May 31, 2023
Devn Ratz

Online Ordering Software for Restaurants: A Detailed Review

Online ordering software connects customers to restaurant websites and apps for placing orders, making payments, and tracking deliveries. 

This restaurant technology has protected the industry by bridging the gap between on-premise offers and the growing need for off-premise ordering. Through Revolution Ordering, restaurants digitize menus, simplify ordering, secure processing, and track orders—in one place, in real-time. 

See what online ordering software is, how to choose it, and finally how it might define your customer experience.

Key Takeaway: Online ordering software for restaurants satisfies customer expectations, order preferences, and dining experiences to build better businesses.
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What is Restaurant Online Ordering Software?

Restaurant ordering software composes itself mainly of code—and the concept of convenience. At Revolution Ordering, our food tech comes “written” with task automations, seamless integration, and a unified ordering experience for all. See why we lead the online ordering category for enterprise clients for food, restaurant, and hospitality ordering systems.

Dedicated Databases

First, in high-visibility databases and dashboards, online ordering software for restaurants stores menus, customer details, and order histories. Having enterprise-level insight from online ordering solutions helps our clients engage new customers through web pages or mobile apps. Other software features support efficient production and personalized restaurant marketing

Connected Experiences

In essence, online ordering software creates closer relationships for your business. With Revolution Ordering, clients finally connect menus, food costing software, inventory levels, order performance, and operations. They bring customers closer by tracking habits, trends, and tastes.

Sustainable Sales

Using online ordering software links POS systems to menu items, ordering platforms to restaurant payment technology, and delivery tracking to users. They link personalized offers to swift automations and a seamless order ecosystem. They target the majority of US consumers who still prefer online ordering and increase restaurant sales.

Revolution Ordering exists to offer a convenient ordering experience by bringing unity and simplicity to restaurants at a whole new scale. See our comparison of the most popular ordering platforms. Then, confidently select a software partner to bring leadership, operations, and customers together.

Choosing Online Ordering Software

In a digital-first age, choosing online ordering software for restaurants can easily confuse. Ideally, the system will offer user-friendliness, tracking, optimization, and customization. The best food delivery management systems adapt trends and new technology in restaurants.

Connected to inventory stock, payment gateways, POS systems, and restaurant CRM software, online ordering software enables seamless and personalized customer experiences. Learn how Revolution Ordering’s integrated online ordering solutions sustain sales and offer scale.

8 Factors for Online Ordering Software

Before diving into the details, take a mental moment to list the features you expect, need, or want to expand. This will help you decide on the support needed from your next online ordering software partner. You’ll also spot obstacles if these crucial features are missing:

  1. User-friendly design. Ensure users can navigate your menu and order platform with intuitive layouts and templates. Revolution Ordering optimizes buttons, formats, and descriptions to increase customer satisfaction, average sales, and order volume.
  2. Mobile app integration. Capture customers on mobile technology by offering your menu and service in their pocket. Extend the convenience of restaurant tech to customers with online ordering integrations to their favorite apps.
  3. Custom pay configuration. Support a sense of security for customers by offering multiple payment options. From credit cards and mobile wallets, to handling promo codes and restaurant discounts, flexibility means more conversions from comfortable customers. 
  4. Order monitoring and management. With Revolution Ordering, customers and leadership can monitor orders in real time. From prep to delivery, our transparency improves trust between you and customers, boosting business and brand reputation.
  5. Inventory management and stock control. Restaurant software largely automates stock levels. Our system alerts leadership on low ingredients and protects customer satisfaction, service, and sales from stockouts.
  6. Integration with point-of-sale (POS) systems and CRMs. Online ordering solutions that connect customer experiences analyze every order,  support loyalty programs, and build better businesses. Integration boosts personalization and effective brand promotion.
  7. Secure payment protocols. Customers expect security during every transaction. Use encryption to guard orders from customer data thieves while fostering the sense of trust and safety that encourages online ordering.
  8. Compliant data privacy. Show commitment to data protection laws (including GDPR and other regulations), and customers will notice the respect for their privacy. With a sense of safety, Revolution Ordering deepens trust in each transaction.

Compare these favorite functions of Revolution Ordering to your potential software or delivery service provider. If you’re unsure about the need for app integrations, inventory management, or data integration, schedule a demo to discuss your online ordering goals.

Compare Online Ordering Software Providers

Comparing possible providers of online ordering software will help you identify the best fit for your business. As you research solutions, check these boxes for online ordering software that supports and stimulates business:

  • Look for online ordering platforms that specialize. Review their online reputation according to other businesses and restaurant owners
  • Check the service and support their software offers. Ask about day-to-day availability and priority assistance from the potential software partner. 
  • Make certain your ordering partner creates seamless experiences. They shouldn’t disrupt existing CRM, POS, and other systems helping your restaurant run.

Revolution Ordering specializes in the needs of global restaurant and hospitality clients. We establish connected, custom experiences for off-premise ordering, and our integrations encourage smoother operations for staff, stakeholders, and your customers.

Pricing Options for Online Ordering Software

Consider the cost of online ordering for restaurants last. Initially, you should look beyond setup costs and weigh recurring fees (monthly, annual, or other) more heavily. Then, account for the level of service your staff needs as well as potential training costs. 

As you price software, don’t lose sight of successful implementation. Revolution Ordering can propel business into the growing billions of online order sales. Assess the cost, but find a solution that elevates customer experience and grows with you.

Revolution Ordering is an online ordering software for businesses to connect with new customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Ordering Software

Restaurants wonder what makes online ordering software most successful at scaling business, streamlining processes, and adding efficiency. Learn the best online ordering system, how to take orders from online customers, how to create an ordering system for your restaurant.

What is the best online ordering system?

Based on your restaurant’s area, service challenges, and delivery expectations, the “best” online ordering system may vary. Revolution Ordering, for example, connects the most popular ordering platforms like DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats. 

Still, most business owners agree the best food delivery management systems prioritize integration and connection. When businesses link restaurant delivery software with services through Revolution Ordering, they enjoy a unified source for online orders, higher sales, and customer insights. 

How do I take orders from customers online?

To take orders from customers online, integrate your chosen online ordering software into the restaurant’s POS system. Customer-centric ordering software can take online orders almost instantly with integrated solutions like Revolution Ordering. 

From a website, mobile app, or third-party platform, this online ordering software helps customers use digital menu ordering through clear interfaces and secure payment gateways. Our systems then speed operations with smooth order tracking and real-time updates.

How do I create an online ordering system for my website?

Creating online ordering systems and solutions for your website demands a user-friendly design, shopping cart features, and secure payment methods. Engineer an interface that eases customers and reduces resistance, then add the system to your hosting service.

For seamless app integrations and ordering experiences, choose software that can connect systems and automate processes. Revolution Ordering’s food tech solutions plug directly into your existing POS system and begin optimizing immediately.

Add Revolution Ordering to Your POS

Streamline ordering and scale your service with a revolution in restaurant tech. Every feature-add and innovation from our team aims to expand operations and drive growth. See how our favorite features ramp up revenue, and demo Revolution Ordering.

See how online ordering software for restaurants increases loyalty, efficiency, and sales.