December 18, 2023
Lauren Platero

10 Best Sports Bars to Watch Football In the United States

There are fun and upbeat sports bars to watch football in every major American city. Some have a knack for executing sports bar marketing tactics. Meanwhile, others are known for their annual Super Bowl watch party and Super Bowl catering services. 

In this blog post, we’re going to list ten of the best sports bars to watch football across the nation. Now, let’s begin!

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10 Best Sports Bars to Watch Football In the United States 

Every city with an NFL team is bound to have multiple sports bars to watch football games. Let’s face it, they go hand in hand and can be massive sources of revenue. But which ones are the best? Read on to discover ten options spanning the United States.

1. All Stars Sports Bar and Grill - New York, NY

If you’re in the big city cheering on your favorite teams, All Stars Sports Bar and Grill is a fantastic place to be. Plus, it’s a great area for those stopping by from out of town. It’s just a short walk from Central Park and endless amounts of shopping. Like always, New York City is constantly executing all the tourism trends

2. XFINITY Live! - Philadelphia, PA

XFINITY Live! in Philadelphia is so much more than just a sports bar. In fact, it comprises a number of different bars and eateries. There are even breweries and gastropubs. This makes it extremely flexible and inclusive to all Philly sports fans. Even if there’s a major event like the Super Bowl going on and someone is in search of keto Super Bowl food, they can probably find it in this massive sports complex.

3. Clover 3 - Austin, TX

 When you think of the best sports bars to watch football, you probably envision eateries that offer a casual dining experience. At Clover 3, customers will experience a slightly upscale atmosphere. It's a go-to spot amongst locals for football games, which makes sense due to the enormous array of restaurant seating options.

4. Timothy O’Toole’s Pub - Chicago, IL

If you're a Chicago Bears fan, consider rooting for your city whilst trying a wide selection of beer brands. Their lengthy menu is full of bar food favorites, along with daily food and drink specials. Plus, numerous screens all throughout the bar makes the place ideal for viewing the most anticipated football games.

5. Stats Brewpub - Atlanta, GA

Spacious sports bars to watch football are ideal, as they can hold a loud and energetic crowd during game days. Stats Brewpub in downtown Atlanta fits the bill with a few different levels. From cheering on the Falcons to munching on some delicious football party finger food, fans can experience a little bit of everything.

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6. Harry’s Detroit Bar and Grill - Detroit, MI

Harry's in Detroit is known as a tailgate sports bar due to its pregame festivities and menu items. When the Lions are playing at home, the bar even offers a shuttle to the stadium. The shuttle may also run for other local events. As you can imagine, this would result in an incredible Super Bowl restaurant offering. For fans who want to kick back at the bar, the rooftop deck is a great place with screens and views. The football party ideas that Harry's can implement are probably endless.

7. Fleet Street Pub - Nashville, TN

Right within the hustle and bustle of downtown Nashville is Fleet Street Pub. If you're familiar with the iconic Printer's Alley, you're not too far away. This bar has British roots, which is unique for Music City. From whiskey and English bitter beer to classic dishes, they have it all. But more importantly, it's one of the most lively places in such a music-centric city to watch football games. Though it might seem a bit different from typical football bars, it's nice to have a balance every once in a while.

8. Batch Gastropub - Miami, FL

If you're in search of a bar and restaurant with a lounge, look no further than Batch Gastropub in Miami. It's a great destination for football games, especially for its selection of hot and cold tailgate food. The whole menu comprises local cuisine, since all ingredients from fresh produce to meat products come from neighboring suppliers. This means that they'll definitely have the freshest half time snacks for football fans. It can be difficult to find healthy tailgate food, which makes this bar stand out from the rest.

9. BoomerJack’s - Dallas, TX

One of the best sports bars to watch football in Dallas is BoomerJacks. The establishment offers guests a laid back atmosphere that attributes to so many positive customer reviews. Its menu is full of delicious dishes, from classic burgers to pizza. Customers can also get football specials during happy hour on game days. The best part? There are over one hundred TV screens. So, everyone will have multiple views of the game.

10. Brass Rail Sports Bar - Kansas City, MO

If you're looking for a sports bar to cheer on the Chiefs, Brass Rail Sports Bar should be a great option. This bar offers customers extensive menu types, which means there's something for everyone. Plus, they also have other forms of entertainment, like darts, shuffle boards, and pool tables. So not only is it one of the city's best sports bars to watch football, but it offers fun for the whole family.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Bars to Watch Football

It may be a bit clearer now as to which is the best sports bar to watch football near you. However, there’s still so much to learn. Check out the following FAQ section for some extra details on the subject at hand.

What Is the #1 Sports Bar to Watch Football In the US?

One of the best sports bars to watch football in the United States is Chickie’s and Pete’s in Philadelphia, PA. Chickie’s and Pete’s is a Philadelphia-based sports bar franchise with multiple locations throughout the city. Many sports fans, especially supporters of the Philadelphia Eagles, come here to cheer for the City of Brotherly Love.

What City Has the Best Sports Bars to Watch Football In the US?

To many people's surprise, Indianapolis ranks as one of the top cities in the nation with the best sports bars to watch football. This concept is mainly due to how the city’s population is so invested in their teams. However, it's safe to say that Philadelphia takes the second spot thanks to the enterprise Chickie's and Pete's.

Where Can I Watch Football In NYC?

There are many places to watch football in NYC, including the following sports bars:

  • All Stars Sports Bar and Grill
  • Smithfield Hall NYC
  • Kelly’s Sports Bar 
  • Redemption Sports Lounge 
  • The Three Monkeys

What Does ESPN Plus Cost?

ESPN Plus costs $10.99 per month. However, dedicated sports fans can save 15 percent by choosing the annual subscription plan.

Do Sports Bars Make a Lot of Money?

Yes, sports bars can make a significant amount of money. A sports bar’s profits stem primarily from drink sales, as alcohol has a higher markup than anything else.

One of the Best Sports Bars to Watch Football Is In a City Near You! 

Maybe you’re looking for something specific in sports bars, like vegetarian Super Bowl food when it’s that time of year again. Or, perhaps you simply prefer more spacious bars with dozens of TV screens. Either way, you’re sure to find at least one in a city near you!