September 19, 2023
Lauren Platero

10 Innovative Tips for Fast Food Restaurant Delivery

Fast food is one of the most profitable dining options. But what if we told you that fast food restaurant delivery can maximize revenue even more? Oh, and let’s not forget just how much it can enhance the customer experience

Considering that we coexist in such a fast-paced society, it’s always a good idea to offer delivery services. But when you mix in the prices and standardized menu types of fast food restaurants, you have a recipe for restaurant success

If you’re wondering how your fast food restaurant business can accomplish such a feat, you found the right article! By the end, you’ll know just how easy it is to offer the best food delivery service. Now with that being said, let’s begin.

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Fast Food Restaurant Delivery: The Most Powerful Revenue Stream

The fast food industry is an ever-growing landscape. With this in mind, it’s vital that every franchise and business owner understands how to adapt with the times. One proven way to do this is by partnering with delivery service providers.

Food delivery software has the potential to reach an extremely high number of customers. In most cases, off-premise restaurant tech focuses on the fact that the restaurant seating capacity can only hold so many. This concept raises the argument that maybe, just having a drive-thru is enough to boost profits. But what about those who aren’t in a position to travel to a brick and mortar location?

Food delivery services for restaurants results in inclusivity for eateries. Everyone is able to place orders, which optimizes the restaurant’s order volume. In turn, it’s much less competitive to sustain a high restaurant profit margin. Check out the next section for ten must-have tips.

10 Innovative Tips to Boost Fast Food Restaurant Delivery

If you operate a quick service restaurant, you absolutely must offer fast food restaurant delivery services. If not, you’re missing out on a ton of opportunities. But instead of putting your entire focus on which food delivery service is best for restaurant owners, learn how to be successful with any of them. See below for ten innovative tips on how to increase food delivery sales.

1. Utilize More Than One Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App

Restaurants that are available on multiple online ordering apps achieve optimal brand exposure. No matter which one(s) local customers use, your restaurant will always appear as an option. There’s no chance of ever missing out on business, which will lead to brand loyalty and long-term profitability. Plus, if one malfunctions, people can still place orders through a different platform.

2. Stay Open After Hours

Ordering food and drinks after hours is a luxury that not many restaurants offer its customers. For one, you'll stand out by offering fast food restaurant delivery when all other eateries are closed. Plus, it’ll allow you to dominate the local market. If people check what’s available late at night or during the wee hours of the morning and your eatery is the only option, you’ll likely capture these sales.

3. Offer Delivery-Only Rewards and Discounts

There are many financial benefits that come along with orders via food delivery services for restaurants. Entice your target audience to place online orders with exclusive discounts and rewards. For instance, fast food restaurant delivery services might result in double the points for the customer rewards program. Or, there might be a 15 percent-off discount where the code is only valid on a restaurant food delivery app. When more people use delivery services, the restaurant can keep the labor cost at a minimum, too.

4. Prepare Menu Items Well In Advance 

Meal preparation is the key to operational efficiency in restaurants. And for those that offer fast food restaurant delivery, having menu items ready to go will speed up turnaround times that much more. Fast food businesses are already quick as it is. But once you implement preparation procedures in advance, deliveries will begin occurring in record time. 

5. Provide Customers With Live Order Tracking

The ability to track orders in real-time is a feature that customers love. Let’s face it–it’s always nice to know the progress of a transaction. Plus, order monitoring features will answer a lot of the customer’s questions, especially pertaining to the time of arrival. Therefore, it reduces the number of phone calls the restaurant’s host will receive.

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6. Cut Labor Costs With Third-Party Food Delivery Apps

The cost of labor within a restaurant can be very pricey. However, third-party delivery apps often employ their own drivers. That’s why when you order food online through platforms like Uber Eats or DoorDash, the drivers are not employees of the restaurant. Though it’ll certainly cost you more to work with third-party apps and their drivers, it’ll likely cost much less than employing your own team.

7. Regularly Conduct Restaurant Data Analyses

Restaurant data analytics will tell you a lot about your restaurant. What times are customers using delivery services the most? What are cart values like for digital orders compared to in-house orders? As you collect customer data after purchases enter your online ordering system, you’ll be able to answer many of these questions.

8. Optimize Delivery Routes for the Staff

Drivers will begin using GPS features far more than the customers. Optimizing routes will ensure that drivers are delivering orders in a timely manner. Food deliveries are time-sensitive, as retrieving it too late can result in low-quality food and a poor dining experience. By delivering orders in a sequence that makes sense, restaurants can avoid many negative customer reviews.

9. Save Money With Proper Inventory Management Techniques

Once you begin offering fast food restaurant delivery, you’ll notice that inventory turnover is much quicker. However, it’s important to not order too much stock, as this can lead to overspending and food spoilage. To avoid these risks, utilize a restaurant inventory app like BlueCart to manage all your inventory. This way, you can always stay within your budget and serve fresh ingredients to your customers. 

10. Promote the Delivery Options At the Right Times

If you offer fast food restaurant delivery services, be sure to promote them to your target audience. Not doing so will cause you to miss out on a ton of sales, especially if you operate after hours. Send a newsletter to your email marketing platform shortly before lunch and dinner time. Or, if you’re open late at night, take advantage of SMS marketing tactics. You’ll stand out at the perfect times, prompting people to choose your restaurant over other alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fast Food Restaurant Delivery

Now that you have several innovative tips for fast food restaurant delivery in your back pocket, it’s time to look at the sector as a whole. In the following FAQ section, we’ll go over a brief outline of the fast food industry from a general viewpoint. Read on for the details!

What Is the Fastest Food Delivery Service?

The fastest food delivery services are Uber Eats and DoorDash. When using both of these platforms, restaurants are able to track and fulfill orders efficiently. As a result, customers are able to retrieve them in record time, every time.

What Is the Most Used Fast Food Restaurant Delivery App?

The most used fast food restaurant delivery app is DoorDash. Not only is DoorDash an app with one of the fastest turnaround times, but they offer more than just restaurants. On the app, customers can purchase from convenience stores, grocers, and so much more. This enables the company to expand their reach and total order volume. For many customers, it's also the cheapest food delivery app.

What Fast Food Restaurant Has the Best App for Food Delivery?

Consumers seem to prefer Domino’s delivery app over others. Even though it’s super popular for customers to use multi-restaurant apps, some make purchases directly from the restaurant. Plus, Domino's makes the ordering process a breeze. And due to features like loyalty points and real-time order updates, many customers enjoy it.

Who Can Use Fast Food Restaurant Delivery Services?

Anyone with a digital payment method and an electronic device can order fast food restaurant delivery. Even though most consumers use mobile apps, an eCommerce website will suffice. That’s because most restaurants offer online ordering as well as mobile ordering. It's a sure way to cover all bases. 

Who Is the Quickest Fast Food Restaurant?

After hundreds, if not thousands of runs through different drive-thru restaurants, KFC delivers the fastest service. On average, customers retrieve their food and drinks in just a little over five minutes. For fast food restaurant delivery, this is fantastic. Customers are already waiting for a driver to get to the restaurant and then their destination. By speeding up drive-thru lines, the overall turnaround time is that much faster.

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Deliver the Fastest Dining Option 

Making the switch to offer fast food restaurant delivery can take your business to the next level. Whether you operate a franchise or an independent restaurant brand, this rule still applies. If you’d like to learn about off-premise delivery solutions, the Revolution Ordering team is here to help! Schedule a demo with an expert today.