February 20, 2024
Lauren Platero

Coffee Shop Industry: 12 Mindblowing Facts About Coffee Shops

The coffee shop industry serves millions of customers every single day.  Basic cups of coffee and specialty coffee drinks are staples in the lives of countless people across the globe. Even those who enjoy tea can order from coffee shops with a diverse menu.

In this article, we’re going to introduce the coffee shop industry by going over a dozen groundbreaking and mind-blowing ideas. From modern coffee trends to coffee statistics, you’ll have a clear understanding of the current market as well as where it’s headed. Now, without further ado, grab yourself a cup of coffee and let’s dive in!

A Glimpse Into the Coffee Shop Industry: 12 Mind-Blowing Facts In 2024

Maybe you’re in the midst of learning how to start a coffee shop business plan. Or, perhaps you’re on a mission to operate one of the best coffee shops in your town. Either way, it’s vital that you fully grasp the current standing of the coffee industry. See below for twelve interesting facts about the industry as of February 2024.

1. Coffee Shops Can Do More With Less Thanks to Tech Solutions

Paperless coffee shop management software solutions are helping such businesses streamline operations. More specifically, they organize transactions and order fulfillment. Maybe it's overwhelming for your staff to handle the busiest times of the day. Or, perhaps you're experiencing the downsides of a labor shortage. Either way, the ability to put tasks on autopilot can do wonders.

2. Coffee Shop Delivery Service Is On the Horizon

In a recent survey, it was found that about 29 percent of consumers order coffee via food delivery apps. Knowing this data is revolutionary, especially considering the visibility that comes with marketplace order insertion. You see, when a coffee shop becomes available on delivery apps, more customers are able to discover it and view the menu. As a result, the business will be able to capture more sales than it would otherwise.

Are you wondering how to capture more sales at your coffee house? Check out how we help businesses connect online ordering features to their coffee shop POS system here.

3. The Ability to Pre-Order Coffee Results In Higher Sales

The same survey from earlier shows that about 47 percent of consumers pre-order their coffee. The only way to do this is by using online ordering apps. We all know that consumers, especially in America, live very busy lives. As a result, more people are using digital ordering tools to retrieve their coffee now than ever before. If off-premise ordering solutions aren't in your strategy mix right now, they absolutely should be. Just remember that with the rise of pre-ordering comes an increase in popularity amongst drive thru coffee shop brands.

4. The Coffee Shop Industry’s Growth Rate Is On a Constant Incline

The demand for coffee isn't going anywhere. Another study shows that over the past five years, there has been a 2.4 percent growth in the number of coffee shops doing business in the US. Though it might not seem like a massive percentage, it totals more than 65,000 shops. Meanwhile, nearly 15,000 more are projected to open by 2025. Due to the market size, it's vital to have product differentiation in mind when learning how to start a coffee shop from scratch.

5. There Is a Demand for Specialty Coffee Shops

While learning how to start a coffee company, you’ll likely be met with a ton of trends and specialty recipes. It’s very important that you add these to your menu. The specialty coffee market will likely surpass $51 million by 2030. This massive growth rate is mainly due to the fact that more people are beginning to crave authenticity and originality. From unique coffee brewing methods to buying the best beans from wholesale coffee distributors, making specialty coffee doesn’t have to be complex. Plus, purchasing specialty coffee beans wholesale won’t be as expensive as you might think.

6. Millennials Visit Coffee Shops More Than Anyone

According to one report, millennials make up a whopping 44 percent of coffee drinkers in the United States. This information should be super valuable when building target markets for paid advertising. One of the metrics that marketers can customize is the age range. By targeting your coffee shop marketing efforts toward the right crowd, the business can maximize profits.

7. Small Coffee Shops Can Make Substantial Amounts of Revenue

That’s right–local coffee shops and even your neighborhood self service coffee shop can be lucrative. In fact, they can generate up to $160,000 in revenue per year. Coffee shop owners can raise profits even higher by sourcing wholesale coffee beans from the best coffee roasters. It's even more beneficial to add your own branding to private label coffee beans. Don't forget about more customer-centric efforts too, like creating a coffee club membership rewards program.

8. Instagram and TIk Tok-Worthy Coffee Shops Are All the Rage

Never lose sight of the power held by influencer marketing. When coffee shops implement food trends and create a cozy atmosphere, it’s inevitable that people will share photos and videos online. Word-of-mouth marketing is an influential tool, so keep your coffee shop’s environment up to par with what people are sharing via social media. From seasonal cold brew coffee flavors to picturesque cappuccinos, always serve drinks that can turn into beautiful content.

9. Coffee Is Merging With the Wellness Sector More Than Ever

Every year it seems as though health food trends become increasingly popular. In fact, we now see healthy living essentials in coffee shops worldwide. This health craze goes far beyond matcha vs coffee, too. Nowadays, ingredients like mushroom adaptogens, lavender extract, and protein powder can be found in coffee drinks. By adding trendy and healthy items to your shop’s drink selection, you’ll certainly grab the attention of all types of customers.

10. Vegan and Plant-Based Coffee Shops Are Booming

It seems as though the more we hear about dairy products, the less often coffee shops use them. Between 2021 and 2022, oat milk sales have increased by approximately 58 percent. Meanwhile, vegan milk and other other types of plant-based milks are on the same path. By keeping your refrigerators fully stocked up on every type of creamer, you’ll be able to happily serve your entire customer base.

11. Coffee Drinkers Seek Ethically Sourced, Single-Origin Beans

When you begin answering the question, “How much does it cost to open a coffee shop,” you might find that ethically sourced coffee beans can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, wholesale coffee distribution companies can allow you to purchase beans in bulk at a fraction of the price. Plus, many single-origin coffee roasters are now selling coffee online. Besides, consumers are paying closer attention to where they spend their money and prioritize sustainability more than ever. So by investing in ethically sourced coffee, you can automatically establish a more loyal clientele.

12. Coffee Shops Are a Place to Socialize and Network

Many consumers envision coffee shops as the kind of place to rush in and out of on their way to work. However, they’re also a place for many individuals to sit back and unwind. While coffee shop online ordering might be on the rise, the business model will always remain a place for coffee dates and business meetings. Or, the coziest spot in town for students and those working from home. With these consumers in mind, always maintain a comfortable and inviting environment. The comfort level will surely result in long-term customer retention.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Coffee Shop Industry

The coffee shop industry is a booming and ever-growing ecosystem. From single-origin beans to innovating brick and mortar cafes, there's so much to learn. If you would like some extra insight into the coffee shop industry, check out the following selection of frequently asked questions and answers.

Is It Expensive to Open a Coffee Shop?

Yes, it can be very expensive to open a coffee shop business. Depending on the location, equipment, and size of the establishment, it can cost anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Plus, there will be recurring expenses like rent, utilities, insurance, payroll, and more. Before opening a coffee shop, it’s vital that you conduct local market research to determine necessary funds.

How Can a Coffee Shop Be Profitable?

A coffee shop can be profitable by catering to everyone who places an order. What this means is that a profitable coffee shop is one that serves food and is easily accessible. It should also offer comfortable seating and accommodate all dietary needs. In more recent years, it has become important to implement coffee business technology. This way, customers can order via delivery and curbside pick up.

Is the Coffee Shop Business Model Profitable?

Yes, coffee shops have the potential to be extremely profitable. Consumers all over the world flock to their favorite coffee shops almost every day. Just make sure that your business is able to accommodate all dietary preferences and restrictions. It’s also ideal to offer food, delivery service, and pre-order functionalities. This way, you'll be able to keep up with the industry giants.

Should a Coffee Shop Have a Food Menu?

Yes, a coffee shop should absolutely have a food menu. Many food items pair deliciously with coffee. Plus, there are many occasions when coffee completes a meal like breakfast or a midday snack. By not serving food, there’s a high risk that customers will visit establishments that serve everything they want.

Should a Coffee Shop Offer Delivery Services?

Yes, in this day and age, it’s vital that coffee shops offer delivery services. We live in a world where consumers are constantly on the go. Plus, there is a huge portion of the labor force that is still working from home. But most importantly, there is an increasing number of coffee shops that are popping up on delivery apps like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats. To keep up with the competition, businesses must achieve the same amount of visibility that being on such apps creates.

Let Us Help You Make An Impact In the Coffee Shop Industry

There are numerous coffee shop trends and business ventures on the horizon. As a result, it’s a landscape that will forever have an increasing amount of competition. Thankfully, we offer coffee shops a suite of advanced solutions to boost profitability and visibility. If those sound like some of your 2024 goals, schedule a demo with us to learn how we can help. Besides, with the rate in which coffee shops are implementing innovative technology, it’s not a matter of “if” you onboard such tools, but “when.” Let us speed up the process for you to surpass rivals before they can catch up!