December 20, 2023
Lauren Platero

11 Reasons Why All Football Bars Need Online Ordering Tools

Football bars are the ultimate type of business for fans to cheer on their favorite college and NFL teams. However, there are many ways to turn restaurants with football attributes into the best sports bar to watch football in your area. An easy way to accomplish this feat is through the implementation of online ordering solutions. 

From the massive convenience it offers customers to the simplicity it can create for a business owner, online ordering is a must in the digital age. But before we dive into why football bars need online ordering, let’s go over what makes up this kind of bar and restaurant. See below:

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Football Bars: What Are They?

Think of football bars as the same concept as a tailgate sports bar. They have the same kind of layout as a regular sports bar, but with a lot of football gear and memorabilia. They may also be more likely to host events, such as a Super Bowl watch party and offer Super Bowl catering services. 

A football sports bar revolves around far more than just Super Bowl-related events. They offer a variety of hot and cold tailgate food, as well as many drink options all season long. Then, they function as a regular sports bar the rest of the year. 

Sports bars have the potential to thrive when online ordering is an option for customers. If this sounds like something you’d like to implement, schedule a demo with us today and we’ll tell you all about our most popular online ordering integrations!

11 Reasons Why Football Bars Need Online Ordering Tools

Sports fans might want to watch the game from home every now and then. However, that shouldn’t prevent them from enjoying their game day food favorites. So, read on to discover eleven reasons why all sports bars to watch football should offer online ordering. Then, you’ll understand how they can easily check the food and drink boxes for at-home football party ideas

1. The Ability to Offer 24 7 Food Delivery

Many bars are open late at night; however, many of their kitchens close early. With this in mind, your football sports bar can implement product differentiation by offering 24/7 delivery. Online ordering apps make this offering super easy, too. Just connect to all the food delivery apps and fulfill orders as they roll into your system. With driver's contracted by the delivery providers, that's also a department you won't have to employ.

2. Bars Can Expand Their Customer Reach

Almost everyone has at least one delivery app on their smartphone. This means that by connecting your sports bar to all the delivery service providers, you'll inherently expand your customer reach. As a result, profits can increase tenfold–at least.

3. Delivery Apps Offer Easy Menu Browsing

Clear and simple menu types make it easy for customers to zero in on what they’d like to order. Easy menu browsing keeps the customers on the app while making the ordering process straightforward. Therefore, repeat business is more likely to take place.

4. Customers Can Customize Their Orders

One way to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty is to give diners as much control over their buying decisions as possible. On delivery apps, they can quickly; update cart items. Therefore, guests can get exactly what they want, every single time. Whether customers want to put an emphasis on healthy tailgate food or make something a vegetarian Super Bowl food option, they can do it on the app.

5. Mobile Checkout Pages Can Upsell Orders

In-house upselling techniques can be difficult to implement, let alone track. Many servers may not feel comfortable pushing additional drinks and dishes. But when you utilize online ordering tools, you can automatically encourage higher sales. From menu recommendations to past purchase reminders, there are many ways to capture larger cart values. This feature is sure to come in handy, especially with items like football party finger food.

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6. Online Orders Reduce Human Errors

You’d be surprised by how many errors trace back to a server’s handwritten order. But when customers purchase food and drinks online, the kitchen can refer to a digital copy of the order. Since the customizations and requests are clear to the reader, it’s much less common to mess up dishes.

7. Digital Ordering Reduces Manual Labor

Once you leverage the power of marketplace order insertion, you can also offer deliveries with the help of each provider’s drivers. This means that you won’t bump up the labor cost by employing these roles. Plus, many customers might opt for ordering takeout rather than dining in, especially for things like half time snacks for football games. If this is ever the case, you may be able to reduce your restaurant’s labor force as a whole.

8. A Centralized Platform Results In Simpler Restaurant Operations

It can be pretty overwhelming when managing a device for every delivery provider. But when you onboard an online ordering solution that consolidates all orders, it becomes much easier to process, track, and fulfill them. With a partner like Revolution Ordering, you can connect your POS system with all your online ordering integrations. In doing so, you’ll be able to use one device for all transactions. As a result, you'll achieve seamless daily operations.

9. Restaurants Can Easily Implement Discounts and Promotions

Online ordering solutions can support demand creation and marketing efforts in the backend. This means that personalized discounts and rewards can be applied to online accounts. With the ease and simplicity of automatic promotions, customers will likely come back time and time again.

10. Digital Systems Easily Collect and Store Customer Data 

As orders enter your system, online ordering tools will automatically track consumer data. Maybe you want to track metrics regarding the success of selling keto Super Bowl snacks. Or, perhaps you’re in need of Super Bowl restaurant promotion ideas and want to view generic restaurant data. Either way, your online ordering SaaS provider should be able to grant you access to such business intelligence features.

11. Contactless Payments and Deliveries Are Safer

Ever since the pandemic, restaurants have been looking for ways to make their business model safer. With online ordering tools, all deliveries can be contact-free. Not only does this benefit each customer, but the drivers as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Football Bars

Football bars are such a safe business venture to launch. This is because college football and the NFL have such loyal fandoms. No matter which city you establish such a business in, you’re bound to have a steady customer base. And even for those who aren’t sports fans, bars of any kind are great places to kick back and relax. Now, read on for a brief overview of football bars in general!

Is It Common for Football Bars to Offer Online Ordering Services?

Yes, it’s becoming more popular for football bars to offer online ordering services. Not only can doing so raise profits, but such services are super convenient to customers. As a result, many bars with such tools can surpass local competition.

Do Football Bars Have  a Specific Atmosphere?

Yes, football bars as well as sports bars as a whole tend to have a laid back and casual atmosphere. The attributes of a football bar that make the atmosphere, so casual are the bar food, and fun drinks. The dim restaurant lighting, and TVs scattered across the room are also factors.

Do Football Bars Host Major Events for Games?

Yes, many football bars host events for major games, especially for the Super Bowl. Contests, themed parties, and watch parties are all popular amongst sports bars in general.

Do Football Bars Support Specific Teams?

In many cases, football bars will support the city that’s closest to them. For example, almost all football bars in the southern end of New Jersey support the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s just a matter of distance and the population’s favorite team.

Do Football Bars Have Food and Drinks?

Yes, football bars offer food and drinks. In fact, without having a food and drink menu, there really wouldn’t be a source of revenue. So, always expect to see a wide variety of bar food, soft drinks, and alcohol at football bars.

Football Bars: Making At-Home Game Days the Ultimate Fan Experience

Food and drinks are a huge component of game day festivities in sports bars. But with the convenience and luxury of ordering online, football fans can have just as much fun in the comfort of their own home.