August 30, 2023
Lauren Platero

10 Reasons to Be On a Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App

A multi restaurant food delivery app is ideal for all businesses in the restaurant industry. The use of restaurant delivery software will help maximize revenue and boost customer service. Plus, integrations with food delivery management software are easier now than ever before. 

If you want to learn how online ordering apps can lead to the best food delivery service, we’ve got you covered! Continue reading through this blog post for all you need to know. 

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What Is a Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App

A multi restaurant food delivery app is a food delivery software application that allows restaurants to sell food and drinks. Therefore, they let consumers make purchases for such items. Multi restaurant food delivery app features refer to functionalities on mobile devices. However, they can also exist on eCommerce websites. It all depends on the solution you use. However, most include features for both realms.

Popular Examples of a Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App

When choosing which multi restaurant food delivery app to partner with, you’ll be met with many options. There are many that you can choose, especially when working with us. Are you contemplating which food delivery service is best for restaurant owners and consumers? Several of the best delivery service providers are:

  • DoorDash
  • Uber Eats
  • Grubhub
  • Postmates
  • Caviar

How to Start Using a Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App

Revolution Ordering lets restaurants connect with third-party food delivery apps. With a seamless integration, they can collect off-premise orders in a centralized system. Not only can they be available on their favorite multi restaurant food delivery app, but several. The best part? More app integrations doesn't mean more POS hardware!

A multi restaurant food delivery app offers so many perks, from increasing sales to boosting brand awareness. Book a demo today and start learning how to innovate your business. Once you reap the benefits of our digital features, you won’t believe how you’ve been going so long without them.

10 Reasons to Be On a Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App

Unsure of why you should use a multi restaurant food delivery app? No worries! See below to learn about ten reasons why they’re of the best tech solutions for restaurants:

1. Restaurants Can Reach More Customers

The restaurant seating capacity can only seat so many people. But when you offer food for delivery, or even curbside pick up for that matter, you can reach more people. Just think of the number of people who live in your area. Between discounts, promotions, and diverse menu items, you may be shocked at the number of orders you fulfill for delivery vs. dining in-house.

2. Restaurants Can Reduce Restaurant Labor

The cost of labor can be a hefty price for many restaurant owners. When you prioritize delivery, just think about the number of team members you don't have to employ. You’ll be able to thrive with minimal labor. This idea is due to the fewer number of hosts and servers you’ll have on your team. And as for drivers, you can opt to work with those affiliated with the delivery providers.

3. The Brick and Mortar Locations Don’t Matter As Much

For restaurants that offer delivery, it’s not as important to be in the most ideal location. Even if your sign or front entrance isn’t in view from main roads, you’ll still appear front and center on a multi restaurant food delivery app. Then as your customer base grows from deliveries, people will go out of their way to find your location. This can save a business owner a ton of stress and discouragement. Plus, it could allow you to save more money on rent since you're not operating in the best location.

4. Consumers Prefer Contactless Payments and Delivery

Many people prefer contactless interactions. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many people became accustomed to contact-free delivery options for all sorts of deliveries. However, this concept seems to be here to stay in the restaurant space. From the toggle of a button or leaving a note for the driver, everyone can receive their order with zero contact with anyone. 

5. People Can Browse Through Customer Reviews

Customers can leave reviews on a multi restaurant food delivery app. If your business serves delicious menu items, packages items well, and offers speedy pick-up, you should gain positive feedback. As hungry customers are browsing through their options, a lot of five-star ratings will stand out to them. The restaurant might even become part of a “top-rated” list. In this case, you can expect to receive more orders.

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6. Restaurants Can Stand Out Against Others After Hours 

When people are scrolling through a multi restaurant food delivery app, your business can stand out during after hours. This is because so many restaurants tend to close late in the evening. But if yours is open 24/7, you’ll be one of few available options. And if your restaurant is in a rural area, there’s a good chance it’d be the only option still open.

7. Customers Can Schedule Orders In Advance

Customers can use a multi restaurant food delivery app to place orders ahead of time. This feature is ideal for those with busy schedules and are on the go. Plus, the kitchen staff can be more efficient when they’re given ample time to prepare orders. Even for fast food restaurant delivery, this feature can come in handy.

8. Large Groups Can Opt Into Multi-Payer Options

Multi-payer options are ideal for group dining reservations. An event or party host can send everyone in their group a link to order from. Then, after everyone selects their dish, they’ll have the option to pay for it. Or, the person hosting the occasion will be given a prompt to pay for the whole bill once all orders enter the system. This feature helps eateries stand out as group friendly restaurants. Plus, it’s super straightforward for customers.

9. It’s Easy to Update Menus and Descriptions

When partnering with a multi restaurant food delivery app, you can manage menus from a centralized dashboard. Thanks to cloud technology, restaurant owners can make changes from any location, at any time. This will help streamline operations for the kitchen staff. Plus, it'll eliminate confusion for the customers.

10. There Are Many Upselling Features

Upselling and cross selling features are the keys to optimal revenue. On a multi restaurant food delivery app, eateries can use features that prompt customers to add more items to their cart. Whether it be past purchase suggestions on the homepage to pairing recommendations at check out, there are many tips for how to increase food delivery sales and cart values.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App

An eatery that doesn’t use a multi restaurant delivery app is severely missing out. If you’d like more insight on the topic, we’re here to help. We also have a brief FAQ section about the use of a multi restaurant delivery app. Check it out below:

What Is the Best App for Food Delivery?

Some of the best multi restaurant food delivery apps are DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. They all make it easy for restaurants to expand their reach. In the meantime, they make it super simple for consumers to opt for the most convenient dining experience.

What Is the Most Used Food Delivery App?

The most used food delivery app is DoorDash. Due to its speedy delivery times, along with a mix of restaurant and grocery delivery options, it’s a great choice for many shoppers. Plus, the user experience for both customers and restaurants is top tier. Plus, it's the cheapest food delivery app for consumers.

What Is the Most Popular Delivery App In the US?

The most popular delivery app in the United States is DoorDash. As of 2023, there are thousands of restaurants across the country that use it. They also provide customers with great service, it’s a popular go-to app for hungry consumers.

Are Food Delivery Services Declining?

No, there is not a decline in food delivery services for restaurants. There definitely isn’t any decline in the popularity of such services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of food delivery apps was higher than ever. If it looks as though more recent metrics are in the red, it might be due to the numbers being skewed from a few years ago.

Why Should Restaurants Use Delivery Apps?

Restaurants should use delivery apps since they boost profits with minimal labor. Delivery apps allow the restaurant to serve more customers, too. While the capacity in an eatery only seats a limited number of people, delivery sales can be much greater. Plus, it gives customers a convenient dining option.

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Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App for Multiple Sales Channels

The use of a multi restaurant food delivery app is essential for increasing the order volume in an eatery. As a result, restaurants are able to sustain profits and grow. An expansion in the number of customers you serve should also skyrocket. Over time, this will lead to a demand for more locations. As you can imagine, becoming available on at least one multi restaurant delivery app is a must.