January 15, 2024
Lauren Platero

7 Pickleball Business Ideas: From Food Service to Memberships

The implementation of pickleball business ideas can be the catalyst for long-term profitability and customer retention. Over the last ten years or so, the pickleball club business model has been merging with the restaurant industry. As a result, many ideas can empower such enterprises to stand out in an already niche market.

In this blog, we will cover pickleball business ideas in the context of restaurant business operations. If you own a pickleball bar or restaurant, this blog post will serve you well. But if you’re still debating how to diversify your food service enterprise, look no further than the characteristics of pickleball clubs.

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7 Innovative Pickleball Business Ideas for Optimal Success

Innovating your pickleball business doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, doing so has never been easier thanks to hospitality software companies, such as Revolution Ordering. Now, let’s dive into seven pickleball business ideas that you can begin implementing right away. From tech solutions to delicious menus, some of these ideas will surely suit your brand.

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1. Create a Pickleball Club Membership Program

Similar to golf and pickleball country club operations, offer consumers a membership package. A membership can grant them unlimited access to the courts for a set period. Or, it can consist of a discounted rate on equipment rentals and court access for a set number of rounds. 

Another way to get people to opt for pickleball memberships is to offer exclusive restaurant promotions. For instance, all members could get a percentage off every bill. The restaurant can also offer perks like a free dessert menu item on their birthday, discounts on catering services–those sorts of things.

2. Operate An Accompanying Bar and Restaurant

Food and beverage sales will take your pickleball business to the next level. This is especially true if you own a pickleball bar franchise. Did you know that alcoholic beverages make up some of the largest profits within the food service industry? This statistic is due to alcohol having such an incredibly high markup. 

As you map out your plans for your pickleball business ideas, ensure that food and drinks are at the top of the list. If not, you’ll miss out on a ton of growth opportunities.

3. Offer Customers Online Ordering Solutions

So, are pickleball clubs profitable? Well, they absolutely are, especially if the menus are on food delivery apps. In fact, all pickleball restaurants should use online ordering integrations to connect with various delivery service providers. In doing so, they can have major advantages over others.

A multi restaurant food delivery app allows restaurants to capture the utmost number of orders. Plus, an all-in-one product like Connect lets restaurants sync all payments in one place. From there, other tools like business intelligence dashboards and customer data reports can inspire even more pickleball business ideas.

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4. Create a Catering Menu for the Pickleball Restaurant

Expand your pickleball food menus into a catering catalog. Then, leverage your pickleball club management software solutions to boost catering sales from online orders. If this sounds familiar to you, it’ll work similar to standard mobile ordering processes. 

By giving customers the ability to order catering services, you can serve a massive number of people at once. It can be difficult to capture new customers. However, this strategy is an easy solution. As a result, this idea will help boost brand awareness and visibility.

5. Set Times for Pickleball Happy Hour

We’re all used to happy hour when popular cocktails and beer brands are sold at a discounted price. But what if a pickleball bar and restaurant did something similar but with equipment rentals?

For example, one of your pickleball business ideas to implement right now could be charging half the price to play on certain days of the week. Do you have days or times when business is slow? If so, these might be good times to implement such a strategy.

6. Install Space for Outdoor and Indoor Pickleball Clubs

You can’t have a successful pickleball business if there aren’t courts to play on. So what happens when there’s inclement weather? Extreme cold and heat as well as storms can provoke safety hazards at your business. And if you close outdoor courts altogether, you won’t be able to execute pickleball business ideas, like memberships and tournaments. 

To combat this risk altogether, simply invest in a space that can accommodate indoor courts. This way, you’ll never have to turn customers away. Plus, you’ll be able to market your business as one that offers pickleball all year around. Depending on its location, this might be a sure way to implement product differentiation.

7. Launch a Pickleball-Centric Rewards Program

It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with a customer rewards program. Allow customers to sign up with a phone number or email address to receive a point for every dollar they spend on the courts or in the restaurant. Then, allow them to redeem their points for either side of the business.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that all your pickleball business ideas should revolve around your customers. Subsequently, there should be ways to offer them flexibility. Control over buying decisions is essential for retention, which can boast long-term positive effects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pickleball Business Ideas

As your pickleball business evolves, the addition of innovative ideas will be inevitable. After all, doing so will be the only way to stay atop the pickleball industry and sustain a profitable venture. Besides, what business owner doesn't prioritize steady cash flow?

The connection between pickleball businesses and the food and beverage landscape is still pretty new. As it would be with anything else, this means that there’s still so much to learn. Check out the following FAQ section for additional information on the topic.

Should Pickleball Business Ideas Revolve Around Food and Drinks?

If you want to maximize profits, then we think your pickleball business ideas should revolve around food and drinks. If you offer pickleball courts and equipment at a restaurant, you’ll have two primary revenue streams. Plus, not everyone will take advantage of the courts. Meanwhile, there’ll likely be a larger customer base at the eatery. As a result, you’ll be able to sustain the pickleball business thanks to the financial assistance from the restaurant.

Can a Pickleball Business Be Profitable?

Yes, pickleball businesses can be very profitable ventures. For one, pickleball is a sport that’s been booming in popularity since the mid 2010s. But more importantly, the sport has found a place right outside the walls of eateries across the country. Many sports bars offer pickleball courts, which creates a sure way for the sport to be lucrative.

How Can I Make Money With Pickleball?

You can make money with pickleball by entering the food and beverage space. We recommend launching a restaurant enterprise with pickleball courts on the property. This way, there are two revenue sources despite maintaining the pickleball theme. If you have an entrepreneur mindset, you'll quickly see that there are many ways to tie food and drinks into the sports sector.

What Are Qualities of the Top Pickleball Club and Restaurants?

Some of the most prominent qualities of the top pickleball club and restaurants are:

  • Stellar customer service
  • Extensive menu types
  • Elaborate catering services
  • Premium ingredients
  • Spacious pickleball courts
  • High-quality pickleball equipment
  • Customer-centric pickleball memberships

Do Pickleball Business Ideas Have to Be Expensive?

No, it doesn’t have to be expensive to start a pickleball business and implement various ideas. If anything, executing a selection of pickleball business ideas can make your enterprise more profitable. If that’s the case, then doing so will offset any steep costs over time.

Innovative Pickleball Business Ideas for Innovative Results

Once you begin implementing innovative pickleball business ideas, tangible results should be right around the corner. From flexible memberships to catering packages, there are many updates you can probably make in your business. After a thorough analysis of your current strategy, you'll discover where there are gaps for improvement. This step should paint a clear picture as to where any of the ideas we mentioned earlier could fit and make a positive difference.