May 1, 2023
Lauren Platero

Hotel Room Service: 8 Benefits of Online Ordering for Room Service

Hotel room service and in room dining are popular amenities across the hotel industry. They provide guests with a sense of luxury that may not exist in traditional eateries. It's also one of the most convenient and relaxing ways to dine. 

When a hotel POS system and a kitchen staff come together, hotels can create the best customer experience. Not only will this nurture positive reviews, but it will also help sustain guest retention

If you're learning how to manage a hotel or are looking for ways to improve hotel room service, you've landed in the right place. In this blog, we'll cover the reasons why you should opt for online ordering solutions for related hotel operations. Then, you'll be able to maximize revenue and orders!

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Hotel Room Service: Definition 

Hotel room service refers to the process of delivering food and beverages to a guest's room. It's a convenient and luxurious feature of many hotels. Whether you offer an upscale or casual dining experience, you can offer hotel room service. Just ensure you use the proper tools to accept orders. 

When offering hotel room service, there are a few ways that guests can place orders. In-room tablets, online ordering apps, and calling in orders are the three most popular methods. 

See below for more details about ordering solutions:

How to Offer Hotel Room Service Via Online Ordering 

Hotel room service via online ordering channels is the most ideal route to go. So, let's break down how each method will work:

  1. In-Room Tablets: Hotels can install a tablet in each room where guests can place orders. By installing all the appropriate apps and displaying information about the hotel restaurants, placing orders can be simpler than ever. The best part? If guests don't have the right apps or can't download them, it's no problem. Everything they need will be accessible.
  2. Mobile Apps: In each guest room, display which delivery apps you partner with. Then, guests can download the app and place their orders. This method is pretty similar to using in-room tablets. The main difference is that hotel restaurant management teams won't have to outlay the expense of tablets. And even though that might make it seem like the route to go, just note that tablets can make the space feel a bit more luxurious. 

As you can see, we don't recommend you encourage guests to place orders by calling them in. This is for numerous reasons. 

First, it can induce work overload for the staff. Instead of retrieving orders as they roll in, they'll have to juggle answering the phone, conversing with guests, and getting orders right. With this in mind, it can result in inaccurate orders. 

There are also only so many people who the hotel can employ to process such orders. Instead, the hotel can reduce their labor cost by having digital solutions do the work for them.

8 Benefits of Online Ordering for Hotel Room Service 

There are several benefits of using online ordering for hotel room service. Read below for a brief overview of our top eight perks of using hotel management software to ease the process:

1. Hotels Operate 24/7

Hotels operate 24 hours a day. This means that when offering room service, you'll likely encounter many orders. This is for two primary reasons. 

First, many guests won't want to venture outside late at night or early in the morning. So, the convenience of getting food delivered in the comfort of their own room will be very appealing to most guests. 

Second, room service options will be the only choice available. Unless you operate in a city like New York or LA, the surrounding area will probably be quiet after standard operating hours. 

With all of this in mind, hotels can take it one step further to make experiences memorable. Serve local cuisine to offer the freshest, most delicious menu items possible. 

2. Online Ordering Is Convenient 

Let's face it, hotel room service is the epitome of convenience. Some might even argue that it's just as convenient for guests as it is profitable for the business. This concept is why most hotel franchises offer some kind of room service. However, many of them limit the menu due to paying such a high hotel franchise cost

On the bright side, implementing a complete menu for in-room delivery can be quite a profitable venture. Conduct a trial run during a busy season. If it generates sufficient revenue for the hotel, roll it out for 100 percent of the time. 

3. Digital Ordering Solutions Can Be ADA Compliant

Meeting ADA compliance standards is a legal protocol that hotels must meet. However, it's outstanding when hotels can go the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of the business is inclusive. For hotels, this would include the addition of digital solutions. 

Digital apps and devices can include visual and auditory elements. Once you onboard these features, everyone has the ability to browse the menu types and place orders. Not only will this make the experience better for each guest, but it will broaden the hotel's reach.

4. Hotels Can Serve More Customers 

Every enterprise hotel can maximize profits by offering room service. However, they can ensure that more guests place orders by implementing digital solutions. This convenience factor is preferable by many consumers. By requiring customers to call in orders, you could be missing out on a large portion of guests.

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5. Online Orders Are More Likely to Be Accurate 

When the hotel chef and other kitchen staff members can reference orders, there's a lesser risk of making errors. Calling in orders can increase the chances of misspellings, not hearing requests, or missing extra details. By having a digital record, it's clear and accessible to everyone. 

6. Contactless Payments Are the Preferred Method 

When guests use online ordering channels to order room service, they can pay at checkout. This creates a contact-free payment method. If customers want an entirely contactless experience, the ordering apps can include a "drop off at my door" option. 

Worried about how guests will leave a tip? Don't fret. With online ordering tools, guests can add a tip at checkout. This way, your staff will be compensated accordingly, even if they don't interact with the customer.

7. Online Ordering Platforms Can Offer Scheduling Features

Like any other digital ordering solution, one of the best perks is that customers can schedule orders in advance. In a hotel, this is especially valuable for early morning orders. Whether guests are traveling for work or leisure, service in the early half of the day is a great selling point. 

For example, guests can schedule a contact-free room service delivery at night for the next morning. The order can include breakfast favorites, from coffee to pastries. With the contactless feature, guests don't even have to get ready. They can also save time by not visiting a brick and mortar eatery or one of the hotel banquet halls.

8. Digital Ordering Can Maximize Cart Values

Ordering apps include upselling features. For instance, the homepage can display some of the most popular dishes. Or, the checkout page can include items that will pair well with items the hotel guest is already ordering. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Room Service 

There are more components to hotel room service than you might assume. Want to learn more about its features and details? See below for additional information:

Is There An Additional Charge for Hotel Room Service?

Yes, there is an additional surcharge for hotel room service. The price can vary depending on the hotel. However, it's always for the convenience of in-room delivery. Customers can view this as a hotel's "delivery fee" that they pay when ordering takeout. 

How Do Guests Place Orders for Hotel Room Service?

There are numerous ways that hotel guests can place room service orders, which include the use of apps and calling them in. This process is where the use of hotel technology can really streamline operations. 

How Long Does It Typically Take for Hotel Room Service to Arrive?

On average, hotels strive to deliver room service orders within twenty to thirty minutes. However, guests should also consider the time of day. If they place orders around traditional dinner times, they should anticipate a longer wait. But if it's a small late-night order, it should arrive pretty quick. 

Can Guests Request Hotel Room Service at Any Time of Day?

Some hotels offer room service 24 hours a day while others have a cut off time. For those that offer room service 24 hours a day, there might be a limited menu during the night. 

What Kind of Food and Drinks are Typically On Hotel Room Service Menus?

Room service menus usually feature a wide variety of food and drinks from the main restaurant. It's also common to find quick bites to eat that are simple to prepare. This is ideal for hotel staff and guests, as it ensures a quick turnaround time.

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Key Takeaways 

Hotel room service is one of the most lucrative sales channels a hotel can employ. Luckily, it can be simple and cost-effective with the help of online ordering solutions. Want to learn how Revolution Ordering can innovate your online ordering processes? Book a demo with us today!