April 13, 2023
Lauren Platero

Hotel Restaurants | 10 Tips to Maximize Online Food Ordering

Digital menu ordering has the potential to take hotel restaurants to the next level. By using the right hotel technology solutions, it can be more feasible than ever to sustain long-term growth with online ordering. In fact, digital sales can quickly be one of the greatest revenue sources in the hotel industry

Hotel franchises have been offering online food ordering for quite some time now. It doesn't increase the hotel franchise cost, either. If anything, it allows the business to maximize revenue overall. 

From hotel management software to integrated delivery apps, there are many ways that hotels can boost online food and drink sales. Read on for everything you need to know!

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10 Ways to Maximize Online Food Ordering at Hotel Restaurants

Learning how to maximize food and drink orders at hotel restaurants is vital for the success of the business. Are you currently learning how to manage a hotel more effectively? Or, are you attempting to improve hotel restaurant management techniques? Either way, we think these tips will help you out!

Are you ready to increase profits at your enterprise hotel? Read on!

1. Offer Hotel Room Service 

Room service and in room dining are some of the most profitable and luxurious features of a hotel. Similar to ordering food delivered to a home, guests love this amenity quite a bit.

If it's a challenge to offer the same menu for room service, don't fret. It's not uncommon for hotels to have a shortened menu for room service orders. Not only does this reduce any potential work overload, but it also allows the staff to prepare dishes ahead of time. 

Working efficiently is all about preparation. With the simplest menu possible, offering room service can be one of the simplest hotel operations--despite generating large profits. 

2. Make the Ordering Process Simple

A simple online ordering process will help sustain guest retention and booming sales. Tech can simplify and automate what would normally be time-consuming processes. But with the right tools, you can also avoid errors at the same time. 

From user-friendly online ordering apps to simple menu types featuring local cuisine, this process may enhance the customer experience. Plus, digital platforms make it easier for the hotel chef to manage orders. 

3. Offer Deals for Online Ordering

Come up with restaurant promotion ideas to encourage guests to order food and beverages online. Such ideas will have one goal in mind: to show how online ordering is more convenient and luxurious. 

Having a stellar restaurant marketing plan in place is vital for growth of any kind. However, selling digital orders can be unique. From discounts to a restaurant loyalty program, implement what suits your brand and track results. 

4. Provide Better Rewards for Online Ordering 

A customer rewards program is ideal for promoting online orders. Incentivize guests to order food online for room service or pick-up by offering exclusive perks. 

Ordering via digital platforms will require less labor from the staff. So, hotel restaurants should be able to incorporate greater rewards. From free dishes to major discounts, feel free to get creative!

5. Include a Variety of Payment Processing Methods 

Use a hotel POS system that offers numerous payment methods. From contactless payments with chip readers to mobile POS features, give hotel guests the variety. 

When it comes to increasing online orders, offer digital payment methods to the ordering platform. When you include a variety, it ensures that nobody will opt out during the checkout process. Since this is the final stage of the sales funnel, it should be a priority to keep it as seamless as possible.

6. Include Live Order Tracking 

There are many app integrations that can support online ordering. However, one of the best ones you can use is live order tracking or monitoring. 

Live order monitoring gives customers the ability to track their order in real time. It utilizes GPS tracking software to display their order status. 

It's just as important for the restaurant, too. Not only can they track their delivery team, but it lessens the amount of phone calls they receive from hungry customers. Once they have all the information they need about their order, there's little to ask the host. 

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7. Use Third-Party Delivery Apps 

To maximize online orders, partner with the maximum amount of delivery service providers. Some people may have preferences, so try and cater to everyone's needs. If you're on every platform available, no one can miss out on your restaurant. 

Also remember that some delivery partners are more popular in certain areas than others. Then, there's the chance of less popular ones rising above competitors. By partnering with them all, you'll cover all your bases and secure the maximum amount of sales possible. 

8. Use Consumer Data to Support Your Strategy 

There are many customer data points that can assist hotel restaurants in building an effective strategy. What are the best-selling dishes? Perhaps there's a busy season. Use as much insight as possible to mold your action plan to your ideal customer profile

Monitor your analytics dashboards for any changes. As the restaurant's metrics evolve, update the strategy accordingly. 

9. Use Social Media to Promote Online Ordering 

Social media is a powerful tool that can drive online orders at hotel restaurants. The hotel manager can share content that displays visuals and details. Such information can include operating hours, best-sellers, delivery partners, and more. 

After launching social media campaigns, learn how to calculate the social media ROI. This is especially useful when investing in paid ads. 

10. Update the Menu In Real Time 

Allow the digital menu to update in real time. As orders enter the restaurant POS platform, deduct purchased dishes from the total currently available. 

Customers will be able to view an accurate menu of what they can order. This will sustain customer satisfaction, as they'll never have to receive a phone call that their dish is no longer available. 

Speaking of phone calls, accurate menus will decrease the amount of extra work for the staff. The host or members of the wait staff will no longer have to reach out to customers to inform them their order isn't available. These phone calls can also be time-consuming, as customers will have to choose a replacement. So, it's best to eliminate them altogether. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Restaurants

Hotel restaurants can be very profitable business entities. However, they can also be complex and consist of numerous variables. Want to learn more about them? See below:

Are Hotel Restaurants Open to the Public?

Some hotel restaurants are open to the public, while some are exclusive to guests. It all depends on the establishment. If you're not staying at a hotel, we encourage you to check before your arrival. 

Do I Need to Make a Reservation to Dine at a Hotel Restaurant?

Not every hotel restaurant requires guests to make a reservation. However, it's always recommended. Many hotel restaurants get super busy, so it's always a good idea to reserve a table ahead of time. 

Do Hotel Restaurants Offer Room Service?

Many hotel restaurants offer room service. However, this isn't a guarantee. Some hotels offer guests a full-service dining experience in the comfort of their own room. On the other hand, some only serve coffee and tea in the morning. 

Can Hotel Restaurants Charge the Cost of the Meal to a Guest’s Room?

Yes, more often not, customers can charge on-premise purchases to their room. This is a convenient option to offer customers since they don't have to pay for each meal at a time. Plus, this speeds up the process for wait staff, increasing the table turnover rate

Are Hotel Restaurants Typically Open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?

Yes, many hotel restaurants are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, this can change based on the hotel and its operating hours. Some hotel restaurants might only stay open for certain meals, for limited times, or on certain days of the week.

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Key Takeaways 

Hotel restaurants can notably increase cash flow. However, implementing a strategy to sustain online orders will take profits to the next level. With the right steps, online ordering can be the most profitable and convenient aspect of your hotel.