January 19, 2024
Lauren Platero

5 Ways Pickleball Clubs Benefit from Online Ordering

Online ordering solutions carry the potential to boost profits for pickleball clubs. Well, that’s if they employ a back of house kitchen staff and offer enticing menu types, of course. The growth opportunities that stem from digital ordering can be endless. From larger cart values to boosting order accuracy, tech solutions can empower a pickleball business in several ways.

Ready to learn why your pickleball club should not just serve food and drinks but offer online ordering? If so, check out the remainder of this article for everything you need to know!

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How Can Pickleball Clubs Start Offering Online Ordering Solutions?

Hospitality software companies are constantly releasing new products and services to offer off-premise dining services. Take Revolution Ordering as an example. We offer pickleball restaurant brands the tools and capabilities to offer online ordering and so much more. Several of our top features that a pickleball bar and restaurant can benefit from include:

Maybe you’d like to simplify the daily workflow at your pickleball bar or restaurant. Or, perhaps you’d like to elevate several units of a pickleball bar franchise. Either way, we’ve got the tools you need to successfully improve your business.

Book a demo with us to learn more about our online ordering integrations. Then, we’ll be in touch to discuss how your business can serve the masses. 

5 Ways That Pickleball Clubs Can Benefit from Online Ordering

Pickleball club management software can consist of several solutions. However, for businesses that also have an eatery, digital ordering tools are essential. In fact, they’ll serve as the foundation for the restaurant success of any pickleball food establishment in this day and age. But what exactly will these successes look like in action? See below for several possibilities!

1. Maximize the Order Volume During Each Shift

So, are pickleball clubs profitable on their own? Yes–but they’re even more lucrative after investing in online ordering technologies. The fact of the matter is that when your eatery is on a multi restaurant food delivery app, more people can make a purchase. After all, a brick and mortar restaurant, even if it’s huge inside, can only accommodate so many people. As a result, your business can serve the maximum number of people imaginable during standard operating hours. 

If you think more visibility and sales are exciting, we should note that online ordering platforms also provoke greater cart values. With homepage and checkout page suggestions, online ordering apps make it easy to choose more dishes. So, these tools can maximize revenue without the added labor needed from in-house staff.

2. Expand the Eatery’s Overall Reach and Visibility

Piggy-backing off of our last point, online ordering solutions let eateries boost their reach to the fullest capacity. Marketplace order insertion can allow an eatery to leverage multiple delivery apps. For instance, some customers in your area might have DoorDash on their phones. Meanwhile, others might prefer apps like Grubhub and Uber Eats. 

By using a hospitality software product like Connect, a pickleball restaurant's visibility can soar. Instead of worrying about losing potential diners, you can feel certain that you're capturing as many sales as possible. Plus, it'll come in handy if any given app experiences technical difficulties. Due to the competition on delivery apps, expanding the ways people can place orders is key.

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3. Increase Order Accuracy and Reduce Errors

When customers submit an online order, the host and sous chef on duty will have a digital copy of it. This order receipt will also contain any special requests, allergy disclaimers, and instructions for the staff to review. Consequently, the chances of making errors are very slim. It’s much less likely than when servers scribble orders on a notepad, where mix ups are very common. As a result, the off-premise customer experience can be as stellar as possible.

4. Offer On-Court Delivery Options

Outdoor and indoor pickleball clubs can benefit from food and drink deliveries. Since the business model revolves around a sport, you can make this menu suitable for those partaking in physical activity. For example, beverages can consist of things like sports drinks and flavored water. Meanwhile, food items can contain high levels of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. 

It’s one of the pickleball business ideas that is reminiscent of exclusive country clubs. This is because many country clubs now offer on-course dining options. So, adding this idea to operations could make the pickleball industry seem more high-end. Once you level up the industry’s reputation, its brands will have the potential to be that much more profitable.

5. Add Equipment Rentals to the Mobile Apps

Did you know that at upscale beachside resorts, business owners use mobile apps for beach and pool rentals? From umbrellas to towels, this kind of service is the epitome of luxury. So, if you operate a pickleball country club or something like it, you can execute this idea with pickleball equipment rentals. Before you know it, an on-demand concierge staff can quickly set your business apart from others.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pickleball Clubs

As you draft or update your pickleball business plan, you’ll quickly come to realize that there are many solutions that can streamline operations. However, we recommend that online ordering capabilities be at the top of your priority list. Not just for the benefits it’ll offer your team, but for the convenience it will give your customers. Now, let’s read on to learn more about online ordering for pickleball clubs.

Do All Pickleball Clubs Need Online Ordering Solutions?

Yes, all pickleball clubs that serve food and beverages need online ordering solutions. Without them, they won’t be able to capture nearly as many sales as they would with them. Plus, many competing pickleball eateries probably use them. So, investing in this kind of software can allow businesses to keep up with their local rivals.

Which Restaurant Tech Company Is Best for Pickleball Clubs?

Revolution Ordering is one of the best companies that pickleball clubs can work with for their online ordering needs. From a set monthly rate to marketplace order insertion, we help pickleball restaurants like yours improve their bottom line.

Can Pickleball Clubs Benefit from Online Ordering?

Yes, if pickleball clubs offer food and drinks, they can benefit tremendously from online ordering solutions. For one, they allow eateries to expand their overall reach. Plus, there are upselling techniques, a lesser need for a big wait staff, and the chance to serve more people than the restaurant seating space allows. All of these factors combined will likely lead to higher profits.

Can Pickleball Clubs Be Profitable Without Dining Services?

Yes, pickleball clubs can be profitable without dining services, but it’ll be much more difficult. Opening a bar and restaurant alongside your pickleball courts will open your doors to a much broader audience. As a result, you’ll gain a customer base that stops by just for a meal, expanding your revenue sources as a whole. By limiting the business to just pickleball, you may not draw as much attention from local sports enthusiasts as you might assume you will. Consequently, this risk could lead to massive financial losses.

Why Is Online Ordering So Important?

Online is important for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Online ordering can lead to greater cart values. 
  • Online ordering can reach more people at once. 
  • Online ordering requires a smaller wait staff.
  • Online ordering increases a restaurant’s visibility.
  • Online ordering is favorable thanks to contactless payments

Starting a Pickleball Club Should Start With Innovative Solutions

While learning how to start a pickleball club, many variables will be on the table. One of them will probably be whether to offer food and beverages at an on-premise eatery. If you should go this route, which we highly recommend, onboarding online ordering solutions should be in order. By making such an investment, you’ll be blown away by how food and drink sales can surpass pickleball rentals and memberships!