May 24, 2023
Devn Ratz

Restaurant Delivery Software: Top 5 Features and Benefits

The restaurant delivery software you’ve chosen will decide how many new customers you’ll have the chance to impress. The best restaurant delivery software first integrates seamlessly with your business’s existing software environment and POS systems. This leads to smoother growth across sales and customer satisfaction

In action, food delivery software helps restaurants deliver menu items to precise customer locations. It automates most of the process: accepting orders, assigning deliveries, coordinating work, order tracking, order fulfillment, and capturing payment. In truth, online ordering solutions go further than individual orders and far into business optimization.

In this blog post, learn the top features, benefits, and factors to consider in your delivery software solution. You’ll see the advantage of using Revolution Ordering to build a stronger restaurant presence through improved efficiency, lower costs, and enhanced collaboration.

Key Takeaway: Restaurant delivery software streamlines ordering, operations, and the growth of your food or hospitality business.
Restaurant delivery software enables business acceleration for clients of Revolution Ordering.

Restaurant Delivery Software: How It Works

All the different independent, chain, and casual dining restaurants use delivery software to enhance their abilities as a brand. Enterprise food stores and grocers use them too. 

A complete online ordering solution like Revolution Ordering connects your sales systems with a powerful platform to streamline the delivery, promotion, and growth process while capturing off-site customers.

In other words, the online ordering software brings your POS systems, customer preferences, and order data together to quickly process payments, coordinate deliveries, and secure growth. You might be interested in delivery software for your brand if you’ve realized the trend of seamless, simple ordering favored by the modern customer.

Revolution Ordering’s unified ordering system helps you navigate and fulfill more orders from a growing customer base by drawing data and giving direction according to every available source. In that way, restaurant owners rely on our systems to provide a 360-degree view into customer habits, preferences, histories, and opportunities. 

We also help you market your restaurants through promotional tools for demand creation and marketing insights. Delivery software like Revolution Ordering can be a path to greater revenue for any growing food business. Read on to see why.

Top 5 Features of Delivery Software

From initial order to first bite, this kind of software supports restaurants as they enhance delivery and service. Its core tools allow restaurant owners to compete, expand, and excel in their service. Explore each feature to see how it can speed up the growth of your restaurant’s loyal ordering base.

Order Management

Managing delivery orders means accepting, rejecting, modifying, and tracking statuses from prep to delivery. Seeing a complete, streamlined process ensures correct and on-time delivery of meals ready to earn reviews and garner trust.

Route Optimization

Route optimization improves efficiency by determining optimal paths for every delivery driver and task. Our delivery software considers operating windows, time estimates, distance, and traffic to reduce time-to-satisfaction (as well as fuel costs).

Real-time Tracking

Immediate, live tracking of orders gives customers and owners visibility into the order progress. This includes maintaining a smooth understanding and operation through timely updates and informed customer service.

Customer Management

By collecting customer information, such as order histories and preferences, delivery software targets promotions, loyalty programs, and overall customer engagement through tools for more effective, personalized marketing.

Analytic Reporting

Delivery software identifies opportunities, improves decision-making, and optimizes performance with reports and metrics. This gives stakeholders deep insight into operations as they advance an evidence-based vision for the future of their business.

5 Benefits of Delivery Software

Beyond a smooth ordering experience, restaurant delivery software improves business by removing inefficiencies and enabling scale. Alongside excellent features, Revolution Ordering brings business boosts to your restaurant, allowing you to grow operations, meet expectations, and lead competition with restaurant technology and trends.

Higher Efficiency

Our software automates human tasks in a snap. With faster order processing, more accurate management, better routes, and more streamlined communication—your customers get quicker deliveries, fewer missing ingredients, and a more enjoyable experience overall.

Improved Experience

Customers can easily track their orders, know when to expect a delivery and receive real-time updates on their items. This builds transparency and communication which leads to higher satisfaction, stronger loyalty, and increased business over time.

Cost-saving Processes

Delivery software optimizes your restaurant and saves money in the process. Lower your fuel costs with efficient routes, reduce errors through automated ordering, and minimize waste or loss through more efficient, productive operations.

Data-driven Development

Owners use their delivery software to support decisions and business developments. These systems provide a wealth of helpful information about customers, orders, delivery performance, trends, and preferences that support restaurants in tailoring offerings and promotions.

Better Communication

Revolution Ordering also improves communication between staff, drivers, and customers, enabling seamless coordination in the kitchen, on-route, and to the customer’s door. Better teamwork and collaboration mean more successful deliveries, glowing reviews, and continued growth.

5 Factors for Choosing Delivery Software

If your business wants to compete for online orders without disrupting its current cycle and success, you may want to choose a tool like Revolution Ordering. The platform is designed to scale and support. 

Before you decide on restaurant delivery software, you should consider the compatibility, demands, capacity, security, and cost. Select the solution that meets your needs in these areas and aligns with your brand’s long-term growth plan. 

Corporate Compatibility

Your delivery software solution should join your digital landscape with a seamless flow. Integrating with POS software and inventory management systems reduces data entry errors, centralizes operations management, and streamlines efficiency.

Training Demand

New software often demands new tutorials, materials, and support for managers. However, solutions like Revolution Ordering offer restaurants all the educational materials and direct technical assistance they need to train and troubleshoot during installs and use.

Scale Capacity

Your chosen software should accommodate a restaurant’s changing needs. Ensure your plan can handle increasing numbers of orders and support multiple locations. Selecting a scale-ready solution like Revolution Ordering will save you the need for disruptive software changes.

Security Protocols

Some customer order information attracts attackers. Check that your proposed software solution follows the latest, industry-standard protocols for data protection, especially secure payments, encrypted data, and privacy compliance.

Pricing Plan

The pricing structure of restaurant software matters. Compare any potential solution’s capabilities to its cost-effectiveness by considering ongoing subscription fees, individual transaction fees, and advanced feature charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since restaurant delivery software optimizes operations, satisfies customers, and builds experiences, most brands are eager to explore their options. Learn which platform is best for food delivery, and discover the solutions that other chains use to keep scale sustainable through these common questions.

What software do food delivery companies use?

Food delivery companies often use ordering platforms, delivery management software, Point-of-Sale systems, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, accounting software, and communication tools of various kinds. Others use Revolution Ordering for their brand to unify ordering, monitoring, customer management, demand creation, and marketing.

Which platform is best to use for food delivery?

The best food delivery platform to use depends on your business and brand. Feature-rich and cost-effective, Revolution Ordering is a popular food delivery software platform for restaurants seeking seamless online ordering integration, smarter operations, and optimized revenue.

What is the best restaurant delivery software?

The best restaurant delivery platform adds ease to enhanced efficiency and earning potential. Revolution Ordering offers an intuitive system for online order integration with existing software. We bring automation, more seamless sales, and optimized efficiency to an expanding area of your business.

Accelerate with Revolution Ordering

Food and hospitality business software improve and expand operations to help brands grow. Through solutions like Revolution Ordering, you can increase reach, build customer bases, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer experiences. All of this is possible while easily driving decisions, promotions, and growth with data.

If you’re looking for delivery tools, automation, and insights, leverage our features and benefits. Explore Revolution Ordering to tap into a growing demand for quick, simple delivery and propel your brand into the future. 

Use online ordering restaurant delivery software to power up your business.