December 6, 2023
Lauren Platero

13 Best-Selling Super Bowl Catering Menu Items

Super Bowl catering services can be a lucrative way to “kick-off” the year early on. Even if you operate the best sports bar to watch football in your town, many people tend to host Super Bowl parties at home. In this case, a solid game day menu will certainly be able to assist any struggle in how to get more catering orders

Super Bowl restaurant menus can be the foundation for festive football party ideas. Well, aside from a high-definition TV and surround sound speakers, of course. In this post, we're going to outline culinary inspiration for a Super Bowl catering menu. 

Now, let's dive into menu design ideas for the big game!

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What Is Super Bowl Catering?

Super Bowl catering refers to the process of supplying off-premise customers with food and drinks right before the game. Catering businesses will likely service those who are hosting a Super Bowl watch party at home. From football party finger food to all the types of alcohol, there are many items present during a Super Bowl party. 

In the section below, we’ll discuss over ten options for your Super Bowl catering menu. Now, what are you waiting for? Let the menu designing begin!

13 Best-Selling Super Bowl Catering Menu Items

Super Bowl catering menus aren’t the place for food trends and innovation. Instead, most football fans want to snack on the classics. Notice the key term being “snacks.” Rather than serving a full course meal, Super Bowl catering ideas should practically make up a massive appetizer list

From thematic menu items inspired by the playing teams to half-priced half time snacks for football fans, we’re going to cover it all. See below for thirteen ideas that should be part of your Super Bowl catering itinerary.

1. Chicken Wings

Let’s face it–it’s hard to imagine sports bars to watch football without there being wings on the menu. Not only are chicken wings a classic appetizer for game days, but they’re actually a fairly healthy tailgate food depending on the sauce. So, platters of them must be the first item on your Super Bowl catering menu.

2. Buffalo Chicken Dip 

So maybe you want to offer something a bit more shareable than wings. If that’s the case, serve trays of a buffalo chicken dip. Or, you can let customers choose the kind of sauce they would like to add instead of buffalo. Then, you can pair each order with a selection of chips and veggies. However, this portion of the order can be customizable, too.

3. Spinach and Artichoke Dip

A classic appetizer that you can find at almost any casual dining establishment. The best part about spinach and artichoke dip is that it’s just as tasty cold as it is hot. So even if customers are in need of cold tailgate food for outdoor pre-game festivities, this one can easily be a hit.

4. Loaded Potato Skins 

Just envision a loaded baked potato but in a bite-size form. Simply bake cut up potato skins loaded with cheese, bacon bits, and diced scallions for a savory fan favorite appetizer. Don’t forget to serve a side of sour cream with each order so that party guests can dip.

5. Guacamole and Chips 

Guacamole and tortilla chips might be one of the best Mexican appetizers of all. Just ensure that you prepare all the orders the morning of Super Bowl Sunday. Avocados are the kind of food that can spoil very quickly. And we’re pretty confident that the last thing you want to encounter is food spoilage on one of the most food-centric days of the year.

6. Nachos

Want to add your own twist to a traditional appetizer? You can do just that with your nachos recipe. Whether you add a variety of peppers, a blend of different meats, or a unique cheese selection, nachos can feature it all.

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7. Seven Layer Bean Dip 

Want a less-messy version of nachos? Try adding a seven layer bean dip to your Super Bowl catering menu! In a traditional recipe, you’ll be adding layers of refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, salsa, onions, and olives.

8. Pigs In a Blanket 

A classic appetizer for a reason, pigs in a blanket is a popular go-to snack for the Super Bowl. They’re a savory bite-size hot dog wrapped in a flaky puff pastry. What more could you ask for? Serve them with a side of mustard and you’re all set.

9. Deviled Eggs 

If you're looking for a tasty vegetarian Super Bowl food item, look no further than deviled eggs. Once you make hard-boiled eggs, peel and slice them. Then, fill half of an egg white with a mixture including the yolk, mayonnaise, mustard, and spices of your choice. This appetizer will also check all the boxes if you want to serve keto Super Bowl snacks, too.

10. Sliders 

Burgers are probably a best-seller in all football bars. So, turn your recipes and cooking methods into a Super Bowl catering menu item. Two-bite burgers will pair with all the other snacks and drinks, and will probably be reminiscent of typical bar food.

11. Sandwich Platters 

Massive subs might be too filling and messy to be part of a Super Bowl catering package. So, allow customers to purchase trays of miniature sandwiches. Unsure of which types to include? Simply serve mini versions of your top three best-selling sandwiches. Going this route will standardize kitchen operations and give customers a little taste of everything. Who knows--this might even prompt repeat business if someone tries something new that they enjoy.

12. Brownies 

Why make something like chocolate cake when you can serve brownies? Not only are they a delicious finger food, but also a decadent game day dessert. The best part? Baking multiple trays of them at a time is easy! Therefore, you can prepare all orders of brownies in a short period of time.

13. Cupcakes 

There are a couple of different ways to make cupcakes festive for the Super Bowl. The first option is to use vanilla icing, but dye two separate batches depending on the playing team’s colors. If there are two prominent colors per team, get cupcake liners in the second color. For example, if the Kansas City Chiefs were playing in the Super Bowl, you can dye vanilla icing red and use gold cupcake liners. 

The second option is to choose whichever kind of icing you’d like but use plastic cupcake toppers. Just ensure that you order them as soon as the playoffs are over and you know who will be playing in the game. This way, you can be sure to get the toppers delivered in time.

Super Bowl Catering Add-Ons

If your tailgate sports bar is offering catering services for the Super Bowl, there are numerous add-ons that customers can purchase with their order. Plus, many features will make the ordering process that much simpler. 

Consider offering the following add-ons and tactics upon launching your catering menu:

  • Super Bowl inspired decor, such as streamers and balloons. 
  • Paper goods, such as napkins, as well as entree food and dessert plates. 
  • Plastic goods like utensils and disposable glassware
  • The option for customers to place Super Bowl takeout orders, even for items from the catering menu. Customers would only be able to order standard quantities, of course. 
  • The ability to order Super Bowl catering online through your online ordering platform. Allowing this will help your staff be more organized and efficient. 

Maybe you want to focus on promoting the ability to order Super Bowl catering online. Or, perhaps you see greater value in selling decorations as add-ons. Either way, these are sure ways to increase catering cart values.

Frequently Asked Questions About Super Bowl Catering

Super Bowl catering can be one of your restaurant’s best-selling services. Begin crafting your menus and ideas for add-ons towards the beginning to middle of January. Then, once the playoffs are over and the competing teams are announced, start taking orders ASAP. In the meantime, check out some commonly asked questions about Super Bowl catering services below.

Should My Restaurant Offer Super Bowl Catering Services?

Yes, offering Super Bowl catering services can be extremely profitable. It’s the second day of the year when people consume the most food, so don’t miss the opportunity to boost profits.

What Is the Most Ordered Food During the Super Bowl?

The most ordered foods during the Super Bowl are pizza and chicken wings. They’re festive game day favorites and are on almost every menu belonging to a casual eatery. Plus, they’re quick to prepare and deliver.

What Two Foods Are Most Commonly Served At Super Bowl Parties?

The two foods that are most commonly served at Super Bowl parties are chicken wings and buffalo chicken dip. Both of these dishes are quite versatile. For the wings, there are many sauces you can choose, from honey barbeque to chili lime. As for the buffalo chicken dip, you can use a variety of foods to dip, from tortilla chips to raw carrots. 

What Food Sells the Most for the Super Bowl?

The food items that sell the most for the Super Bowl are finger foods. This food group typically includes chips, wings, nachos, and mozzarella sticks. However, many other types of appetizers will probably be present.

How Is the Super Bowl Related to Food Consumption?

Super Bowl Sunday comes in second place for the days in the year when Americans eat the most food. Wondering which day takes the #1 spot? That would be Thanksgiving, of course! On average, those watching the Super Bowl will consume roughly 6,000 calories worth of snacks.

A Super Bowl Catered to the Best Culinary Favorites 

Super Bowl catering services let restaurants make a huge profit on fairly inexpensive food groups. Menu items like pizza, wings, and various snacks cost very little to prepare. So between typical markups and the high order volumes thanks to the game, revenue is bound to soar. Just ensure that you offer a wide variety and throw in some add-ons to complete the catering packages.