October 12, 2022
Lauren Platero

5 Best Food Delivery Service Providers to Consider in 2023

Partnering with delivery service providers can quickly improve a restaurant. Innovative restaurant technology features on delivery platforms can provide consumers with convenience and eateries with efficiency. Once an eatery becomes smarter with their time and resources, it’s also more feasible to cut restaurant expenses.

Digital menu ordering has been a major part of the hospitality industry for quite some time. If you’re not offering delivery services, read on to learn all about various providers and the many perks delivery services can offer.

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The Best Food Delivery Service Providers

If your restaurant isn’t partnering with delivery service providers, we highly recommend it. Offering food delivery is an ideal strategy to maximize revenue and boost the restaurant profit margin.

Many restaurant technology companies offer delivery services, encouraging an all-inclusive software system for businesses. Almost every restaurant manager and food business owner searches for ways to optimize revenue streams and enhance the customer experience. By working with delivery service providers, eateries can be one step closer toward a better-functioning business model.

Want to learn about unique features of various delivery service providers? Or, would you like to discover which food delivery service is best for restaurant owners? If so, here are five of the best delivery service providers specific to the restaurant industry.

1. DoorDash

It’s no surprise that DoorDash is one of the largest delivery providers, considering the variety on their platform. DoorDash is unique since they offer more than food. On the multi restaurant delivery app or website, customers can purchase from retailers, grocery stores, pet stores, florists, and more. For this reason alone, many see it as the best app for food delivery and more.

DoorDash is certainly an industry leader. Here are just a handful of features that make the platform such a stellar product:

  • Quick delivery service
  • The cheapest food delivery app
  • Variety of stores and eateries
  • Rewards and discounts
  • Straightforward GPS tracking
  • Accurate tracking updates

2. Uber Eats

If Uber drivers can bring customers from point A to point B, then it makes perfect sense to offer the same for meal deliveries. Uber Eats is an efficient and convenient platform for both consumers and businesses. It’s one of the most used food delivery apps, especially for fast food restaurant delivery, and understandably so.

Some of the most favorable features of Uber Eats include:

  • GPS tracking and live order status

3. GrubHub

GrubHub has a consumer-first business model, as it offers numerous discounts, rewards, and other perks. GrubHub isn’t as popular in major cities compared to competitors. However, it might offer quicker service in small towns.

With this in mind, here are some of the best benefits of the platform:

4. Postmates

Postmates is a groundbreaking option for consumers, as it offers more than just food. Plus, it’s known for quick delivery timeframes. Most customers can retrieve their order in under an hour!

Postmates is a unique platform for numerous reasons. Here’s a handful of features that sets them apart from competitors:

  • Special featured stores
  • Operates 24/7/365
  • Flat rate delivery fees
  • Simple order tracking

5. Caviar

Caviar is a delivery provider that exclusively delivers food. Plus, the app and website offers delivery from unique restaurants that might not be available on other platforms. So if you’re in the mood for a niche-specific dish, Caviar may be best for you.

Some of the most useful Caviar features include:

  • Easy account set-up
  • Order tracking
  • User-friendly app
  • Various payment methods
  • Schedule deliveries in advance
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Perks of Working With Delivery Service Providers

Delivery service is one of the best offerings a business can provide to customers. As a consumer, there’s nothing more convenient than a quick delivery. For restaurant owners, food delivery services for restaurants can make the business model much more profitable.

Are you still contemplating the benefits of offering delivery services? Here are several of the best perks it can have for businesses within the restaurant industry.

  • Delivery offers a sense of convenience. Who doesn’t love ordering food in the comfort of their own home? Once a restaurant partners with online ordering apps, consumers automatically have this luxury. Whether they order a last-minute meal or schedule a delivery for a later time, the choices are up to them.
  • Delivery services typically include live order monitoring features. Live order tracking is an innovative way to provide customers with transparency. Once they place an order on an app or eCommerce website, they can monitor their order status in real time. This feature allows customers to know exactly when they can expect their delivery. It also lessens work overload at the brick and mortar restaurant, as they’ll have fewer phone calls about order updates.
  • Delivery options allow restaurants to boost their number of daily orders. A restaurant can only serve so many parties at a given time. However, working with delivery service providers gives eateries the flexibility to serve more people during standard business hours. While customers dine-in, delivery drivers can be serving other customers.
  • Delivery apps can help upsell orders. Delivery service providers work closely with app developers to create the ultimate experience for their clients. One of the features found on almost every delivery app is menu recommendations. For instance, the app may remind returning customers of past orders upon opening the platform. Others will recommend things from different menu types upon checkout that pair well with current cart items. This is ideal, especially if you're figuring out how to increase food delivery sales.
  • More orders for delivery can help streamline in-house operations. If a restaurant becomes a go-to option for delivery, restaurant operations can drastically improve. Every restaurant online order for delivery is a sale for the business, but one less table the wait staff will need to tend to throughout their shifts. This concept is especially beneficial when an eatery is understaffed, too.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Delivery Service Providers

Restaurants who work with delivery service providers have major advantages. Not only do third-party delivery providers allow for greater sales, but it broadens the customer base.

Want to learn more about the basics of delivery service providers? Check out the following selection of frequently asked questions!

What Is a Delivery Service Provider?

Delivery service providers are companies that provide shipping options to consumers from various retailers or eateries. They serve as the middle person between customers and merchants. Without delivery service providers, businesses such as restaurants would have to hire their own delivery staff or offer pickup options only.

What Are the Types of Delivery Service?

There are various delivery services depending on the goods or service. Five of the most common types of delivery services are:

  1. Restaurant food delivery services
  2. Catering delivery services
  3. Consulting services
  4. Healthcare services
  5. Local services

Who Is the Biggest Delivery Service?

The biggest delivery service provider is United Parcel Service (UPS). In the restaurant industry, the largest delivery service providers are DoorDash and Uber Eats.

How Does Delivery Service Work?

Delivery service works when a company provides a fulfillment center or terminal for shipping goods. Delivery service providers in the food industry hire delivery personnel to retrieve items at a place of business and deliver them to the customer.

How Do I Become a Delivery Service Provider?

If you’d like to become a delivery service provider within the restaurant space, follow these steps:

  1. Create an appropriate business plan.
  2. Onboard the proper tech solutions to offer delivery.
  3. Integrate your systems with a POS system to accept and process payments.
  4. Ensure that your food delivery software displays accurate maps and routes.
  5. Hire a team of professionals to run the business.
  6. Find potential delivery clients and grow your roster.
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Order On the Way!

Delivery service is simple, profitable, and convenient. It’s a must-have for any restaurant, as it provides customers with the option to dine-in or elsewhere. Most importantly, it can help businesses reach their financial goals.