March 27, 2023
Lauren Platero

Enterprise Hotel: 9 Tools to Enhance an Enterprise Hotel

Every enterprise hotel has one goal in mind--to provide guests with the best customer experience possible. Ever since the digital revolution, many hotels now use tech solutions to do this and maximize revenue. The hospitality industry is constantly changing, so innovation is a must to stay afloat. 

Hospitality software companies are constantly improving the hotel and resort space. In this blog, we'll discuss the definition of an enterprise hotel and several tools to enhance a hotel business. Let's get started! 

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Enterprise Hotel: Definition 

An enterprise hotel is any hotel business generating a profit. Like any other hotel, they offer various amenities and services to accommodate guests. They typically consist of numerous departments and are led by an executive leadership team.

8 Tools to Enhance an Enterprise Hotel

Every enterprise hotel should consider onboarding innovative solutions. Unsure of where to start? Don't fret! From hotel POS features to advanced hotel technology, we're about to cover a wide variety. Read on to learn all about them!

1. Contactless Payments

Contactless payment options allow guests to pay for their visits with a phone or card chip. Mobile POS systems are becoming super popular, especially since the pandemic. This payment processing method is safe, secure, and convenient. It's also worth noting that it helps decrease wait times, which is always a bonus. 

Such POS software can also allow mobile check-in procedures. Hotels can lessen the amount of time guests are waiting at the front desk to get their key. If this concept sounds familiar, that's probably because you've checked into a flight via a mobile device. Why waste time in line when all the same processes can be at one's fingertips?

2. In Room Dining 

In-room dining is almost identical to traditional room service. The only difference is that in-room dining provides a more restaurant-like experience. Offer this service to guests to create the most luxurious experience possible. 

From proper silverware and glassware, to a complete menu, hotels can bring miniature versions of their eatery straight to guest rooms. It's a way to maximize profits, while serving more customers in a given shift. 

3. In-Room Tablets

Speaking of in-room dining, supply each guest room with a tablet. This device can allow guests to contact the staff, order room service, and so much more. Perhaps they don't have the app necessary to order food--no problem! Have all necessary apps downloaded to accommodate them. 

Each enterprise hotel should also take advantage of in-room tablets to promote the rest of the hotel. Showcase amenities, restaurant menus, local attractions, and more. 

Tablets can also integrate with AI features to deliver optimal service. For example, chatbots can be available for 24/7 support. If guests have already purchased room service or excursions, AI can also make suggestions. Upselling and cross selling are important tactics of any hotel. AI can certainly accomplish these feats.

4. Virtual Concierge

If your enterprise hotel has its own app, guests can use a virtual concierge service. This will allow them to contact staff and get information about hotel services. The convenience is top-tier, and is a sure way to boost customer service

A virtual concierge service can also provide information about the surrounding area. Do you partner with local eateries or attractions? Promote them via the app! Concierge services are associated with luxurious brands. If you're trying to improve the reputation of your enterprise hotel, offering such services is ideal. 

5. Catering Services 

Catering systems can integrate with the hotel reservation system to streamline operations. It'll be much more efficient too, as guests can book restaurant reservations after reserving a room. In turn, this can boost revenue. 

If you want to learn how to get more catering orders, use the proper reservation system. With an all-inclusive platform, upselling has never been easier!

6. Fully-Equipped Website

An updated and optimized eCommerce website can do wonders for an enterprise hotel. Not only will it serve as the central hub for relevant information, but customers can use it to book reservations. Without an accessible and user-friendly website, you can miss out on a ton of traffic. Ensure that this is a constant part of your hotel marketing strategy. 

7. Keyless Entry

Keyless entry systems allow guests to access their rooms with a mobile app. With a quick scan, similar to how we use QR codes, guests can safely enter their room. 

Keyless room access is also ideal for abiding by ADA compliance standards. It ensures that everyone can enter their room with their own mobile device. Plus, it eliminates the risk of physical keys getting lost or stolen. 

8. Team Management Software

Many hotel management software options include features to manage the staff. Use such integrations to boost efficiency and production. Not only will this clarify expectations for the employees, but it will help manage and reduce work overload

9. Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy should be in place for every enterprise hotel. It's one of the best ways to communicate with consumers and promote the brand simultaneously. 

Showcase amenities like restaurants, guest rooms, and other facilities. It's also important to showcase venue spaces and on-site restaurants. Even if people don't spend the night at your hotel, these additional areas can still draw a crowd. 

Social media is also great for collecting useful customer data metrics. This insight can help you identify the customer profile, which heavily affects future decisions and strategies. Just be sure to understand the social media ROI formula to track results. 

Frequently Asked Questions About An Enterprise Hotel

Ready to enhance your enterprise hotel? Hopefully, the tools and resources mentioned above will help you out! If you need more details, we've got you covered--read on to learn more!

What Are the Check-In and Check-Out Times At An Enterprise Hotel? 

The earliest time for hotel check-in is usually 12pm, and the latest time for check-out is typically by 11am. It's important to note that this policy can change from one hotel enterprise to the next. It's all determined by the time that's needed for housekeeping to prepare enough rooms. 

What Is the Cancellation Policy At An Enterprise Hotel? 

Many hotels allow guests to cancel their reservation at any point up until the day of. Whether hotels will give customers a refund or not after the date of the reservation is subject to change. With this said, some policies are more flexible than others. 

Is It Common for an Enterprise Hotel to Be Pet-Friendly?

It’s common for hotel enterprises to be pet-friendly. However, many guests have to pay a fee when bringing a furry friend.

What Kinds of Amenities Are Available At Enterprise Hotels?

Some of the most popular amenities you'll find in enterprise hotels include:

  • Pool
  • Daily breakfast 
  • Bar and lounge
  • Fitness center 
  • Room service 
  • On-site eateries 

Is There Room Service Available At Enterprise Hotels?

It's very common to find room service at enterprise hotels. In fact, it's also common to experience in-room dining, which is a slightly more upscale version of traditional room service.

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As you can see, there are many tools that can enhance an enterprise hotel. These tech solutions will streamline operations and improve the guest experience. In turn, onboarding some or all of these tools will likely lead to higher profits over time.