February 27, 2024
Lauren Platero

8 Coffee Shop POS System Features You Need to Use In 2024

A coffee shop POS system is one of the first investments a business owner must make before opening their cafe. A POS system is the tool that any business needs in order to process and accept transactions. However, there are some that cater more toward coffee shops. Continue on to the next section to learn more about the specifics of a POS system for coffee shops.

What Is a Coffee Shop POS System?

A coffee shop POS system, or point-of-sale system, is the combination of software and hardware that allows a cafe to accept transactions. In other words, it’s the system that lets a coffee shop literally do business. Without it, payment processing would be nonexistent.

But what exactly makes a coffee shop POS system different from those of other businesses? Well, that’s where integrations come in! When you first figure out how to start a coffee shop, you quickly realize just how unique it is from other ventures in the restaurant industry. From pre-ordering capabilities to coffee club membership programs, it becomes pretty clear that you can empower your business with far more than just a cash register.

A coffee shop POS system makes it easy for staff to handle operations with a sense of ease. Meanwhile, customers are able to get their brew in record time, exactly how they ordered it, and be on their merry way.

Do coffee shop POS system integrations pique your interest? Are you curious about which POS add-ons can benefit your business? If you answered yes to either of these questions, read on! We’re about to cover several coffee shop POS features in the following section.

Coffee Shop POS Features You Need to Implement

Did you know that POS software and coffee shop management software can intertwine with one another? That’s the power of SaaS integrations! When you were drafting your coffee shop business plan, there were likely many aspects that you wanted to include. From rotating coffee trends on your menu to offering coffee delivery service, there truly is a lot to the equation. However, the right suite of POS integrations can simplify the whole business model.

The best coffee shops in this day and age are those that implement innovation. So, we think it’s time to gain a sense of familiarity with high-tech POS integrations. Read about eight of them below!

1. One Centralized Dashboard

When you use a traditional card reader and a cash register, it can be difficult to track all transactions. However, a software provider that connects to a POS system will allow for simple tracking of all transactions–on and off-premise. As a result, operational efficiency can always stay within reach.

2. Online Ordering

Coffee shop online ordering integrations are a must if you want to sustain long-term cash flow. The cost to open a coffee shop and maintain profitability is a challenge all by itself. Online ordering capabilities usually go hand in hand with pre-order functionalities. So, if you should be so lucky to operate a drive thru coffee shop, this feature will surely come in handy for that, too.

3. Loyalty Program

You can completely digitize loyalty programs thanks to POS integrations. The way it works is once you input a customer’s information, they’ll receive points each time they make a purchase using a phone number or email address. This method of offering rewards ensures accuracy. Plus, it will allow people to receive points at self service coffee shop since it eliminates the need for punch cards.

4. Inventory Tracking

Inventory turnover in a coffee shop moves extremely fast. After all, standard brews, specialty coffee, and baked goods are quite popular. As customers place more orders, that’s more ingredients and wholesale coffee beans you’ll have to replenish. Regardless of how you purchase wholesale coffee and other inventory, you can use advanced POS system features to track stock. As a result, you’ll never have unavailable menu items, which is never what people in need of a caffeine boost want to hear!

5. Business Intelligence Metrics

As orders roll into the POS system, the integrated platform will automatically store data. From best-sellers to sales trends, coffee shop leaders can use a business intelligence feature to view all this information. Plus, it can even provide insight into the industry as a whole, like coffee statistics and beyond.

6. Group Ordering

There are many instances when coffee shops will receive group orders. This idea is especially true in cities where there are a lot of corporate offices. Luckily, one of the POS integrations that can be valuable in these situations is group-pay capabilities. It works similarly to a regular online order, but through a link, one person will have the option to pay the whole bill for multiple people.

7. Multi-Location Management

When you use cloud technology to manage one unit, you can sync every location under a single account. As a result, coffee shop executives can have a clear overview of their entire business. As you can probably already imagine, this feature is incredibly useful for franchises. It’s inevitable for some locations to thrive more than others. With the ability to locate such information, you’ll be able to operate a lucrative brand as a whole.

8. Built-In Marketing Functionalities

Operating a cafe means that you’re competing with all the other local coffee shops. Subsequently, you’ll need to implement a variety of coffee shop marketing strategies. But did you know that demand creation and advertising tools are part of POS integrations? That’s right–such a platform can retrieve consumer data, allowing you to build various types of targeted marketing campaigns in the backend.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Coffee Shop POS System

The concept of a coffee shop POS system is so much more than what these tools used to be. From third-party integrations to synchronicity with your current solutions, there’s much to learn about them. So, we thought it would be helpful to provide you, the reader, with a selection of commonly asked questions about POS systems for coffee shops.

See below:

Why Do I Need An Innovative POS System for Coffee Shop Operations?

Coffee shop business owners need an innovative POS system for the ways it can transform their business. In simpler terms, they need a POS system that can integrate with app integrations. For instance, the Revolution Ordering platform connects seamlessly with POS systems to offer groundbreaking features. To name a few, clients can reap the benefits of things like business intelligence dashboards and online ordering tools. But if you only had a basic card reader and cash register, you would be unable to leverage such features.

What Are Some Good POS Systems for Coffee Shops?

There are many POS partners on the market that can be suitable for coffee shops. Some of the best options include:

  • PAR Brink
  • Toast
  • Micros Res/3700
  • Positouch
  • NCR Aloha Quick Service
  • NCR Cloud Connect
  • Xenial

What Does An All-Inclusive POS for Coffee Shop Include?

An all-inclusive POS for coffee shop operations includes platform integrations as well as the means to collect transactions. All POS systems have the ability to process payments, as that’s its basic function. But when you connect a POS system to software that enables extra capabilities, it can allow you to do more with less. In doing so, coffee shops can boost sales and visibility.

Why Are Coffee Shop POS Systems So Necessary?

Coffee shop POS systems are necessary for processing payment data and collecting transactions. In the modern age of technology, innovative POS systems are vital. They streamline daily tasks, keep customer data in one place, and ensure security. With an old-school POS system, coffee shops are unable to keep up with the competition.

How Can Coffee Shop POS Software Improve My Cafe?

A coffee shop POS system can improve a cafe by streamlining operations. In doing so, cafes will be able to establish a better customer experience, which will lead to steady boosts in sales. Plus, a coffee shop POS system might have integrations to offer online ordering. If you leverage this feature, revenue can potentially skyrocket.

Next Steps to Innovating Your Coffee Shop

Are you ready to scale your business by innovating operations? We’ve got just the right selection of tools you can utilize to take your coffee shop business to the next level. Even if you don’t see your POS provider anywhere on our website, we still might be able to make some tweaks and integrate the system you currently use. Schedule a demo for a time that works for you and we’ll be in touch!