January 23, 2024
Lauren Platero

10 Reasons Why Indoor Pickleball Clubs Should Serve Food

Indoor pickleball clubs should serve food and drinks as a way to maximize profits. Here's the thing–are pickleball clubs profitable on their own? Well, they can be. But as a business owner, you shouldn’t lose sight of the power food and drink sales can hold for your pickleball business.

Before we go over the many reasons why indoor pickleball clubs should serve food and drinks, let's go over the importance of the courts. After all, you can’t have a pickleball bar or restaurant without a place to play the sport. Now, read on and let the games begin!

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The Importance of Indoor Pickleball Clubs

Regardless of whether your pickleball club has an on-premise eatery, installing both outside and indoor courts is ideal. The most obvious reason is that it expands the pickleball space you have at your brick and mortar business. Plus, it allows you to offer rounds of pickleball no matter what the weather is looking like. 

Extreme heat during the warmer months can be unappealing to many people. Meanwhile, playing pickleball in freezing conditions during the winter months can be that much more dangerous. And besides, paddle sports aren’t exactly snow-friendly. 

This idea is actually one of the best perks of a pickleball country club. With outdoor space and indoor recreational areas, they can accommodate guests all year round. So how can they take profits that much further? Oh, right–food and drink sales! 

Now that you have a solid understanding of indoor pickleball business operations, it’s time to dive into the food and beverage sector. Continue on to the next section to learn more!

10 Reasons Why Indoor Pickleball Clubs Should Serve Food and Drinks

The pickleball industry has been intersecting with the restaurant space for quite a few years now. The combination of food, drinks, and sports isn’t too unusual. The hospitality industry consists of an extensive history of country clubs. In this business type, the relationship between golf and restaurants creates a lucrative business model. Therefore, a similar concept where you swap out golf for pickleball shouldn’t be too different. 

If your indoor pickleball business does not offer its clientele some kind of food and drink menu with an accompanying eatery, what are you waiting for? See below for ten reasons why you should do so.

1. Lucrative Sources of Revenue

Indoor pickleball clubs can boost cash flow quite a bit by operating as a pickleball food establishment. With the help of pickleball club management software, you can diversify operations and have revenue flowing in from multiple outlets. As a result, you’ll have a brand that’s protected against industry stressors more than others. That's because not every brand in the sports space will operate as a pickleball and restaurant business.

2. Reach a Broader Target Audience

Operating a business where you offer nothing but outdoor and indoor pickleball clubs will only reach a niche market. And if your geographic area isn’t home to a ton of pickleball enthusiasts, your business model is bound to suffer. By building an on-premise eatery, your target audience will be inclusive to anyone looking to dine out. Who knows–a more generic atmosphere may even result in the launch of a pickleball bar franchise or multi-location restaurants.

3. Enter the Mobile App Marketplace

Once there’s a menu, indoor pickleball clubs can digitize it via food delivery apps. Due to the number of people scrolling through restaurants each day, marketplace insertion inherently boosts exposure. Plus, the ability to serve that many people will let your pickleball restaurant maximize the order volume and cart values. 

4. The Option to Offer Catering Services

Take your food and drink selection and turn it into a catering menu. Or, if you should offer an extensive variety, check the sales data from your POS system to determine your best-sellers. This collection of dishes will surely help you in regard to how to get more catering orders. Plus, it’ll keep kitchen operations organized when supplying food and beverages for special events.

5. Host Private Indoor Events

You can’t have a full-blown party without food and drinks! By offering a dining area and delicious menus, you can add private parties to your list of product offerings. Not only will each event contribute to a massive amount of revenue, but each one will boost the brand’s exposure. Of all the pickleball business ideas that you can execute, this might be the easiest and cheapest way to accelerate the club’s visibility.

6. Slower Turnaround Times

There are some instances where a quick table turnover rate is ideal. Fast in-and-out operations are most prominent in quick service restaurants. Even though a pickleball bar and restaurant can lean very casual, there are multiple revenue outlets. From equipment rentals to quick bites to eat, it’s the kind of business model where the more time people enjoy it, the more cash flow potential there is for you.

7. More Product Offerings to Review

When you offer more to customers, there will be more for them to review. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most trusted forms of promotion, so it's vital to earn it whenever possible. Customer reviews are one of the most popular formats of this kind of marketing. So, provide guests with products to critique on Google, Yelp, and social media. Before you know it, indoor pickleball clubs will be the go-to spot for hungry customers and sports enthusiasts.

8. Enhance the Customer Experience

Many guests who visit your business may crave a snack and refreshments before their pickleball rounds. If not, they probably will afterward. Allowing customers to dine at your establishment will complete the customer experience. Meanwhile, there’s a great chance that it’ll be a positive one. After all, you’d be supplying them with all the aspects of hospitality: food, drinks, and entertainment.

9. Include Food and Drink Perks In Memberships

One of the best strategies for indoor pickleball clubs is selling memberships. Each tier can offer members a select number of times that they can access the indoor pickleball courts. But more importantly, memberships can also be a tool to drive restaurant sales. Structure the membership program in a way that reflects a restaurant loyalty program. This way, members can earn points from food, drinks, and court usage. Then, they can redeem rewards on any of these products, too.

10. Participation In Food Pantry Initiatives

We don’t anticipate you collecting that much food spoilage. Well, not in this day and age, thanks to apps like BlueCart. But there’s always a chance of acquiring an excess amount of ingredients from time to time. To prepare for this, partner with local food pantry organizations. It will prevent your restaurant staff from disposing of perfectly good dishes and will simultaneously help those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Pickleball Clubs

If there isn’t a restaurant that complements your indoor pickleball clubs, this is your time to make the switch. Or, if you’re a restaurant owner with the space for indoor pickleball clubs, adding them may also be a profitable decision. Either way, the learning doesn’t end here! Take a look at the following FAQ section for additional details.

Do People Enjoy Indoor Pickleball Clubs?

Yes, many people enjoy indoor pickleball clubs. Not only are they away from the elements, but there's central air conditioning which makes it more comfortable. As a result, indoor courts make playing pickleball accessible to everyone, all the time.

Are Indoor Pickleball Clubs Profitable?

Yes, indoor pickleball clubs can be very profitable ventures to launch. For one, pickleball is increasingly popular. But more importantly, indoor courts can accommodate clubs all year round.

Who Is the Target Audience for Indoor Pickleball Clubs?

The target audience of indoor pickleball clubs comprises anyone who enjoys pickleball. This is because the sport is exactly the same indoors as it is outdoors. You might actually encounter more players though, since they're away from the elements.

Do Gyms and Fitness Centers Have Indoor Pickleball Clubs?

Yes, it's pretty common for gyms and fitness centers to have indoor pickleball clubs. It's important to note that as the sport becomes more popular, there will be more places renovating their space to offer them.

Where Can You Find the Most Indoor Pickleball Clubs?

As of 2024, New York City has the most indoor pickleball clubs in the United States. However, there’s a good chance that Florida is not too far behind.

Don’t Forget the Menus!

Pickleball enthusiasts are entering the restaurant industry more now than ever before. As a result, the implementation of eateries near indoor pickleball courts is an innovative selling point. If you already operate one, consider adding the other. As the cross between sports and dining continues to flourish, we have a feeling that you won’t regret it!