September 18, 2023
Lauren Platero

The Best Food Delivery Software Options and Benefits - 2023

Every restaurant business should utilize restaurant food delivery software. Well, that’s if the business owner wants to expand their reach as much as possible and maximize profits. But we think that comprises all of them!

Hospitality software companies are constantly innovating the ways businesses manage transactions. From showcasing menu items to fulfilling orders, food delivery software can make a world of difference. In this blog, we’re going to cover all you need to know about it. Then, you’ll wrap up this read questioning why you ever went so long without such restaurant technology. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

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The Purpose of Food Delivery Software 

The purpose of food delivery software is to provide customers with a convenient dining experience. It's also meant to streamline restaurant operations for the staff. Using it truly creates a win-win situation for everyone.

More specifically, these kinds of tech solutions assist in the ordering, preparation, and fulfillment processes. In other words, they eliminate the workload for the restaurant's labor force. It's nearly impossible to offer food delivery without it, as it hosts all the necessary steps.  Plus, there are many tools that exist in the industry that can simplify these tasks even further.

For instance, Revolution Ordering offers off-premise solutions for eateries that use delivery software options. With a centralized dashboard, restaurant staff can view, track, and manage all orders. It’s a simple, hardware-free solution. Plus, it integrates with existing systems for maximal efficiency.

Benefits of An Online Food Delivery System 

Restaurants that don’t offer online ordering are severely missing out. To maximize an eatery’s potential, an online food delivery system should be part of the equation. Here are several benefits of onboarding such a platform:

  • The ability to maximize revenue. When you use food delivery software, you can exponentially increase the overall order volume. After all, the restaurant seating capacity can only hold so many people. If you're wondering how to increase food delivery sales, food delivery is a must.
  • The likelihood of reaching higher cart values. There are many upselling techniques built into food delivery software. They make it easier for restaurants to sell more. This is also ideal for speeding up inventory turnover.
  • A greater sense of operational efficiency. Food delivery software helps streamline kitchen and off-premise operations. This way, operations can run smoothly all shifts long. This feature is extremely helpful when the eatery is understaffed.
  • There are less labor expenses. Food delivery software makes it possible to achieve more with a smaller team. Considering that the cost of labor can be massive in a restaurant, this benefit is essential.
  • The ability to create a better customer experience. Technology speeds up turnaround times, which is ideal for stellar customer service. Plus, the option to customize orders with ease allows customers to get exactly what they want.
  • Lesser risk of making errors in the kitchen. When customers place orders online, the kitchen staff has it as a reference. Therefore, there is less of a chance they'll make a mistake. This concept is especially important for off-premise orders, as they can't be easily replaced. 
  • The collection of customer data. As customers place digital orders, their information enters the restaurant's database. Then, the eatery can use it for strategic planning. This information also comes in handy when conducting marketing efforts.
  • Integrations with the POS system. Food delivery software providers strive to integrate with your restaurant POS platform. In doing so, onboarding is a breeze. Plus, the ability to manage orders from there on out is simple and efficient. 
  • The boost in brand exposure. As soon as customers log into their app of choice, they'll see your restaurant. As you can imagine, the more online ordering apps you partner with, the greater the brand exposure will be. 
  • The ability to conduct restaurant marketing on a budget. Many food delivery software providers offer marketing tools within the system. Whether you want to offer custom discounts or email marketing, the right solution can do it all. 
  • It's simple to collect customer reviews. After using food delivery software to place an order, an automatic prompt will ask the customer to provide feedback. This feature makes it super easy to gain insight about the customer's experience. 
  • There's access to app integrations. Perhaps you want to offer more than just online ordering. App integrations make it possible to offer things like restaurant reservations, catering, or a customer rewards program. The ability to work these into existing systems is a game-changer.

Now that you know of the many benefits of using food delivery software, we’ll supply you with a handful of options. Check out the next section for those details. 

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7 Food Delivery Software Options

Restaurant delivery software apps shouldn’t be a foreign concept to you. In fact, you might even be familiar with them due to personal use. As of 2023, the most popular delivery software options are:

  1. DoorDash
  2. Uber Eats
  3. Grubhub
  4. Postmates
  5. goPuff 
  6. Caviar
  7. Slice 

Third-party delivery service providers contain a lot of innovative features. Just ensure that your online ordering platform seamlessly integrates with them. Have any questions? Book a demo with an expert today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Food Delivery Software

Food delivery software features are extremely valuable features to offer customers. In fact, it would likely be difficult to find a successful restaurant that doesn’t offer delivery. So, it’s vital that restaurant owners have a complete grasp on food delivery software.

But with anything tech-centric, there can be some confusion. So, we’re about to cover some extra details pertaining to food delivery software. Keep reading for more information!

What Is Food Delivery Software?

Food delivery software consists of digital food delivery apps and platforms that allow businesses to have food delivery services for restaurants. Such software options can usually exist online and in app stores. They offer menu browsing options, payment processing, and much more. So, they also help many eateries to stay afloat.

Should Restaurants Use Food Delivery Software?

Yes, to offer the best food delivery service, restaurants should use food delivery software. Offering food delivery can cause profits to skyrocket. Meanwhile, software can track orders, streamlining kitchen and off-premise operations. Food delivery software is just one of many tech solutions that make lives easier for restaurant staff.

What Is the Most Used Multi Restaurant Delivery App?

The most used food delivery app is DoorDash. This statistic makes perfect sense, as consumers can order from restaurants, convenience stores, and more. Plus, the ability to “double dash” an order allows people to purchase everything they need. In simple terms, this feature prompts the DoorDash driver to retrieve items from multiple stores. Oh, and let’s not forget how speedy the turnaround times are for DoorDash deliveries. Oh, and did we mention that it often ranks as the cheapest food delivery app? With DoorDash, customers receive quick service, even when they're not getting fast food restaurant delivery. The same answer also applies if your wondering which food delivery service is best for restaurant owners.

How Do I Offer Food Delivery?

Restaurants must use a food delivery system or online ordering platform to offer such services. After partnering with the best app for food delivery for the eatery, the restaurant can expand. Such apps may include third-party delivery providers, like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. Then, the system they have in place will be able to track, manage, and fulfill orders.

What Is the Most Downloaded Food Delivery Software?

The most downloaded food delivery software is DoorDash. It’s available in most areas and many restaurant systems are compatible with it. Plus, DoorDash offers a wide range of items that consumers can purchase for delivery.

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Key Takeaways

Food delivery software can completely overhaul a restaurant business. Browse through the various food delivery software options and select what will best suit your business. You’ll quickly find that they all share many characteristics, but that’s totally okay. If anything, using a wide variety of software options will expand your customer base. As more people have access to your business, the higher profits can be–it’s that simple!