December 8, 2023
Lauren Platero

Football Party Finger Food: 20 Football Finger Food Ideas

You can’t host game day festivities without football party finger food! In fact, if you’re the business owner of a tailgate sports bar, you know very well just how many items from the appetizer list sell on game day. Or, if you’re hosting an event such as a Super Bowl watch party from home, you’re probably aware of how convenient finger foods will be to serve.

In this article, we’re going to give you twenty ideas for football party finger food platters. They’re even inexpensive dishes for a Super Bowl catering menu! But first, let’s talk about why this category is so prominent on game days.

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Why Is Football Party Finger Food So Popular?

The primary reason as to why football party finger food is so popular is because of how easy it is to prepare and consume. When there’s an important game on the TV screen, fans take their plates of food back to the couch with them. Therefore, the food must be mess-free and require little to no utensils. 

Even football bars and other styles of sports bars to watch football offer a ton of finger foods. After all, easy football finger foods to eat are very easy to prepare. The ability to easily prepare a dish typically means that it calls for minimal types of inventory, too. So for restaurant business owners, such recipes aren’t costly.

20 Football Party Finger Food Ideas

Finger foods for football games are quite traditional. However, it’s not totally out of the ordinary to see food trends on festive platters. The following list of twenty football party finger food ideas should get the ball rolling for your next football party.

1. Mini Tacos

Turn a traditional Mexican entree food option into one of the best Mexican appetizers. By getting smaller tortilla shells and using a fraction of the filling, mini tacos can be just as easy as regular ones. If you think this might be a bit too messy, make nachos instead.

2. Mozzarella Sticks

One of the most convenient aspects of mozzarella sticks is that they’re easy to prepare in advance. The marinara sauce can also be prepared several days ahead of time, too. It’s the kind of dish that can be frozen, then once heated, taste just as delicious.

3. Pigs In a Blanket

Hot dogs are a popular snack when you view a football game at a stadium. But when you wrap a miniature version in a puff pastry, you have a perfect finger food idea for when people are watching from home or a bar.

4. Mini Subs

Large sandwiches are an entire course on their own. However, mini sandwiches are a perfect dish to display on festive platters for the game. And for anyone partaking in pregame festivities, sandwiches are a perfect cold tailgate food option that you can store in coolers.

5. Potato Skins

Fries are such a basic menu item to make from potatoes. Instead of preparing what every other restaurant offers, make loaded potato skins. With a blend of cheese, bacon pieces, and bits of scallions, this savory football party finger food is sure to be a hit. 

6. Chicken Wings 

Wings are a classic football party finger food. However, various types of chefs like to mix things up by offering a variety of flavors. Instead of limiting your guests to just buffalo, offer tossed wings in sauces ranging from Nashville hot to cilantro lime.

7. Mini Chicken and Waffles

Toothpick appetizers are a fun way to serve delicious pairings. Connect a piece of fried chicken and a bite of waffle with just a drizzle of maple syrup. The sweet and savory combo is a fan favorite at many diners. Just reduce the size to make it a unique football party finger food idea.

 8. Deviled Eggs

We always encourage restaurants and party hosts to make dishes that accommodate meat-free diets. This means that you need a vegetarian Super Bowl food idea. By mixing egg yolks with condiments and various spices, you can do just that. Plus, deviled eggs are one of the most guilt-free keto Super Bowl snacks. So, you can cater to two different groups of people at once.

9. Sliders 

Burgers are one of the most popular food favorites at sports bars and game day cookouts. But like sandwiches, they can be pretty filling. So, prepare little two-bite sliders. This way, you keep the tradition minus all the calories. 

10. Guacamole and Chips

Offer something a little different from regular chips and dip. Instead, make homemade guacamole with fresh produce and bake your own tortilla chips. Always remember that you should prepare guacamole the day of the event, even if it’s at the last minute. This way, it doesn’t change color before the festivities begin.

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11. Cheese and Crackers

For those craving a salty snack, serve cheese and cracker platters. Or, you can take it one step further and prepare charcuterie boards for each table. You can even use a dairy free cheese for those who follow lactose-free and vegan diets.

12. Pretzel Bites

Chances are, you’ll be serving a variety of beer brands during a football game. So, choose one of your favorites to add to a beer cheese recipe. Then, bake pretzel bites no bigger than the size of a garlic knot. It’s a bar food favorite that almost everyone will love.

13. Sweet Potato Fries

If you serve baskets of regular sweet potato fries, people will probably consume them as they normally would on any given night. So, you need to make them extra special when festivities are taking place. Try whipping up a sweet cream cheese-based dipping sauce. With a blend of cinnamon, honey, and other tasty ingredients, a typical side dish will turn into an addicting sweet treat.

14. Mini Quiche

As one of the most healthy tailgate food options, quiche bites are high in protein and healthy fat. Plus, there are many ways you can make them. While some chefs may use meats or seafood, others might just stick to vegetables.

15. Fried Pickles

A true southern favorite, fried pickles burst with flavor and are the perfect football party finger food for those who love seasonings. Plus, they complement mild flavor profiles perfectly. Pair fried pickle chips with a tangy ranch dipping sauce, and you’ll have one of the most savory football finger food options ever.

16. Chicken Nuggets 

Maybe there’ll be sports fans at your football watch party who don’t enjoy wings with the bone inside. To keep things inclusive for everyone, serve platters of chicken nuggets. Besides, who doesn't love chicken nuggets? Offer a wide variety of dipping sauces from honey mustard to zesty barbecue, and you’ll have a game day best-seller on your menu.

17. Cookies 

As the game approaches the final score, you’re going to want to serve half time snacks for football fanatics who stay until the end. That’s when the dessert menu comes out! And what football party finger food is simpler than cookies? From food coloring to sprinkles, there are so many ways to include the team’s colors, too.

18. Cupcakes 

Easy football finger foods can also be present within the dessert category. And how can anyone go wrong with cupcakes? Plus, you can choose from all the flavors under the sun for a unique variety. Don’t forget the festive liners, sprinkles, food coloring, and toppers to represent the teams.

19. Cake Pops

Go the extra mile with festive cake pops when major games are taking place. This dessert is ideal for a Super Bowl restaurant menu, since they’re so customizable. Simply use white chocolate with the right amount of food dye on the outside to match the primary colors of the playing teams. Then, dip them in sprinkles of the secondary colors to truly match the theme.

20. Brownies 

If there’s one dessert that’s a breeze to make, it’s brownies. Just mix the batter, pour it into a dish, and bake. To give guests a handful of options, you can make one batch with walnuts and one without. Don’t forget to add colored sprinkles inspired by the playing teams. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Football Party Finger Food

Simple menu items to consume are often easy to prepare. That’s why gathering a list of football party finger food ideas is so important before a big game. If you’re in need of some additional information on the subject matter, check out the following FAQ section!

What Is the Most Popular Football Party Finger Food?

The most popular football party finger food is probably chicken wings. They’re easy, delicious, and versatile.

What Are Other Names for Football Party Finger Food?

Other names for football party finger food include:

  • Appetizers
  • Hors d'oeuvres
  • Starters
  • Tidbits
  • Snacks

What Should I Bring to a Football Watch Party?

You should bring drinks and some kind of finger food to a football watch party. Snacks that don’t require any preparation, such as chips and dip, are your best bet.

What Is a Good Snack for Football?

Some good snacks to enjoy during football games include:

  • Sliders 
  • Potato skins 
  • Pretzel bites 
  • Chips and salsa
  • Chicken wings 
  • Charcuterie board

What Are Some Good Finger Foods for the Super Bowl?

Some tasty finger food ideas for the Super Bowl include popular appetizers, such as wings, fried pickles, and chips. However, there are a ton of other snacks and starters that work well as game day finger foods.

Football Party Finger Food: The Perfect Snacks for Game Day

Letting some of these menu items inspire football party ideas will make for a memorable watch party. Or, you’ll just end up as the best sports bar to watch football in your area. Either way, they both sound like wins to us!