September 21, 2023
Lauren Platero

Which Food Delivery Service Is Best for Restaurant Owners?

Ever consider which food delivery service is best for restaurant owners? If you’re the business owner of a food service establishment, this should be something you decide sooner than later. The use of food delivery software leads to more business and an overall better customer experience. In fact, it’s hard to succeed when your business isn’t on a multi restaurant food delivery app.

Hospitality software companies constantly roll out new apps and features. Throughout the remainder of this article, we’re going to discuss several options that might be suitable for your restaurant business. But first, let’s discuss why there’s even a need for food delivery service in the first place.

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The Need for Food Delivery Apps

Delivery service providers open so many doors for businesses in the restaurant industry. When restaurants require that customers call in their orders, or even worse, don’t offer delivery at all, they prevent potential business. The reach is much smaller than if you have the exposure that comes with delivery apps. Plus, restaurant marketing features are part of the equation, too. 

Many customers opt for restaurant food delivery apps for convenience. In some cases, eateries that don’t have such technology can deter customers from placing orders. And considering that the restaurant space is pretty saturated and not exactly a niche market, this isn’t something you want to risk. 

The best app for food delivery will depend on your location, budget, and target audience. Though they all might seem like the same thing on the surface, there are differences from one to the other. Just know that featuring your restaurant on at least one of them is essential for long-term restaurant success.

Which Food Delivery Service Is Best for Restaurant Owners

Maybe you're a restaurant owner searching how to increase food delivery sales. Or, perhaps you are unsure of which apps to utilize. Regardless of your current situation, we think any of the following options are suitable for eateries of any kind.


DoorDash is ideal for customers since it’s the cheapest food delivery app. Meanwhile, it’s a great service provider for restaurants due to its massive popularity. In fact, DoorDash is the most well-known and used delivery app of all time.

Another great feature of DoorDash is its variety of businesses on the app. Whether you want to offer upscale or fast food restaurant delivery, it’ll make sense on DoorDash. Plus, there’s also the option to “double dash” an order, meaning that people can buy products from multiple businesses in one order. Since there are retailers beyond eateries, these elements can help capture more sales.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats quickly emerged as one of the most popular food delivery services for restaurants. This feat is primarily due to the on-demand taxi app of the same name. Similarly to the transportation app, Uber Eats employs drivers that can retrieve orders from restaurants and bring them to their destination. The real-time order monitoring feature also looks nearly identical to the GPS tracking feature on the Uber app. Pro-tip: always give customers a sense of familiarity. 

Due to the large network Uber has as a whole, it’s one of the best options when deciding which food delivery service is best for restaurant owners. Eateries are likely to reach a wide audience, which as always, is the key to success.

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Grubhub is one of the most popular food delivery services, mainly due to their steady marketing efforts. Speaking of marketing and promotion, they help restaurants promote their business to locals. If your eatery is up against a lot of competition, this feature is essential. From discounts to loyalty points, there are many techniques to choose from.

Grubhub can also provide restaurants with restaurant technology and tools to expand the business. These resources let eateries reach new diners, accelerate order volumes, and nurture customer retention. With Grubhub, you'll have everything you need.

Google Food Ordering

Google food ordering is one of the most convenient ways to order food. Plus, it goes hand in hand with restaurant SEO efforts. The way it works is when people search for a restaurant and select your business, they’ll be met with a menu. Then, customers can place their orders right then and there. 

It’s a seamless experience for the customers, as there is no app required for placing orders. Plus, these transactions can enter the POS system as they would with other platforms.


This delivery platform might not be on everyone’s radar. That’s because Favor Delivery is only accessible to residents in Texas. Restaurant goers throughout The Lone Star State can search local brands and chains. We bring it up for a good reason, though. In the next several years, we anticipate that there will be more delivery partners catering a specific city. And considering the number of restaurant hubs throughout the United States, smaller platforms certainly have the potential to be profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Which Food Delivery Service Is Best for Restaurant Owners

It can be difficult to determine which food delivery service is best for restaurant owners. However, we think that this article will be helpful during your search. If you’d like to check out a brief overview, you’re still in the right place! Check out our selection of frequently asked questions and answers about the topic below.

Which Food Delivery Service Is Best for Restaurant Owners?

If you’re wondering which food delivery service is best for restaurant owners, consider the following options:

  • Grubhub
  • Uber Eats
  • DoorDash
  • Postmates
  • Google Food Ordering

Which Food Delivery Service Is Best for Restaurant Owners In Big Cities?

Uber Eats and DoorDash are probably going to be the best food delivery services for restaurants in large cities. DoorDash will be a great option because it’s the most used delivery app. Therefore, a large population within the city likely uses it. On the other hand, Uber Eats has one of the largest networks, which is vital in major cities.

Which Food Delivery Service Is Best for Small Restaurants?

If you’re wondering which food delivery service is best for small restaurants, you have a few options. DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats are all ideal for small restaurants. Each of them has a vast network, offers a wide range of marketing features, and are popular amongst customers. If you’re only choosing one, it boils down to your location and what’s most used in your area.

Which Is the Most Used Food Delivery Service?

The most used food delivery service is DoorDash. Not only does it provide great service, but customers have quite the variety. From restaurants to convenience stores, there are many types of businesses on the app.

Which Food Delivery App Has the Most Customers?

DoorDash is the food delivery app with the most customers. This platform does a superb job of creating a user-friendly experience and stellar customer service. And more importantly, various types of businesses can connect with the app. While some delivery partners only host restaurants, there is so much more on DoorDash. From retailers to pet stores, customers can purchase everything from a single service provider.

Key Takeaways

Determining which food delivery service is best for restaurant owners is the first step toward a successful business. Would you like to learn about off-premise ordering solutions that integrate with the best food delivery service providers? If so, Revolution Ordering can help you out quite a bit. Book a demo with an expert today to learn all about your options!