rely more heavily on select providers than others. With this in mind, conduct research on your area prior to investing in marketplace order insertion.

Also, keep in mind that partnering with delivery providers is an expense. To keep the restaurant profitable, implement a premium pricing strategy to balance costs vs. revenue. 

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5. Create an Exciting Loyalty Program

A restaurant loyalty program is one of the most effective ideas to allure new customers. It’s also ideal as one of your customer retention strategies. A loyalty program works by rewarding customers upon each purchase. 

Any kind of customer rewards program will entice existing customers to return, while piquing the interest of new ones. If you’re searching how to increase food delivery sales specifically, consider launching an app-exclusive loyalty program. Or, simply offer more exciting rewards for purchases made for delivery. 

6. Pay Attention to Customer Reviews

Learning how to increase food delivery sales for the long term is all about maintaining customer satisfaction. Pay close attention to customer reviews. People tend to be vocal about a business when they have an incredible experience or when they have a terrible one–there’s rarely any in between. 

Maybe there are issues with the food’s quality. Or, perhaps delivery drivers are dropping off orders much later than the original ETA. Regardless of what the reviews entail, they can serve as inspiration to improve the quality of your delivery services. Plus, positive reviews function as excellent social media collateral. Just ensure that you’re not including the customer’s full name. 

7. Conduct Menu Analyses

It won’t matter if you learn how to increase food delivery sales if your restaurant isn’t profitable. To sustain a lucrative business, regularly conduct menu analyses. 

A menu analysis might also be referred to as “menu engineering.” It’s a practice where you research which menu items are most popular and profitable. Such data points can be found in the restaurant POS platform

Menu analysis will help restaurant staff understand which types of inventory are worth investing in and which dishes they should remove from the menu. Over time, this will lead to simpler kitchen operations and fewer restaurant expenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Increase Food Delivery Sales 

Still wondering how to increase food delivery sales? Whether you’re launching a new restaurant or amidst a rebrand, there’s much to learn. We’ve covered some more insight about marketing, promotions, and profitability in the restaurant space. See below:

How Do You Attract Customers to Food Delivery?

If you’re searching how to increase food delivery sales, it needs to appear more attractive than dine-in options. Ensure that you’re promoting all of the delivery-only perks, its convenience, and how it’s the best available option. 

How Can I Increase My Restaurant Delivery Sales?

If a restaurant owner is wondering how to increase food delivery sales, they should consider the following ideas:

How Can I Improve Food Delivery Services for Restaurants?

A restaurant owner can improve delivery service by implementing these tactics: 

  • Loyalty programs
  • Digital marketing 
  • App-exclusive discounts 
  • Email marketing strategies

What Are the Most Important Success Factors for a Food Delivery Service? 

The most important success factors for a food delivery service include:

  • Profitability and ROI
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention
  • High-quality food and service 
  • Customer trust and loyalty 

How Can I Promote My Food Delivery App? 

You can promote you food delivery app by executing the following strategies:

  • Promote the app on your website 
  • Promote the app on social media
  • Engage in paid advertising
  • Offer discounts and promotions 
  • Create a loyalty program
  • Send exclusive perks to email subscribers

Ready to Fulfill More Orders?

Learning how to increase food delivery sales for a restaurant can be a challenge. However, after you figure out what works for your business, you’re golden. Plus, once you implement tactics that increase sales, you’ll know exactly what to do in order to maintain a profitable restaurant.