June 20, 2023
Devn Ratz

How Customer Surveys Improve Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Very simply, customer surveys collect consumer information, feelings, and feedback. Companies then use this consumer data to measure their performance with customer satisfaction, guest retention, and, of course, restaurant loyalty programs

Responses offer valuable insight into what customers expect, want most, and what makes them repeat interactions—or turn to competitors. It’s an effective way to measure customer experience. As a result, having reliable and consistent customer survey data positively impacts your restaurant.

A recent industry study found that loyalty programs—even without helpful surveys—could increase restaurant sales by up to 95%. On the other end, surveys gave a 25% boost in profits among even the lowest-performing restaurants. 

Going beyond the benefits of simple loyalty programs, restaurants consider data on their brand alongside customer experiences. To enhance your programs and profits, get to know the impact of these customer surveys on loyalty programs below.

Key Takeaway: Customer surveys advance satisfaction, support dining experiences, and protect service standards at scale.
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The Customer Survey's Impact on Restaurant Loyalty 

Customer surveys affect restaurant loyalty as part of your program’s course of offering incentives, rewards, or encouraging repeat business.

As a tool, surveys can actually encourage more frequent visits and repeat orders. When they come with rewards, like restaurant gift cards, it's straightforward. And, they can also improve the depth and feeling of customer loyalty in their design or deployment. Surveys could make your brand better.

According to market research, loyalty programs have increased significantly in the last few years. That data shows almost 50% of restaurant loyalty members choose to use its perks and promotions several times per month. These are great targets for restaurant surveys.

Even better, custom loyalty programs increase customer retention and the likelihood of recommending your brand. Of course, adding surveys for data collection within these programs can present even more benefits. But, why?

Well, marketing strategies are informed by customer survey questions. Honest responses help point to chances for growth, sustainable business, and increased customer satisfaction. 

Surveys make loyalty programs more effective, raising that 25-95% range they could give your restaurant's revenues. Keep reading to see the full benefits of adding customer surveys to your loyalty program.

Benefits of Customer Surveys for Restaurants

Consumer feedback from customer surveys serves a vital function for restaurant loyalty. Adding well-designed and carefully crafted questions for guests or patrons can help secure the benefits of loyalty programs themselves. 

First, you should use customer feedback to enhance and refine your loyalty program. Brands that use surveys have the chance to bump sales from 5% to 10% according to case studies. This is because valued loyalty members tend to spend more often, at higher prices.

Surveys show an interest in your customer’s experience. As a form of what hospitality is, asking customers questions can lead to an impression of valuing them, rewarding them, and listening to them. That might encourage customer acquisition for referring loyalty.

Seeking customer feedback gives them the look of a “hospitality” brand, but it also affords more personalization and customization. When customers feel recognized for being unique with surveys, they can tell you how to change restaurant loyalty programs. They can also tip you off to the best ways to engage and follow their buying behavior.

From CRM and loyalty program data, restaurants often learn they must incentivize to boost spending and repeat purchases. This can mean surveys produce more effective rewards programs.

5 Customer Survey Advantages for Loyalty Programs

How can a customer survey have restaurant advantages? As information technologies, surveys are a tool of data collection for corporate interests. And, as form of contactless hospitality, customer surveys offer a valuable opportunity from the consumer perspective:

  1. Brand Devotion. Customers connect with brands who show an interest in their lives, thoughts, and feelings. Surveys can help build up their devotion.
  2. Engaged Innovation. Surveys can help companies more confidently charge ahead with fresh updates. This means the best transitions at the right time.
  3. Increased Sales. Consumer data points to challenges in earning repeat customers, leading to more sales when managers can anticipate needs. 
  4. Valuable Insights. Surveys reveal your customer’s preferred experience, supporting customized digital menu ordering and enhanced loyalty programs.
  5. Rewarding Value. Finally, loyalty programs that offer good value, rewards, or special privileges can easily attract and retain customers.

Using Customer Survey Data to Improve Restaurant Loyalty

Because loyalty programs lead to increased spending and higher restaurant sales, surveys stand to enhance these effects. 

In surveys, customers tell you what they want to gain from engaging with your brand. Then, you use the data they provide to power your customer rewards programs' impact on the restaurant’s bottom line.

By adding a quick, simple, and satisfying survey experience, restaurants can reward customers on each and every visit. With or without discounts and incentives, surveys meet consumer needs for tailored experiences. 

Using the information they share can further activate customer loyalty. The thoughts, feelings, and preferences of customers should go through a process of regular reporting and analysis. This not only ensures that restaurant customer service or guest experiences stick to standards.

It also helps you see how customers currently feel about your brand. Then, it takes you to a place where you understand when to incorporate mobile check-ins, point systems, text notifications, limited promotions, and other enticing elements. 

Rewards and custom messaging remain some of the hallmarks of the best restaurant rewards programs. This holds for the best food delivery service apps too. 

Surveys ultimately help to advance your loyalty gains. They clearly show restaurant marketing done right can transform businesses, delivery service, and total sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Customer Surveys

Restaurant owners know that customer feedback matters. But, they remain curious about the value of customer surveys. 

They ask themselves how to design restaurant surveys, which questions to ask, and what formats they can use to engage guests. Get those answers here.

What are customer surveys?

Customer surveys collect information. Companies use them to research questions about consumer satisfaction, engagement, behavior, impressions, and more.

In purpose, surveys should help a business perform restaurant marketing research, gauge expectations, and discover insights. Responses from surveys can reveal what motivates, frustrates, and excites your customer. 

Thousands of customer surveys combined point restaurants (and their loyalty programs) in new, profitable directions. Overall, the customer survey enables restaurant managers to improve restaurant experiences, services, and items for business growth.

How do you create customer surveys?

To create a customer survey, start with setting clear goals and describing your ideal customer before you start listing things to ask. 

Know the intent of your survey (to improve loyalty, to boost customer service, increase sales, or research trends, etc.). Then, write simple questions, send invitations to reply, and collect those responses. 

Keep the contact of your survey short and satisfying as an experience. Adding an incentive to participate can heighten the depth and breadth of replies. Consider giving your customer a reason to respond. 

What are the types of customer surveys?

The four most common customer satisfaction surveys include ways of asking about customer loyalty, satisfaction, effort, and fit:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS). This survey format measures how likely customers are to recommend your restaurant.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). CSAT surveys estimate customer satisfaction by gathering information about specific experiences.
  • Customer Effort Score (CES). This kind of survey encourages customers to explain their ease or difficulty in completing a task with your company.
  • Product-Market Fit (PMF). These customer surveys assess customer needs for a specific audience, showing potential profitability.

Drive Decisions with Customer Data

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Learn how customer surveys and custom technology improve restaurant loyalty programs.