August 3, 2023
Lauren Platero

The Complete Hotel Industry Guide

The hotel industry consists of various working parts. In order to successfully work within such an industry, it’s vital that you understand it from all angles. In this hotel industry guide, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know from the benefits of offering room service to ways you can upsell booking at your hotel’s banquet hall. Now, without further ado, let’s learn all about what the hotel industry has to offer!

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Innovative Tech Solutions for the Hotel Industry 

The hotel industry centers around providing guests with a place to sleep as well as a pleasant experience. But what factors contribute to hotel success? In short, the keys to long-term growth are advancements and unique ideas in practice.

Hotel Industry Tech Solutions

Many hotel technology solutions aid in improving the customer experience and guest retention. It provides a sense of comfort, which is great in hotel environments. It also encourages precision and efficiency. 

Another advantage of hotel technology is that it can establish an overall perception of luxury. Many hotel executives believe that technology will erode this standard. However, guests, on the other hand, will always appreciate prompt service and attentive staff members–regardless of how the business can achieve it.

Not sure of which ones to onboard? Here are six options to enhance your business:

  1. Hotel POS system
  2. Reservation system 
  3. Mobile check-in and checkout
  4. Inventory management
  5. QR codes for menus 
  6. Management software

Hotel Industry Strategies 

Innovative strategies produce innovative experiences. With the right strategies, hotels can easily use tech to become market leaders. By providing the finest experience possible, you can exceed everyone's requirements and expectations. Here are six ways you can start right away:

  1. Offer in-room dining 
  2. Operate a franchise
  3. Conduct analyses based on reviews 
  4. Use VR to book reservations
  5. Emphasize the importance of sustainability
  6. Run paid social media promotions

Ready to Check In?

There are several technological solutions, strategic initiatives, and opportunities for growth in the hotel sector. It's also a continually shifting landscape. With this in mind, staying current on hotel industry trends and areas for improvement is critical. If you pay great attention to these characteristics, you will be able to run a successful hotel for many years.

Hotel Restaurant Management Tips 

Many elements go into hotel restaurant management, from serving excellent cuisine to budgeting the hotel franchise cost (if that's your business plan). Learning how to run a hotel is just as vital as learning how to operate a restaurant. 

Need tips for stellar hotel restaurant management? See the list below:

7 Tips for Hotel Restaurant Management

Here are eight suggestions for improving hotel restaurant management practices. Whether you work for a hotel franchise or on your own, we believe these tips will be beneficial. We've covered everything from hotel technology to using high-quality equipment. 

1. Use Restaurant Inventory Software

A hotel restaurant inventory app is a great investment. If your hotel's restaurant company struggles with inventory management, consider BlueCart. Thus, hotel restaurants can reduce inventory shrinkage, waste, and common expenses.

2. Invest In An All-Inclusive Restaurant POS Platform

You need a reliable POS system to process food and drink orders. We recommend choosing a software designed with hotels in mind. This way, it’ll accommodate all your features. 

3. Purchase the Right Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant equipment is vital in hotel restaurants. Since order volumes are so high, you need appliances and gadgets that can multitask. Plus, investing in efficient tools will allow the kitchen staff to better perform their duties.

4. Create a Custom QR Code 

Have an understaffed restaurant? Use QR codes for ordering and payment processes. With a quick scan of a smartphone, customers can tackle numerous tasks independently. This will free up more time for the wait staff

5. Use a Restaurant Reservation System

Restaurant reservations simplify daily life for the staff. The restaurant team may stock up and collaborate efficiently. Reservation software also lets customers book time slots with ease. This eliminates work for the hosts.

6. Use a Staff Scheduling Tool

Hotel restaurant management has many components. Employees often experience work overload. So, invest in a staff scheduling tool. This solution helps managers quickly assign shifts. It’s a prime example of how staff optimization can be automated.

7. Collect Customer Reviews 

Want to enhance hotel restaurant management? Create channels for customers to leave reviews. Once a person spends their hard-earned cash, nothing will hold them back from being honest about a product or service.

Ready to Improve Operations?

From onboarding innovative solutions to acquiring soft skills, there's so much that is attributed to hotel restaurant management. Once you acquire the knack and have the right solutions in place, you can expect years of success!

Hotel Banquet Halls

Hotel banquet halls are among the most important revenue generators in the hotel sector. This concept stems from the fact that clients must use other services in order to enjoy these spaces. 

There are numerous strategies to increase profitability for hotel banquet halls, ranging from traditional marketing efforts to the use of hospitality software. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know. 

7 Ways to Drive Profits for Hotel Banquet Halls 

Hotel banquet halls are an excellent option for staging events. But how can hotels increase earnings to their full potential? Check out the seven steps below to improve cash flow for hotel banquet halls.

  1. Use an online booking system to secure more reservations with ease.
  2. Focus on hosting corporate events since they have large guest lists. 
  3. Use tech solutions to make hosting events easier, like a CRM system.
  4. Market the banquet hall to niche groups, like weddings on Facebook and corporate events on LinkedIn. All of which should be based on consumer data, of course. 
  5. Offer custom packages so that clients can bring their event dreams to life. 
  6. Implement upselling and cross selling efforts to maximize profits. For instance, offer catering options when people book event spaces. 
  7. Add a premium pricing strategy to appear superior to local competitors. Just ensure to not exceed the appropriate price since doing so can result in adverse effects.

Banquet Halls–Where Hotels Celebrate High Profits

Hotel banquet halls are quite useful for both individuals and businesses. Fortunately, there are numerous methods to transform them into lucrative income streams. Once you've completed these steps, you'll be well on your way to a far more profitable hotel business.

Hotel POS System Features

A hotel POS system is essential for operations. Hotels would be unable to operate without POS software. A hotel POS system can handle anything from processing payments to collecting meal orders. All-inclusive POS platforms, you see, can integrate with multi-channel company strategies.

Hotel POS System

A hotel POS system lets the hotel staff accept payments. Typically, they consist of two separate components::

1. Hotel POS System Hardware

  • Cash registers 
  • Barcode scanners 
  • Receipt printers
  • Card terminals 
  • Tablets 

2. Hotel POS System Software

  • Digital records 
  • E-receipts 
  • App integrations 
  • Analytics dashboards 
  • Inventory management tools

Key Features of Hotel POS Software

Did you know that POS systems can do more than just handle payments? Many POS partners can seamlessly integrate with your existing platforms to provide a full suite of solutions. Other POS system features to consider using are:

  1. Customer data analytics dashboard to track sales trends and the results of your strategic efforts. 
  2. Inventory tracking abilities to better manage ingredients and paper goods. 
  3. The ability to manage all off-premise orders, regardless of which third-party append they’re placed through, 
  4. Loyalty programs so that you can reward your most loyal customers with enticing perks and discounts.
  5.  Mobile integrations so that customers can utilize online ordering apps to place orders. Such integrations will also allow for features like live order tracking

Now Let’s Organize All Those Transactions

Choosing the best hotel POS system can be a challenge. It’s a bit intimidating and requires a lot of thought and research. But now that you have a variety of ideas on hand, it’s time to jump right in and enhance your hotel business.

Innovative Ways to Bring Back In Room Dining

In-room dining services are finally returning to hotels thanks to restaurant and hospitality software solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic halted some of the benefits that guests may enjoy. However, the hotel industry is reintroducing much-desired services.

Room service alternatives are gradually being reintroduced by hospitality software vendors. And thanks to hotel technology, they are more innovative than ever before.

7 Ways to Bring Back In-Room Dining At Hotels

Ready to bring in-room dining services back to your hotel? Read on for seven tips to help make the transition easier.

  1. Use room service delivery apps to make it each to track orders and give a tip. 
  2. Offer contactless payments and room service for the utmost privacy and convenience. This also helps abide by any health and safety protocols. 
  3. Use meal scheduling features so that the kitchen has ample time to prepare and guests can plan in advance. 
  4. Install tablets in each room to initiate online ordering. This tip is especially helpful when guests choose not to download the necessary apps to order online. 
  5. Offer “grab and go” options for guests in a hurry. Not everyone will have the time for in-room dining. So, it’s ideal to still give everyone some kind of option. 
  6. Place QR codes in every room so that anyone with a smartphone can easily view the menu. Want to take it one step further? Make it feasible to order through the QR code for greater simplicity. 
  7. Offer hotel guests exciting and exclusive perks. Not only will this prompt them to spend more money, but possibly return at a future date.

Knock Knock, “Delivery!” 

In-room dining is equally convenient as it is profitable. Plus, it allows the on-premise restaurant(s) to expand their reach. It’s a shame that there was ever a time when this service was forbidden. However, now it’s time to add it back to your product mix. Except this time, it can be significantly better than ever.

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Hotel Room Service 

Room service and in-room meals are both popular hotel options. They provide guests a sense of elegance that they may not find in typical restaurants. It's also one of the most comfortable and pleasant ways to eat. 

In this section, we'll discuss why you should use online ordering options for room service. You'll then be able to maximize revenue and orders!

8 Benefits of Online Ordering for Hotel Room Service 

There are various advantages to offering hotel room service via online platforms. Read on for a quick rundown of eight perks of employing software to help with the process:

  1. Hotels are open 24/7, which means that during the late hours of the night and wee hours of the morning, room service might be the only dining option.
  2. Online ordering is super convenient. Honestly, there probably isn’t a style of dining that’s more accommodating to specific needs and timelines. 
  3. Digital ordering has a tendency to meet ADA compliance standards. This can make the establishment much more inclusive. 
  4. Hotels will be able to serve more customers within the same time window. This is because the hotel restaurant seating capacity can only accommodate a limited number of people. 
  5. Online orders are more likely to be accurate. This is because the chef has a digital record of each order that he or she can reference. When you call in orders, it can raise the risk of misspellings, miscommunication, or other errors. 
  6. Contactless payments have been the most favorable payment method since the pandemic. Plus, it’s sanitary for both parties. 
  7. Online ordering platforms can include scheduling and pre-order functions. This helps busy guests and busy kitchens. 
  8. Digital ordering systems often include upselling and cross-selling features. Over time, these will allow the hotel to maximize cart values.

Great Room Service = Great Customer Service

Hotel room service is one of the most lucrative sales channels a hotel can launch. It’s a recognizable and favorable amenity of countless consumers, too. Luckily, it can be simple and cost-effective with the help of online ordering solutions. 

Local Cuisine for Green Hotels

Menus across the hotel space are dominated by regional cuisine. It is now easier than ever for any hotel to go green by using local ingredients. Even hotel franchises with pre-defined menus can swiftly make the transition. We'll go over all you need to know about how local cuisine may help a green hotel in this section.

How to Purchase and Serve Local Ingredients

Finding local ingredients for a hotel restaurant takes effort and research. Here are five actions you may take to help speed up the process of serving local cuisine: 

  1. Use a restaurant inventory app to shop directly from a wholesale directory. This way, you can narrow down which suppliers are local to your business. 
  2. Learn about which ingredients are seasonal in your area. Then, you can plan your menu types based on these items. 
  3. Once you acquire seasonal ingredients, change things up every few months and create seasonal menus. It’ll keep customers intrigued while simultaneously reducing food spoilage. This is because you’ll never be able to stock up on too much of one thing. 
  4. Attend local food festivals and other culinary events. At these outings, a lot of vendors and suppliers are there with samples. This will make decision-making regarding menu changes and recipes much quicker. 
  5. Work with local distributors to obtain the freshest ingredients in a timely manner. These are also professionals who can provide you with valuable insight, like seasonal ingredient pairings and when certain items are the most delicious. 

How Local Ingredients Support Green Hotels

Offering hotel guests local cuisine can help a green hotel significantly. Every hotel restaurant can deliver fresh, locally sourced ingredients thanks to hotel technology and local vendors. So, let's take a look at four ways these techniques might help a green hotel. 

  1. It emphasizes the importance of sustainability. 
  2. It reduces the carbon footprint from harmful gas emissions.
  3. It creates a more authentic experience depending on the hotel’s location. 
  4. It reduces food waste when the ingredients are limited to begin with. 

Go Local, Go Green

Sourcing local food is an excellent method for hotels to support environmentally friendly practices. When you prioritize local cuisine, you'll be one step closer to running a green hotel.

Maximize Online Ordering for Hotel Restaurants

Digital menu ordering has the ability to elevate hotel restaurants to new heights. With the correct technological solutions, it may be easier than ever to sustain long-term growth with online ordering. In fact, digital sales have the potential to swiftly become one of the most important revenue sources in the hotel industry. 

There are numerous approaches for hotels to increase online food and beverage sales, ranging from hotel management software to integrated delivery apps. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know!

10 Ways to Maximize Online Food Ordering at Hotel Restaurants

Are you currently learning how to better run a hotel? Or are you trying to boost hotel restaurant management skills? In any case, we believe these suggestions will be beneficial.

  1. Offer room service for the highest amount of sales possible. 
  2. Make the ordering process simple so that nobody abandons their cart. 
  3. Offer exclusive deals for online ordering to drive sales toward this realm.
  4. Similar to suggestion #3, offer greater rewards for online orders. 
  5. Be flexible by offering a number of different payment options. 
  6. Include live order tracking so people can view the status of their order. 
  7. Use as many delivery service providers as possible to ensure inclusivity. 
  8. Leverage consumer data to support your strategy and updates to it. 
  9. Utilize social media efforts to promote online ordering and its many perks.
  10. Update the menu in real time to avoid any errors, confusion, and disappointment.

Maximize Online Ordering for Maximum Cash Flow

Hotel restaurants can significantly boost cash flow. However, developing a strategy to sustain online orders for the long term will boost profitability exponentially. In fact, online ordering might be the most profitable and convenient feature of your hotel if done correctly.

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