April 18, 2023
Lauren Platero

The Impact of Online Food Ordering on Hotel Operations

Streamlined hotel operations are the foundation of a successful enterprise hotel. Ensuring that amenities are clean, guest rooms are tidy, and the staff is attentive are all must-haves. However, food service is one of the most significant areas to establish a stellar experience. 

More specifically, online food ordering at hotels is becoming increasingly profitable. And for good reasons. It’s a feature of many luxury hotels and can quickly increase cash flow. Whether guests dine at one of the hotel restaurants or choose in room dining, the experience should be top tier and innovative. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of online food ordering for hotel operations. But first, let’s uncover what makes up hotel operations in the first place. 

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Hotel Operations: What Is It?

Hotel operations refer to the systems and practices that keep a hotel business afloat. Many day-to-day activities make up the to-do lists of hotel staff. From managing reservations to delivering hotel room service, it's quite a busy space. 

Seamless hotel operations are essential to establishing a great customer experience. Comfort and relaxation should be the foundation of every guest's visit. By having all your ducks in a row, you can feel certain that each guest will enjoy their stay. 

With these factors in mind, hotel operations must be in order across the board. For instance, ensuring that guest rooms are clean and tidy is just as vital as restaurant operations. It also means that guests should receive room service or other requests quickly and efficiently. 

Maximize revenue and customer satisfaction by making hotel operations easy for the whole staff. We also recommend offering online food ordering. It's simple and can serve many customers in a  limited time window. With this one feature, you'll be able to boost cash flow in no time. 

See below to learn about online ordering at hotels.

The Importance of Online Food Ordering on Hotel Operations

Professionals across the hotel industry constantly seek ways to improve business. This refers to increasing profits, streamlining operations, and boosting productivity. Many opt for innovative ways to offer food service, which is ideal.

For instance, online food ordering has been a major source of revenue throughout the entire hospitality industry. But in recent years, this innovative feature has been taking hotels and resorts by storm. If online food ordering isn't part of your strategy, we recommend you add it. 

Plus, third-party delivery service providers make it easier than ever for hotels to service the public. Do you have a restaurant within the walls of your hotel? If so, you can offer food and drinks via delivery, through online ordering apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. 

Whether you’re learning how to manage a hotel or would like to advance your hotel’s online food ordering systems, you’re in the right place. See below for all you need to know about online hotel restaurant management operations. 

Online Food Ordering Solutions Eliminate POS Hardware

One of the best parts of offering online ordering is the hotel technology that comes along with it. For instance, our off-premise solutions can integrate with your hotel POS system to keep all orders in one place. This way, you can simplify daily procedures and sustain guest retention

With cloud-based technology, food service professionals can ditch most of the hardware. Say goodbye to multiple tablets and monitors. Want to learn more? Book a demo with us today!

Placing Online Orders Is Super Convenient

One of the best perks of online food ordering for hotel operations is the convenience it offers guests and staff alike. Instead of calling in orders or visiting the restaurant, they can order everything they need on an app. Want to take the convenience factor up a notch? Add menu QR codes to each guest room!

Offering Digital Ordering Can Make Profits Skyrocket 

When guests can order food online, it allows the business entity to secure more sales. This idea is because brick and mortar restaurants have a limited capacity. But when you can order online, eateries broaden their reach more than tenfold. So much so, it can even combat a high hotel franchise cost.

Integrated Online Ordering Solutions Provide Data Transparency 

When you utilize off-premise solutions for food ordering, it opens up the door for collecting customer data. Such information is vital for understanding your customer base and improving future strategies. So by offering online ordering, you'll capture valuable data during the process. 

Hotel Operations Management Tips

Hotel operations across food service segments must be top-notch at all times. But never forget that the business as a whole can heavily influence smaller sectors. With this in mind, ensure that hotel operations management practices are up to par with industry standards. 

Whether you're delivering room service or coordinating events in hotel banquet halls, we've got you covered. Here are ten tips for hotel operations management:

  1. Set goals and objectives for the whole management team. 
  2. Host weekly or monthly meetings to discuss company updates.
  3. Onboard innovative tech solutions to streamline operations. 
  4. Reward your staff members when they display excellent performance. 
  5. Employ a marketing team to execute effective promotions and ad campaigns. 
  6. Track financial performance on a daily or weekly basis.
  7. Provide great service to guests at all times. 
  8. Maintain positive relationships with local vendors and small businesses. 
  9. Frequently research competitors to decide how you'll implement product differentiation.
  10. Read customer reviews on a regular basis to improve on what's necessary. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Operations

Hotel operations require much attention to detail from the staff. From restaurant service to swiftly checking in guests, all aspects of the business must be orderly to run smoothly. Plus, doing so will make everyone's life so much simpler. See below for more details about hotel operations!

How Do Hotels Manage Their Food and Beverage Operations?

Hotels can manage food and beverage operations by following these steps:

How Do Hotels Manage Housekeeping and Cleaning Schedules?

Hotels can use hotel management software to keep up with housekeeping and cleaning schedules. This tool can be used to delegate shifts to various employees. This way, there will always be staff available to get the job done. 

How Can Hotels Manage Their Staffing Needs?

Hotels can manage their staffing needs by hiring and scheduling staff members accordingly. Using an employee dashboard, digital calendar, and cloud-based payroll system can go a long way. Plus, such tech solutions can sync across the whole brand. This is especially useful for hotel franchises

What Are the Protocols for Maintenance and Upkeep of Hotels?

The standard protocols for the maintenance and upkeep of hotels include:

  • Immediate repairs and replacements of equipment when necessary. 
  • Regular inspections of all the facilities and equipment. 
  • Conduct renovations and upgrade furnishings when necessary. 
  • A consistent schedule for preventative maintenance. 
  • Abide by legal safety and ADA compliance standards. 

How Do Hotels Manage the Inventory of Guest Supplies and Amenities?

Hotels must keep track of inventory storage and orders to keep up with guest supplies. They should also ensure that waste prevention practices are in place. Not only will this be better for the environment, but it will help save money.

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Operating Hotels Can Be Complex–Let’s Simplify It

Whether you’re a hotel chef or manager, online ordering will have a major impact on hotel operations. By implementing the proper strategies and solutions, it can be a major revenue source. Just ensure that such operations are organized with an end goal in mind. Once you have an online food ordering plan in place, you’re good to go!