January 2, 2024
Lauren Platero

Pickleball Club: What Is a Pickleball Club and Restaurant

In recent years, there has been a cross between the restaurant and pickleball industry. The culmination includes the pickleball club business model, which combines food, drinks, and sports. It’s not as straightforward as a sports bar to watch football, but much less elaborate than country clubs

In this article, we’re going to decode the question: what is a pickleball club? From its simple definition to the menu types you can find near the courts, we’re about to discuss it all. Whether you're a foodie or a pickleball enthusiast, you're about to learn all the nitty-gritty details about this trendy destination.

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What Is a Pickleball Club?

A pickleball club refers to a group of people who share an interest in pickleball and get together to play the sport. Since 1965, pickleball has been a favorable paddle sport, reminiscent of a mix between badminton and tennis. Those who play the sport on a regular basis typically go to a designated court or establishment.

In recent years, businesses throughout the hospitality industry have begun offering consumers access to pickleball. Pickleball business models are popping up all over the nation. Meanwhile, the surge in such activities is just getting started. Offering courts and necessary equipment also serves as an additional revenue source. 

While some recreational facilities might have a pickleball club available to the public, there are some that are more elite. At these clubs, players may have the opportunity to compete in pickleball tournaments. 

But how can a pickleball club conjoin with a typical bar and restaurant business model? We'll cover this topic in the following section.

What Is a Pickleball Club and Restaurant?

Pickleball club and restaurant brands are exactly what they sound like. They’re establishments that consist of bars, dining areas, and pickleball courts. In most, if not all cases, any customer who visits a pickleball bar and restaurant can access the courts. It might cost a minimal fee to get the balls and paddles, though.

However, some offer access to their courts to the public. This concept is similar to family-friendly restaurants that offer miniature golf. Speaking of golf, pickleball country club offerings are becoming increasingly popular, too.

Food, drinks, and sports are favorable pastimes for many people. By combining all three, you have a recipe for achieving restaurant success.

Pickleball Food and Drink Menus

There aren’t set rules as to what a pickleball club and restaurant can serve. But due to its sporty nature, it’s common to find menus that are similar to those at football bars and other kinds of casual dining establishments. 

A pickleball restaurant will likely have an appetizer list that comprises cool bar food ideas. From wings to nachos, they typically stick to the classics. For entree food, you’ll often find all-American comfort dishes like burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and beyond. Then, the dessert menu will be just as simple, featuring sweet treats like New York style cheesecake, brownie bites, and sundaes.

As for the drink menu, a pickleball bar should have everything from local beer brands to classic soft drinks. It’s also important to stock the liquor storage cabinets with various types of alcohol to create original and popular cocktails.

Many pickleball business ideas revolve around pickles as an entire food category. For instance, Bumpy Pickle in Houston offers fried pickles and pickled vegetables in some of their dishes. A play on words is always a smart restaurant marketing tactic, as it ties the theme and the menu items together seamlessly.

How to Run a Pickleball Club and Restaurant

Running a pickleball bar and restaurant shares elements of country club management and generic restaurant operations. While restaurant inventory control and food service are vital aspects, so are pickleball court maintenance processes and equipment storage. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that indoor pickleball clubs require ample space. While some may assume that space requirements are strictly for room to play the sport, it’s also essential for safety precautions. So, not all bars and restaurants may have the right kind of facility to function as a pickleball club, too.  

To successfully run a pickleball club and restaurant, you should onboard the following investments:

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Frequently Asked Questions About a Pickleball Club

A pickleball club and restaurant is a very distinctive business model. It combines a paddle sport with traditional elements of a restaurant business. While it may seem simple to run an eatery, it’s essential to have the proper space and equipment to sustain such a niche brand. With all of this in mind, there’s much more to discuss. So, we gathered a brief selection of frequently asked questions and answers about the topic. See below:

What Is a Pickleball Club In the Restaurant Industry?

A pickleball club within the restaurant industry is a blend of food service and pickleball courts. Guests have the option to spend time on the courts, inside the dining area, or both. Similarly to how country clubs offer golf, pickleball clubs are becoming a trendy alternative.

Why Do Restaurants Offer Pickleball?

Restaurants offer pickleball to diversify their offerings and to give customers a sporty experience. Let’s face it, it’s not common to find pickleball courts on the premises of an eatery. As a result, pickleball bars and restaurants are able to stand out against competitors.

Is It Expensive to Play Pickleball?

The cost to play pickleball can vary depending on the club or organization. While some clubs may only charge you about $20 to access the courts, more elite organizations might charge over $100.

Why Do They Call It Pickleball?

Many sports enthusiasts believe that the name "pickleball" was inspired by the dog belonging to one of the founders, Joel Pritchard, whose name was Pickles. During the summer of 1965, the dog supposedly chased the ball as the founder's children played the newfound sport. However, others believe that Pritchard chose the name referencing pickle boat crew races. More specifically, due to the thrown together leftover non-starters in the races.

Are Pickleball Clubs Profitable?

Yes, pickleball clubs have the potential to be profitable. If you really want to draw a crowd and maximize profits to the fullest extent, combine pickleball memberships with a restaurant entity. This way, you can generate earnings from the sport as well as from food and drink sales.

The Pickleball Club Business Model - Now You Know the Details

Maybe you already have a restaurant but are searching for ways to make it unique. Or, perhaps you’re an entrepreneur just starting to plan your food and beverage entity. Regardless of what your current situation might look like, it’s worth considering the addition of a pickleball club. Now that you know everything about this combination of business types, it’s time to launch an innovative and sporty brand.