December 12, 2022
Lauren Platero

Best Food Delivery Service: 5 Reasons Your Restaurant Should Offer 24/7 Food Delivery

Stand out within the restaurant industry by offering 24/7 restaurant food delivery. As food trends evolve and consumers seek innovation, your business can quickly become a go-to option. Thanks to restaurant tech, restaurants can utilize mobile food ordering apps to accelerate sales.

New technology in restaurants is changing how people are fed, even from the comfort of their own homes. All-day delivery has been available in major cities like New York and Los Angeles for a long time, but even suburban restaurants are beginning to excel from it.

But first, is 24/7 food delivery the best service? We think so–continue reading to learn why.

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Best Food Delivery Service

Do you ever wonder which food delivery service is best for restaurant owners? If so, we have some insight for you! The best food delivery service provides convenience in a timely manner. It also uses the latest food delivery software. As consumers adapt to high-tech services, the food and beverage industry must keep up with high demands.

After-hours food delivery saves consumers time and money. Is public transportation unavailable? Are they not home yet? Not a problem. Customers can place online orders in advance, making their lives a little easier.

For greater efficiency, use demand planning software to prioritize various inventory goods. A restaurant inventory management system like BlueCart can help you take inventory and cut costs significantly. Plus, it can streamline your restaurant operations.

If you’re planning to offer 24/7 food delivery, organization is vital. Now, let’s learn all about why your restaurant should offer 24/7 food delivery right now.

Benefits of 24/7 Food Delivery

As a business owner or restaurant manager, your top priorities should be to boost customer satisfaction and the restaurant profit margin. With 24/7 food delivery services, you can accomplish both tasks simultaneously.

Whether you operate a quick service restaurant or an upscale eatery, at-home dining options could accelerate sales. So, let’s dive into five reasons restaurants offer 24/7 food delivery.

1. Expand Your Target Audience

If you’re looking for a way to grow your customer base, offer 24/7 food delivery. As the lights go out and doors lock at most of the restaurants in your area, you can be a solution for anyone needing food after regular business hours.

Numerous essential workers operate throughout the night. Whether they’re getting food before they go to work or need a quick breakfast after getting home, 24/7 food delivery will be a convenient service.

During the window that these employees are on duty, most eateries are no longer open. This concept also means that they rarely have a chance to try different restaurants in the first place. By creating an inclusive schedule, you’ll never have to turn away potential customers.

Airports are full of people who could benefit from 24/7 food delivery, too. Planes land at all hours of the day, which means that passengers’ meal schedules become a bit chaotic. So, consider offering 24/7 food delivery if your restaurant is near an airport.

2. Increase Cart Values

Did you know that consumers spend more time browsing mobile menus than physical ones? Many experts believe that this is because they can take their time. While using a mobile ordering app, there’s no rush from the wait staff.

As potential customers scan the restaurant menus, they have more time to choose what they want. In many cases, this leads to a larger cart value than what they were planning to spend. This behavior is also attributed to the statistic that states people tend to spend much more on mobile food orders than they do in restaurants,

Delivery app algorithms can work in your favor. Upon opening the app, customers can be met with past orders or suggestions. Whether it’s a dessert menu item to pair with entree food or a drink to complete the meal, small additions can help increase the total price.

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3. Decrease Overhead Costs

Overhead expenses can take up a large portion of your budget. By offering 24/7 food delivery, you’ll be able to scale your business more.

Delivery service providers hire freelance drivers. As one of the many benefits for your restaurant, this excludes an employee type you’ll have to hire. Plus, your business can grow without the need to train new employees.

The labor cost of a restaurant can be super expensive, too. Eliminating the number of people on your payroll is a fool-proof way to nurture steady growth.

If you find that your restaurant’s success is skyrocketing from decreasing overhead costs, you might want to consider the ghost kitchen model. Ghost kitchens operate without providing a dining space. With no interior to furnish and waiters to pay, this can lead to enormous profits.

As your delivery services become more popular, it may contribute to most of your profits. If you’re skeptical at first about whether staying open 24/7 is right for your business, begin by trying it on weekends.

Weekends are the busiest days for restaurant sales. So, the restaurant’s performance during this time may dictate how sales can elevate in the future.

4. After-Hours Perks

A restaurant loyalty program can do wonders for your eatery. But what if you have only valid offers within a certain time window?

When your restaurant is available on a multi restaurant delivery app, you can still set up discount codes. When creating such codes, set them to only be valid within a specific time frame–when most eateries are no longer available.

After-hours promotions will work especially well in larger cities. Not only are urban areas full of travelers, but they consist of countless essential employees working through the night. By offering late-night perks on food orders, you’ll accommodate a more expansive niche market. Plus, it'll help you determine how to increase food delivery sales.

Offering 24/7 food delivery will naturally differentiate your business from the competition. But once you add exclusive perks, your restaurant will become one that customers gravitate towards.

5. Contactless Transactions

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the food industry anything, it’s that consumers prefer contactless payments. We also know that restaurants can thrive by only offering delivery services.

During after-hours, the only options that people may have for food service are rest stops, gas stations, and convenience stores. With this in mind, businesses can lose sales if people don’t venture out.

The payment processing options within food delivery apps are quick and secure. On the checkout page, customers can choose whether or not they want contactless delivery, too. It’s a win-win for the customer and the driver, creating a safer and faster experience. So, more than just fast food restaurant delivery services can be quick and efficient!

Even if your restaurant’s dining room is open 24/7, swapping this feature with food delivery services for restaurants might be more beneficial. But if you can offer both, that’s the ultimate combo.

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Frequently Asked Questions About 24/7 Food Delivery

How Late Can You Get DoorDash?

DoorDash is a mobile ordering app that is accessible all day long. With this in mind, the hours you can get food depends on each restaurant.

DoorDash drivers can work 24/7. So if the app lists a restaurant open 24 hours a day and there’s a driver nearby, you’re in luck.

Apps like DoorDash are a major reason why it’s important to offer 24/7 food delivery. Just imagine all the profit you can generate if there are multiple drivers in your town, but you’re one of the only eateries still open.

What Are Advantages of Food Delivery?

Food delivery offers so many benefits to restaurants and customers. Some of the most valuable conveniences include:

  • The ability to expand your customer base.
  • More options for the customer.
  • Apps that can help increase cart values.
  • Less overhead costs for the restaurant.

If your restaurant doesn’t offer food delivery, we highly suggest it. You’ll reap even more benefits if your eatery is available 24/7 and is in a highly-populated area.

What Are the Advantages of Ordering Online?

When customers order food online, they have more control over their delivery. For instance, submitting the order online helps ensure accuracy. Plus, they can track the order’s progress.  

For the restaurant owner, online ordering has many advantages, too. Many apps and POS systems allow businesses to store customer data. They can also list promotions, which can grow the bottom line.

What Is the Cheapest Delivery App?

As of 2023, DoorDash is the cheapest food delivery app. It's also the best app for discounts, promotions, and a stellar subscription model. For these reasons, many consumers view it as the best app for food delivery.

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Options Beyond Midnight Snacks

Providing consumers with 24/7 food delivery is convenient in so many situations. As a solution in the market, delivery services can make your business one of the most memorable options.

If you’re unsure if 24/7 food delivery will be beneficial, test it out first. See if delivery apps can offer a trial period and compare and contrast costs vs. profits. Many restaurants have been successful by extending their hours, so it’s worth giving it a chance.