April 28, 2023
Lauren Platero

6 Steps to Give Every Hotel Guest a Unique Dining Experience

Hotel restaurant management teams are constantly looking for ways to improve the hotel guest experience. It’s no surprise–from high profits to guest retention, you need to establish a great environment to sustain long-term growth. 

Fortunately, the dining options within hotels contribute a great deal to the overall experience. From integrating software with the hotel reservation system to using hotel technology solutions in the kitchen, there are numerous outlets for improving the hotel guest experience. 

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Hotel Guest Experience Checklist 

Whether you're learning how to manage a hotel or are trying to improve hotel operations, there are many areas to enhance. However, the customer experience should always be a top priority. See below for several components of the hotel guest experience:

  • Check-in and check-out processes
  • Food quality and service 
  • Room tidiness and cleanliness 
  • Stellar customer service 
  • Amenities and facilities

Once you learn how to perfect the above hotel features, you're golden. But before you strategize for all of them, know that food service is a key component of hotel stays. So, it's important to master this area before anything else. 

From hotel management software to unique menus, there are many ways to accomplish this goal. Read on to learn more. 

6 Ways to Give Every Hotel Guest a Unique Experience 

Creating an excellent experience for every hotel guest can begin with dining options. Read on for six ways to give every hotel guest a unique experience:

1. Offer In Room Dining 

In-room dining is one of the most favorable perks in hotels. It's convenient, cost-effective, and a luxury that many hotel guests look forward to. 

Hotel room service is also a great way to maximize revenue in hotels. You see, the seating capacity in the hotel's restaurant may only accommodate so many people. By offering in-room dining, you're expanding your reach to every hotel guest. 

Since the eateries and rooms are on the hotel's premises, it's also easy to offer 24 7 food delivery via room service. As one of the few options available, if not the only one, this feature can also secure more sales. 

Want to make room service even simpler? Create a limited menu. This way, the chefs can prepare foods in advance to speed up delivery times. 

2. Abide By Health and Safety Guidelines 

It's a legal protocol to abide by health and safety guidelines. However, this is something you can emphasize to each and every hotel guest. 

Showcase that you're able to provide safely prepared dishes, even if it's for a niche market. For example, are you able to accommodate guests with severe food allergies? What about those with a dangerous gluten intolerance?

Creating an inclusive dining experience will have customers flocking to your hotel. It's not super common to find restaurants and hotels that can guarantee safety across the board.

Hotel franchises in particular can benefit tremendously from this tip. As they're able to serve more patrons, they'll become increasingly popular in more areas. Over time, they'll be able to dominate the market. 

3. Offer Delivery Via Online Ordering Apps

Utilize third-party delivery apps for off-premise deliveries. This will come in handy after each hotel guest checks out. During their stay, they'll become familiar with on-premise food service. But what happens after they leave–especially if they’re local?

Or, consider the amount of people who might learn of hotels due to ordering from hotel restaurants. In this case, offering food delivery would also grow exposure for things like catering and hotel banquet halls. To reach maximum brand awareness, hotels must promote every feature. 

Be sure to utilize off-premise solutions such as Connect from Revolution Ordering, that syncs with the hotel POS system. This way, you'll be able to manage orders from all delivery service providers in one platform.

4. Allow Hotel Guests to Schedule Orders 

Order scheduling features are extremely valuable for travelers. For example, if a hotel guest is arriving after a long day of flights, they can schedule a meal for pick-up upon arrival. Or, perhaps another hotel guest has an early-morning departure. Then, they can schedule a room service order for breakfast the night before. 

When guests schedule orders in advance, it also gives the hotel chef more time to prepare. In turn, there's a lesser risk of errors, too. Most importantly, hotel guests are sure to love the convenience. Why make guests wait for their order when it can be ready in advance?

5. Create Diverse Menu Types 

One of the most creative ways to improve the dining experience for every hotel guest is to offer delicious foods and drinks. From the appetizer list to the dessert menu, there are so many options to choose from. 

During this step, hotel restaurant managers can benefit from restaurant inventory management apps. Once you select a number of recipes, use restaurant inventory software to purchase the right selection of ingredients. Then, automate the reorder point for simple restocks. 

Is your hotel at a tourist destination known for its food? Implement authentic dishes that reflect its geography’s local cuisine. This way, your business will be more likely to stand out amongst competitors. 

Product differentiation within the hotel industry can link to its food service options. Whilst crafting your menus, keep this concept in mind.

6. Provide Great Customer Service 

Establishing ways to boost customer service for every hotel guest is sure to improve the dining experience. Fortunately, there are many ways that hotel leaders can accomplish this feat. Most importantly, these tips aren't expensive. 

First, ensure that management properly trains all new hires. Learning how to approach each hotel guest and various situations will go a long way. A friendly and welcoming team will also make every guest feel comfortable. 

It's also important to implement policies that put the customers first. Things like refunds and perks when appropriate can improve the guest experience when things spiral downhill. 

Frequently Asked Questions About a Hotel Guest 

Learning how to improve the guest experience is a vital step. Without making the right decisions in this department, customer service can be prone to disruption. By employing systems and tools that establish the best experience possible, your hotel is bound to flourish. 

 Want to learn about more aspects of the hotel guest experience? Read on for more!

Is There a Restaurant or Room Service Available for Hotel Guests?

Yes, there is usually some kind of food service available for hotel guests. In some cases it's room service, an on-premise restaurant, or breakfast. However, some hotels include all of the above while some offer none. Future guests should double-check this information before their arrival. 

How Can Hotel Guests Report a Maintenance Issue In My Hotel Room?

Hotel guests can report a maintenance issue by speaking to a desk attendant. The number to reach the front desk should also be accessible in each hotel guest room.

Is There a Pool Available for Hotel Guests to Use?

Yes, hotels often have a pool that each hotel guest can use. However, they typically require room key access or proof inside the facility. 

Can a Hotel Guest Request An Early Check-In or Late Check-Out?

Under special circumstances, hotel guests might be able to request an early check-in or check-out time. This is especially common for wedding guests and business professionals. However, it's always ideal to check with the hotel beforehand. 

Is There Enough Parking Available for Every Hotel Guest?

The amount of parking available for hotel guests depends on the business. If customers suspect that this might be an issue, they should consult with the hotel before their arrival. 

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Key Takeaways

Dining options can significantly contribute to the hotel guest experience. By implementing the right tools, processes, and solutions, hotel staff can streamline these tasks. As more and more guests have a great experience, profits and brand awareness are bound to skyrocket.