December 5, 2023
Lauren Platero

7 Super Bowl Watch Party Ideas for Bars and Restaurants

Become the winner amongst local bars and restaurants by hosting the best Super Bowl watch party. But first, you need to implement a variety of Super Bowl restaurant marketing tactics. 

If you’re looking for football party ideas for your bar and restaurant, you found yourself the perfect blog post! Follow this guide, and you’ll be on the road to restaurant success this football season!

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What Is a Super Bowl Watch Party?

A Super Bowl watch party is an event where people go to view the Super Bowl. Guests can find a selection of drinks as well as football party finger food options. It’s also common for the place to be swarmed with football fans. 

Super Bowl watch parties, or any football watch party for that matter, are often held in homes as well as sports bars to watch football.

7 Super Bowl Watch Party Ideas for Bars and Restaurants 

Begin planning your Super Bowl watch party with these seven easy tips and ideas. Read on to get started!

1. Creative Super Bowl Menus

One of the best ideas that any bar or restaurant can leverage is to create an exclusive menu for their Super Bowl watch party. For one, it can contain a variety of hot and cold food with thematic names. There can also be a selection of healthy options for those wanting a guilt-free meal. And of course, there must be a variety of half time snacks for football fans that stay the whole game. 

Don’t forget to offer a variety of beer brands and twists on popular cocktails that stick to the Super Bowl theme. That’s where you’ll really maximize profits!

2. Super Bowl Contests 

Host different contests to level up the anticipation and excitement at your bar or restaurant. Some ideas can be winning score predictions, halftime show opening song predictions, or something else. The prizes can revolve around signed merch, gift cards to a local sporting goods store, or something similar. Contests are a great way to add a bit of liveliness to any event.

3. Offer Super Bowl Catering Services

Catering is a very profitable venture in general, let alone on Super Bowl Sunday. Create a variety of game day food favorites for off-premise orders. You can even throw in some ideas like keto Super Bowl snacks and vegetarian Super Bowl food options. 

Give customers an extra touch of convenience by adding your Super Bowl catering menu to your online ordering platform. This way, they all have the option to place orders through their favorite food delivery apps. Plus, the implementation of catering ideas will also help the restaurant maximize revenue. This is due to the act of reaching a broader audience.

4. Team Spirit Discounts

There are many occasions where promotions revolve around different themes. So, why not create Super Bowl watch party discounts? State in your restaurant marketing efforts leading up to the big game that by showing up in one of the team’s merch, they can get a discount off the total bill. Not only will this drive the amount of foot traffic to your bar or restaurant, but it will create a more festive atmosphere.

5. Invest In Surround Sound Speakers

An obvious sign that you operate the best sports bar to watch football in your area is that you have dozens of TV screens. But the real question is can customers hear the game? For something as anticipated as the Super Bowl, visuals alone aren’t going to cut it. Try investing in high-quality speakers to add to your restaurant equipment roster. 

You can’t forget about the halftime show and commercials, too. Many customers, especially those who aren’t football fanatics, will want to hear the music and view the ads. Ensure that you’re entertaining all the senses with surround sound technology.

6. Decorate the Whole Bar or Restaurant

Once you know who will be playing in the Super Bowl, purchase relevant decor. Such items may include glassware, streamers, balloons, and more that match each team’s name, color palette and mascot. 

Or, if your bar or restaurant is within one hundred miles or so of one of the team’s cities, center all festivities around them. This is a sure way of gathering a unified group of football fans. Besides, some football bars near major cities might already do this. Therefore, all you’ll need to do is add Super Bowl-related decor to the mix.

7. Accept Reservations for the Best Restaurant Seating

Leverage your reservation system to collect bar and restaurant reservations ahead of time. You can prioritize the best seating arrangements in the house for those with reserve time slots. As a result, you’ll be able to better plan inventory levels, predict the total headcount, and create a sense of exclusivity. When a bar or restaurant is exclusive in some shape or form, it gives the customer base something to look forward to. In turn, it can enhance brand exposure.

When Should You Start to Plan Super Bowl and Tailgating Parties?

It's safe to begin planning a Super Bowl watch party and tailgating events after the end of the final playoff games. This is so that you're completely certain of which teams will face one another during the Super Bowl.

But why is this information so important? Well, in order to host the most festive Super Bowl watch party possible, you need to implement thematic elements. And which themes make more sense than the two teams playing against each other in the game?

This timeline should allow all bars and restaurants to plan accordingly. It'll also give them enough time to place orders for any team-centric decor, as well as plan restaurant email and social media efforts. However, planning concepts in advance is always a smart move.

The Difference Between a Super Bowl Watch Party and a Super Bowl Tailgate Party

The main difference between a Super Bowl watch party and a Super Bowl tailgate party is that a watch party focuses on the game. Meanwhile, a tailgate party centers around pregame festivities. However, it's very common to see one follow the other.

As for food and activities, they're pretty similar. You can find typical and healthy tailgate food at both events. However, it's common to find more cold tailgate food as side dishes, since many football fans choose to grill during a tailgate.

Turn your business into a tailgate sports bar this football season. It'll attract customers all day long, making for a memorable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Super Bowl Watch Party

Your bar or restaurant’s Super Bowl watch party can easily be the most exciting event of the year. So, it’s up to you, the business owner or restaurant manager to make it all that it can be. If you’d like a little extra information on the subject, we’ve got you covered! See below for commonly asked questions and answers. 

How Can You Create a Super Bowl Watch Party?

Anyone can create a Super Bowl watch party by following these steps:

  1. Purchase decorations for the party room.
  2. Plan food and drinks to serve during the game.
  3. Plan Super Bowl-related contests or activities. 
  4. Buy food and drinks at your earliest convenience. 
  5. Decorate the space the morning of Super Bowl Sunday.
  6. Welcome your guests and have a fun game night!

How Much Does a Super Bowl Watch Party Cost?

A Super Bowl watch party can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. It all depends on where you get food, drinks, and decorations. Depending on the size of your party space, any needed equipment, such as surround sound speakers, can bump up the total budget.

How to Host a Super Bowl Watch Party On a Budget?

You can host a Super Bowl watch party on a budget by purchasing food and drinks at a wholesale club, such as Costco. You can also purchase paper goods and decor at a place like Dollar General to save some money.

What Foods Are Most Commonly Served At a Super Bowl Watch Party?

The foods that are most commonly served at a Super Bowl watch party include:

  • Nachos 
  • Chilli 
  • Chips and Salsa 
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Pigs In a Blanket 
  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip

What Time Should You Start a Super Bowl Watch Party?

Begin your Super Bowl watch party about an hour before kick-off. This timeframe lets everyone settle in and place their orders before the game starts. However, it's not so early that customers are done with their food and drinks before the game even begins.

Watch and Learn About All the Best Ideas

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what makes up a successful Super Bowl watch party, it’s time to put these ideas into action. As the NFL plays toward the biggest game of the year, you can draw a massive crowd to your bar or restaurant with enticing features and menus. It’s certainly a time for big wins in the football and restaurant industries!