January 24, 2024
Lauren Platero

7 Ways to Streamline a Pickleball Bar Franchise In 2024

A pickleball bar franchise can be an extremely lucrative business model. But with anything that generates substantial amounts of revenue, there will also be numerous complexities. If you have an entrepreneur mindset, you already know that's the name of the game! So how does one combat these issues and maintain bar and restaurant success?

First, the business owner must determine which areas of their pickleball food establishment are getting out of hand. Then, they need to invest in trusted solutions to streamline bar and restaurant operations. In this article, we will go over seven ways to streamline a pickleball bar franchise in 2024. But what exactly is a pickleball bar franchise? Check out the following section to find out!

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What Is a Pickleball Bar Franchise?

A pickleball bar franchise is an enterprise that comprises multiple pickleball bar and restaurant locations. A franchise of any brand simply refers to a structure that consists of multiple units. The business model is reminiscent of a traditional bar and restaurant but with pickleball courts on its premises. Some franchises go all out and offer a pickleball club where frequent diners can sign up for a membership. 

As the pickleball industry continues to explode, there will be many pickleball business ideas to implement. But how can enterprise leaders keep a handle on simple operations? We’ll outline seven strategies below!

7 Ways to Streamline a Pickleball Bar Franchise In 2024

Effectively managing a pickleball bar franchise might sound like a challenging feat. But if you focus on the success of one pickleball restaurant at a time, you’ll quickly end up operating a lucrative and efficient franchise. The process of doing so doesn't have to be overly complex.

So, are you ready to learn how you can begin streamlining your pickleball bar franchise immediately? See below for seven useful strategies.

1. Invest In Pickleball Club Management Software 

Whether you operate a pickleball bar franchise or something more along the lines of a pickleball country club, software is essential. From club memberships to restaurant reservations, there will be many factors to keep an eye on. Without one, you can experience insane amounts of work overload. With an all-in-one management system, tracking each department can be easier than ever.

2. Use a Unified Online Ordering Platform

You may ask yourself the question: Are pickleball clubs profitable when there’s an on-premise bar and restaurant? In short, yes, they absolutely can be! But there’s something you can add to the mix that’ll take profits to a whole new level: leveraging online ordering apps. With the assistance of an online ordering system, a pickleball bar franchise can sell all their food items and soft drinks for pickup and delivery. Not only will this maximize revenue, but it will boost visibility for the pickleball business.

3. Automate All Inventory Shipments 

In addition to pickleball tournaments and equipment rentals, food and drink sales will contribute to a great deal of your cash flow. However, encountering excessive quantities of food spoilage can counteract the successful sales trends. Thankfully, SaaS companies like BlueCart make it easy to order the perfect amount of each ingredient. Then, you can automate each reorder point as needed. As a result, you’ll always be able to prepare each menu item without buying so much that you let food items go to waste. It creates a balance between efficiency and sustainability. What more could you ask for?

4. Track Your Liquor Storage Levels In One Place

Various types of alcohol will likely serve as the root of most of your profits. After all, the markup on liquor is quite high. We recommend using a bar inventory app like BinWise to properly manage inventory levels across the board. Maybe you need better help tracking open dates for wine bottles. Or, maybe scheduling restocks for your most popular well liquor brands is an overwhelming process. No matter what your situation looks like, this kind of tool can completely transform pickleball bar franchise operations.

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5. Schedule Regular Maintenance Checks for the Courts

Bars with pickleball courts must undergo frequent maintenance checks to ensure the safety and functionality of the nets and paddles. This rule goes for indoor pickleball clubs, too. If not, you may defeat the point of running a brand in such a niche market. If guests can't play pickleball at your bar, you’ll end up competing with generic eateries. Considering the importance of product differentiation in adding sports to the dining space, you want to keep up with industry standards.

6. Delegate Each Shift Accordingly

You can’t have simple business operations if you’re understaffed. But before you assign shifts to each of your employees, there’s a very important step you need to take. Check POS system reports to view when sales trends reach their peak during the week. This information will tell you when the eatery is busiest. Then, you can carefully pick and choose when everyone will work to maximize labor.

7. Properly Recruit and Train the Staff In Each Unit

What if we told you that you could streamline operations despite having new team members on board? To do so, you need to recruit new hires who have experience working in a bar and restaurant environment. During their first week or so, train them to the fullest extent possible. Not only should their training include standard tasks, but the usage of any tech solutions you utilize. This way, everyone can make the most of the company’s investments.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Pickleball Bar Franchise

A pickleball bar franchise is a complex business model that includes a ton of areas to learn. Plus, you can’t forget that the culmination of recreational activities and dining is a fairly new concept. If you’d like some additional insight on the topic, we’re here to help! Read the FAQ section below for more information pertaining to the operations of a pickleball bar franchise.

Can a Pickleball Bar Franchise Be Profitable?

Yes, there are many reasons why a pickleball bar franchise can be profitable. Let’s start with liquor sales. Did you know that liquor has the highest markup of all the types of inventory you’ll find in a food service establishment? That’s right–just by serving alcoholic beverages, your bar franchise can be profitable. Then there’s the pickleball craze. As more people grow to love this paddle sport, you’ll gain a more niche and loyal customer base.

Is It Difficult to Own a Pickleball Bar Franchise?

Yes, as there are always challenges when owning any kind of franchise. There are multiple units to manage, which means there are several franchisees and teams to track. As a result, there are many complexities and working parts to the franchise infrastructure. But, with the right tools and systems in place, it is possible to streamline franchise operations.

Can Any Bar Franchise Offer Pickleball?

Unfortunately, not any bar franchise can offer pickleball. The fact of the matter is that in order to offer pickleball, there must be ample space for the courts. Insufficient space can lead to safety issues as well as an inability to play the sport. But who knows, maybe you'll luck out and find that you own enough land or indoor space to install pickleball courts. But if not, you’ll have to seek properties with the proper square footage when opening new units. 

How Can You Start a Pickleball Bar Franchise?

You can start a pickleball bar franchise the same way you’d open enterprise restaurants in general. From drafting the business plan to securing ample funds, it all looks the same. There’s just one stark difference: the installation of pickleball courts. Ensure you open each franchise unit on a lot that can accommodate the bar and the courts.

Where Would a Pickleball Bar Franchise Be Most Successful?

There’s a great chance that a pickleball bar franchise owner would find more success in Florida than anywhere else. That’s primarily because Florida is known as the pickleball capital of the world. Therefore, the culmination of pickleball and dining is sure to go over well in the Sunshine State.

Multiple Units for Multiple Revenue Streams 

Operating a pickleball bar franchise can feel pretty overwhelming in the beginning. Well, if we’re being honest, it can get stressful at any stage of the game. But here’s the deal–once you know how to manage a business comprising several units, it doesn't have to be a scary enterprise to manage. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised by how much simpler it can actually be. If you’re interested in what easy franchise operations can look like, schedule a demo with us, and we’ll be in touch!