April 3, 2023
Lauren Platero

Hotel Restaurant Management: 8 Tips for High Profits

Hotel restaurant management entails many factors, from serving exquisite dishes to budgeting the hotel franchise cost (if that's your business model). Learning how to manage a hotel is just as important as mastering restaurant operations

Want to learn an overview of hotel restaurant management? See below:

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Hotel Restaurant Management

Hotel restaurant management refers to the process of supervising a hotel's food service operations. This includes menu creation, accepting orders, stocking inventory, and more. Without proper management techniques, it can be challenging to remain profitable. 

Hotel restaurant management tips are essential to learn about. See below for eight tips to support an enterprise hotel

8 Tips for Hotel Restaurant Management

Below you will find eight tips for improving hotel restaurant management processes. Whether you’re working within hotel franchises or an independent entity, we believe these tips will help you out. From adopting hotel technology to using top-notch equipment, we've covered a wide variety. 

1. Use Restaurant Inventory Software

One of the best decisions you can make for hotel restaurant management operations is investing in an inventory app. Restaurant inventory management is an essential part of every eatery. It contributes to restaurant expenses, recurring orders, and the ability to make each dish. 

Hotel restaurant management teams are way too busy to take inventory manually. If this is a struggle for your hotel’s restaurant business, you've landed in the right place! An app like BlueCart can quickly improve your inventory management techniques

In doing so, hotel restaurants can eliminate inventory shrinkage, reduce food spoilage, and save money. Book a demo with BlueCart today to learn more! 

2. Invest In An All-Inclusive Restaurant POS Platform

As food and drink orders enter the POS system, it's essential that you have a platform that can operate efficiently. We recommend choosing a POS software option with hotel-related features.

Integrations to consider are ones that cater to the entire customer experience. For instance, if you offer room service, allow the hotel POS system to integrate with the ordering apps. Or, it might be advantageous to offer a customer rewards program. If so, use a platform that can store and redeem points. 

Since hotels are full of consumers who are traveling, it's also sanitary to offer contactless payments. Not only are they safe, but they're mobile-friendly, too. 

3. Purchase the Right Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant equipment is a major component of hotel restaurant management operations. It can improve efficiency by simplifying tasks in the kitchen. For instance, commercial-grade ovens can cook food more quickly and evenly, allowing chefs to serve customers faster.

Using high-quality restaurant equipment ensures that the food quality is consistent. For example, not every blender or food processor is the same. So, investing in better options will lead to better food preparation.  

4. Create a Custom QR Code 

Is your hotel's restaurant short staffed? Or are you trying to enhance a casual dining experience? Try implementing QR codes for ordering and payment processing methods. 

Many restaurants are now adopting this contact-free feature. By scanning a custom barcode with a smartphone, guests are able to view the menu, place orders, and pay the bill. Bear in mind that this can all be done without assistance from the wait staff

Want to create an easily editable, on-brand, and user-friendly QR code? Book a demo with SproutQR to get started right now! 

5. Use a Restaurant Reservation System

Allowing guests to book restaurant reservations is essential for streamlining daily tasks. Not only will the hotel restaurant management team be able to coordinate efficiently, but they can stock up on inventory as well.

With restaurant reservation software, customers are able to book reservations on their own accord. This also eliminates one more thing on the host's checklist. 

The reservation date, time, and number of people in the party will automatically enter the POS system, making it accessible to the staff. Then, guests can feel certain that a table will be ready for them upon arrival. 

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6. Offer In Room Dining 

Hotel restaurant management staff can increase sales by offering in-room dining. Picture it as traditional room service, but just a tad better. 

In-room dining is a luxurious and convenient way for guests to dine in the comfort of their own room. The way it works is the hotel management software integrates with one of the popular online ordering apps. Then, guests can place orders like they would for delivery. 

Then, one of the waiters can deliver the food straight to the room. The best part? In-room dining even comes with all the proper dining elements, such as linens and glassware!

7. Use a Staff Scheduling Tool

Hotel restaurant management requires organization and streamlined processes. However, it can be easy for staff members to experience work overload. To solve this problem utilize a staff scheduling tool. 

This solution will allow hotel restaurant managers to delegate shifts and tasks accordingly. Even if a hotel restaurant is understaffed, they can still run smoothly. Making the best use of the team you have is key. So, utilize a tool that can do most of the scheduling for you. 

8. Collect Customer Reviews 

If you want to improve hotel restaurant management, consider customer feedback. After spending their hard-earned money, no one will be as honest as past customers. 

Allow customers to leave reviews on numerous platforms, such as Yelp, and Google. On a frequent basis, review both positive and negative reviews. If you notice positive remarks, reward your team for their great efforts. However, take matters into your own hands if you're receiving negative comments. 

If a hotel restaurant receives negative reviews, it can quickly diminish the brand's reputation. If you get reviews about the food quality, consider purchasing ingredients from different wholesale suppliers. Or, if the bad experiences are because of wait service, ensure that you move forward with a positive team. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Restaurant Management

Hotel restaurant management is a complex landscape with numerous factors. It takes a skilled team to handle operations and provide a stellar dining experience at the same time. Want to learn more about it? Read on! 

What Are the Duties of a Hotel Restaurant Manager?

A hotel restaurant manager is responsible for overseeing daily operations, creating menus, and ordering inventory. They're also the root of great customer service. 

What Skills are Required for Hotel Restaurant Management?

Hotel restaurant managers should have the following skills:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Customer service 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Time management 
  • Experience with budgeting 
  • Knowledge of food and beverage service

How Do You Create a Successful Hotel Restaurant?

Follow these steps to create a successful hotel restaurant:

  • Find your target audience
  • Develop a unique concept
  • Create a delicious menu
  • Properly train the staff
  • Provide stellar customer service 
  • Establish a warm and welcoming environment.

How Do You Manage Food Costs In a Hotel Restaurant?

To manage food costs in a hotel restaurant, it is important to track inventory. You'll also want to create portion control guidelines to reduce waste. Then, regularly review menus to identify and remove low-profit items.

How Do You Handle Customer Complaints In a Hotel Restaurant?

When handling customer complaints in a hotel restaurant, it is important to listen to the customer's concerns. Then, apologize for any issues and offer a solution. Within a week or two, follow up to ensure that the issue has been resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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Key Takeaways

From onboarding advanced tech solutions to acquiring people skills, there's a lot that goes into hotel restaurant management. Once you get the hang of it and have the best systems in place, you should expect years of success!