December 19, 2023
Lauren Platero

Operate the Best Sports Bar to Watch Football In 13 Steps

All sports fans need a tailgate sports bar in their town. That's why it’s so important to operate the best sports bar to watch football in your area. Maybe it’s a priority of yours to offer a variety of hot and cold tailgate food. Or, maybe you want to curate a drink menu full of local beer brands. All culinary facets aside, the best sports bar to watch football in any city must have several sports-centric qualities. 

In this article, we’re going to go over all the steps a business owner must take to accomplish such a feat. Now, let’s begin!

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Become the Best Sports Bar to Watch Football In 13 Steps

There are many traditional and innovative ways to become your city’s best sports bar to watch football. From delicious half time snacks for football games to tactics associated with football party ideas, we’re about to cover thirteen tips below. Now, let the games begin!

1. Choose An Ideal Location

Just like any other kind of real estate, the location of your brick and mortar restaurant is essential. Ensure that it’s visible from main roads and is easy to access.

2. Invest In Dozens of TV Screens

You can’t operate the best sports bar to watch football if there are no devices to view the game. With this in mind, it’s crucial that you mount dozens of high-definition TVs all throughout the bar. This way, everyone can view the games, no matter where they sit.

3. Collect Football Memorabilia

There are many ways to create a sporty atmosphere in a bar. If you want to achieve the title of “best sports bar to watch football” in your town, you should invest in one-of-a-kind collectibles and memorabilia. These kinds of items will certainly be conversation pieces, so begin by researching things like signed jerseys, autographed photos, and more.

4. Host An Annual Super Bowl Watch Party

A foolproof way to stand out as one of the best sports bars to watch football is by hosting an annual Super Bowl party. Begin by implementing Super Bowl restaurant ideas like game day specials and team spirit discounts. Then, your menu can offer everything from keto Super Bowl snacks to vegetarian Super Bowl food. If you’d like to take profits to the next level, offer Super Bowl catering services to locals.

5. Onboard Restaurant Technology 

We recommend investing in online ordering solutions. This way, you can reap the benefits of both in-house and off-premise orders. The implementation of a unified dashboard will also streamline restaurant operations and efficiency.

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6. Implement Effective Restaurant Marketing Strategies

Execute various sports bar marketing tips to boost profits. From restaurant SEO efforts targeting your niche market to leveraging free social media platforms, the ideas are abundant. Always remember to track results and remain engaged across the board. If not, you may not know where your restaurant marketing success stems from.

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7. Implement Proper Restaurant Seating Arrangements

The way in which football bars arrange their seating isn’t too different from regular pubs. If anything, this concept goes back to the need for TVs to be visible from every angle. As for the seating, furnish the bar with chairs and booths that can comfortably accommodate large groups of people.

8. Source the Best Ingredients Possible 

Utilize a restaurant inventory management app to purchase the freshest ingredients possible. From lean meat products to fresh produce, an app like BlueCart can help automate shipments and dodge the risk of food spoilage. Plus, selecting the best ingredients possible will make it easier to offer fresh and healthy tailgate food.

9. Create Diverse Menu Types

Sure, many customers will visit your sports bar to watch the games and socialize. But at the end of the day, you still operate an eatery that must thrive for its menu items. With this in mind, ensure that you offer customers a wide selection. From the appetizer list to the dessert menu, offer something for everyone.

10. Install a High-Quality Sound System

Once you have all the TV screens scattered throughout the bar, you have to make sure that customers can also hear the games. Install surround sound speakers that amplify the audio. Just remember to keep the volume at a moderate noise level to not disturb customers trying to socialize. A happy medium is always best.

11. Offer Daily Drink Specials

Daily drink specials are essential for a successful sports bar. From happy hour classics to original twists on popular cocktails, the ways in which you can optimize your  mixology skills are endless. You can even come up with delicious pairings for your football party finger food options to encourage drink sales.

12. Thoroughly Train the Bar and Wait Staff

Ensure that all of your bar staff and servers have the tools and knowledge they need to do the best job possible. If not, customer satisfaction can suffer. And to be the best sports bar to watch football in your area, you must provide stellar service.

13. Maintain Cleanliness and Safety Standards

Before you prioritize anything else, you must enforce a safe and clean environment. After all, they’re the most important elements to both customers and employees. Letting these areas of focus fall can cause a customer base to shrink down to very few people. But more importantly, it can result in legal troubles.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Sports Bar to Watch Football

You’re finally equipped with all the tips you need to operate the best sports bar to watch football in your area. However, it’s always good to learn about the topic from a more broad perspective. So, we put together a brief selection of frequently asked questions and answers about sports bars. See below:

What Is the Best Sports Bar to Watch Football In the United States?

The best sports bar to watch football in the United States is Chickie’s and Pete’s in Philadelphia, PA. Philly's football fans enjoy Chickie’s and Pete’s for its upbeat atmosphere and menu. Plus, there are multiple locations throughout the city.

What Is the Best Sports Bar to Watch Football In New York?

The best sports bar to watch football in New York City is All Stars Sports Bar and Grill. The establishment is in the perfect location not too far from Central Park. Plus, many customer reviews rave about the food, drinks, specials, and atmosphere.

What Is the Best Sports Bar to Watch Football In Philadelphia?

The best sports bar to watch football in Philadelphia is Chickie’s and Pete’s. Locals love this franchise for its atmosphere, food, and drinks. Plus, there are several locations throughout Philly.

What Makes Sports Bars So Profitable?

One of the main reasons as to why sports bars are so profitable is because of drink sales. You see, alcohol has a higher markup than all the other types of inventory you’ll find in a bar. Plus, drinks are constantly flowing in a bar setting.

What Makes a Bar a Sports Bar?

Any bar can become a sports bar by adding sporty decor and a wide variety of TV screens. These two factors are what really sets pubs and breweries apart from sports bars. So if you ever feel like making the switch, it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

With These Tips, You Can Operate the Best Sports Bar to Watch Football

Before you get ready for upcoming game days, use this post as a reference to see if you’re already the best sports bar to watch football in your area. If there are some steps that you can take to make improvements, go ahead and use these tips as a guide. Then, your sports bar will quickly become the go-to place to be for locals and beyond!