January 17, 2024
Lauren Platero

7 Strategies for Automating a Pickleball Country Club

As pickleball business models continue to flourish, the pickleball country club concept is beginning to take off. Let’s face it–country clubs are some of the most lucrative entities in the hospitality space. But once you add indoor pickleball clubs and other unique pickleball business ideas, you have a profitable business that follows current trends. 

But will these trends stick around for the long term? Are pickleball clubs profitable in the grand scheme of things? We believe that with the proper tools in place, a pickleball country club sub-sector can become lucrative and mainstream. 

So, that’s what we’re about to help you with in this blog. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll have seven strategies that can let you automate pickleball country club operations. Plus, you’ll even have insight regarding the future of this newly emerging business model. Now, let’s begin!

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What Is a Pickleball Country Club?

A pickleball country club is a business type within the luxury resort industry. They share a striking resemblance to country clubs. They both offer memberships, recreational activities, dining options, and a sense of exclusivity. 

The primary difference between the two is that while country clubs are known for their massive golf courses, the clubs we’re talking about prioritize pickleball courts. With this in mind, there are only a handful of distinctions amongst operations, members, and marketing strategies.

7 Strategies to Automate a Pickleball Country Club

When you intertwine pickleball club operations with those of a country club, you get a pretty unique business model. Subsequently, there are many working parts that could require a significant amount of labor. Luckily, there are tools and strategies that automate such processes. Read on for seven innovative options!

1. Invest In Pickleball Club Management Software

The #1 goal of hospitality software companies is to streamline operations for businesses. With this said, invest in management software that takes manual labor out of the equation. From tracking equipment rentals to managing court reservations, this kind of tool can put daily tasks on autopilot.

2. Digitize the Pickleball Country Club Membership Portal

One way to automate a pickleball country club is to allow members to sign-up on your website. Then, they’ll have immediate access to the facilities upon their first arrival and each one after that. Removing the middle person will keep the sign-up process moving quicker, freeing up the workload of the staff.

3. Connect to Third-Party Food Delivery Apps

Pickleball food establishments are missing out if they don’t offer delivery services. After all, it’s the best way for a pickleball bar and restaurant to maximize revenue. Not only should you allow people to order food from your pickleball restaurant at home, but on the courts as well. On-course deliveries are becoming increasingly popular at traditional country clubs. So, why not implement the same at a pickleball country club?

4. Add a Button to the Website Linked to the Reservation System

Accept reservations for the pickleball bar and restaurant as well as the courts. Go the extra mile of making it a straightforward process for club members. By adding a button to your website and email cadences that brings them to a brief booking page, you’ll fill up time slots left and right.

5. Leverage a Catering Online Ordering System

Catering services can help a pickleball country club maximize profits in no time. However, it’s vital to make the ordering process easy and efficient for members. This tip also means that catering orders should be customizable and error-free. By using a digital platform to purchase catering packages, people can have the best experience possible. Besides, who doesn’t love streamlined kitchen operations thanks to digital receipts?

6. Use Software to Host the Customer Rewards Program

Loyalty programs don’t have to be complex and a pain to manage. Use an automated system that can store customer data, points, and reward redemptions. Pickleball country club staff and members alike will never lose sight over the number of points given to an individual person. Plus, this solution is entirely paperless.

7. Use Event POS Integrations to Easily Manage Bookings

Does your country club have the space for private pickleball clubs? If so, consider hosting events that include these areas. From birthday parties to school functions, the ideas are endless. Just make sure that you use event-friendly integrations to make the booking process that much simpler.

The Future of Pickleball Country Clubs

Over the last ten to fifteen years, pickleball has been increasing in popularity. It's only been more recently that the sport has become an option in country clubs across the United States. However, we don't expect pickleball courts to disappear anytime soon. 

The introduction of pickleball courts in country clubs is likely a result of its recognition amongst the one percent. Many athletes and A-list celebrities play pickleball, making it attractive to country club management teams. As you likely know, country club culture revolves around its wealthy and high-status members. So, the endorsements from famous moguls is a huge help. 

Despite the complexities involved in opening a pickleball country club, they're becoming much more popular. In fact, there is a new pickleball country club about to open in February 2024 in Houston. There are even country clubs that are converting their tennis courts into pickleball courts. And when you stop to think about the popularity of tennis, this statement speaks volumes. 

In 2023, the pickleball industry saw more people pick up a paddle than ever before. As hospitality sectors continue shaping their brands to meet the interests of pickleball fans, the landscape can only grow and evolve from here. Before you know it, pickleball will be as mainstream as tennis and golf.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Pickleball Country Club

Pickleball is fairly new to the hospitality industry in the context of bars and restaurants. So, the existence of pickleball country club brands is almost unheard of in some markets. As you can probably guess, it’s vital to stay ahead of the competition by learning all you can about the pickleball country club business model. Read the FAQ section below for some more details!

Is a Pickleball Country Club Different from a Regular Country Club?

A pickleball country club is slightly different from a traditional one. Well, let’s put it this way–every pickleball country club has elements of the traditional business model. However, not all traditional country clubs offer pickleball. It’s safe to say though, that as pickleball increases in popularity, it may become a norm at all country clubs. Only time will tell!

Are Pickleball Country Club Businesses Profitable?

Yes, a pickleball country club can be very profitable. Just remember that such businesses have two primary revenue sources: memberships and restaurant sales. A balance between the two sides of the business will keep it interesting, inviting, and profitable. Plus, it's a way to diversify your offerings, which is vital for any brand.

Is It Expensive to Operate a Pickleball Country Club?

Yes, it can be pretty expensive to operate country club pickleball operations. For one, there is an astronomical amount of indoor and outdoor space to maintain. Then, you must employ the right number of staff members to sustain operations. Then, you have variable costs like utilities, ingredients, and so on. Due to the number of operating expenses, it’s crucial to have a profitable infrastructure in place.

Which US City Has the Most Pickleball Courts?

New York City has the most pickleball courts of all the cities in the United States. This statistic might come as a shock, especially since states like California, Florida, and Texas are home to so many pickleball players. However, New York City has 75 pickleball facilities totaling 279 pickleball courts, as of January 2024. It's safe to say that something like a pickleball bar franchise would thrive here. 

How Many Pickleball Courts Are at Boca West Country Club?

As of January 2024, there are fourteen pickleball courts at Boca West Country Club. The popularity of pickleball is very prominent in Florida to begin with. As you can probably tell, its entrance into the country club industry is proving to be quite successful.

Join the Club!

If you operate a country club, we strongly recommend the implementation of pickleball courts. As one of the fastest growing sports of the century thus far, doing so could take your business to the next level. From attracting new members to boosting your bottom line, you won’t regret joining the pickleball craze.