March 5, 2024
Lauren Platero

7 Coffee Shop Online Ordering Solutions to Invest In Now

Coffee shop online ordering tools might just be the solution to increasing profits and surpassing local competition. Online ordering tools offer coffee shops the ability to accept on-premise as well as off-premise orders. Meanwhile, such platforms can consolidate all orders in one place. Plus, establishing a digital presence can drastically boost a coffee shop’s visibility.

Are you striving to surpass local coffee shops by offering the most convenient solutions? Or, are you simply learning how to start a coffee shop and are researching technologies to incorporate into your coffee shop business plan? Either way, you should be able to walk away from this article with all the insight needed to run a tech-savvy coffee shop. Now, let’s begin!

What Is Coffee Shop Online Ordering?

Coffee shop online ordering tools and processes contribute to the ability to order coffee virtually. This concept also refers to other cafe menu items, of course. Then, a coffee shop POS system enables the staff to store all these transactions in a centralized location in “the cloud.”

When you think of online ordering, you might envision several concepts. Some might imagine placing mobile orders for delivery. Meanwhile, someone else may instantly refer to pre-ordering drinks to retrieve at a drive thru coffee shop. All these processes fall into the “online ordering” bucket. Now, let’s review a brief snippet about various digital functionalities in the section below!

7 Coffee Shop Online Ordering Solutions You Need to Invest In

Just because successful coffee shops feel warm and cozy doesn't mean that they can’t be innovative. If anything, they actually have to be in this day and age in order to keep up with the vast competition out there. Once you invest in tech solutions, you’ll begin to notice that the growth opportunities are endless. Now, without further ado, let’s discuss seven groundbreaking coffee shop online ordering solutions you need to invest in.

1. Delivery Service

A cafe ordering system can connect with delivery apps to offer such services. In doing so, coffee shop owners will be able to reach more customers during each shift. Plus, coffee delivery service providers offer various other benefits, like upselling techniques, built-in marketing tools, and abandoned cart alerts.

2. Pick-Up for Mobile Orders

For one reason or another, some customers won't opt for delivery service. In these situations, they still might decide to multitask by picking up an order that they placed online. This can be for in-house orders as well as those customers retrieve in the drive-thru line. But we'll talk more about pre-ordering and self service coffee shop brands in the next section. It's also important to note that the cost to open a coffee shop and sustain high profits can be pretty steep. So, it's essential that you provide customers with as many options as possible.

3. Pre-Order Functionalities

The ability to pre-order coffee and food in advance is perfect for those on the go. It adds an extra touch of convenience that can allow people to do more in less time. As a result, many people will use an app to purchase from your coffee shop over others. Your team can also sync this kind of feature with the coffee shop management software to optimize their time. As you can imagine, pre-order capabilities nurture everyone's time management skills.

4. Multi-Pay Feature

Corporate teams will likely conduct group ordering from coffee shops more than anyone else. By offering a multi-payer option, parties can easily split payments while all orders remain under one transaction. This tool is especially useful when managers are treating their team to breakfast, but is allowing them to choose anything on the menu. However, that's just one of many examples where people use this feature. It also saves time, as the person who initiates the order won’t have to manually input what everyone wants.

5. Integrated Loyalty Program

The best coffee shops of all time find ways to reward their most loyal customers. With ideal online ordering functionalities, you also have built-in rewards. With each and every purchase, customers will have the opportunity to earn points. Then, when they save up enough to redeem them, they can get a free perk. From complementary coffees to merch, the rewards are up to you!

6. Business Intelligence Insights

As of right now, Revolution Ordering is one of the few, if not the only tech provider that offers a B.I. dashboard. As you retrieve more and more digital orders across your enterprise, you'll be able to compare multiple locations to one another. The best part? The business intelligence tool that we offer clients showcases industry insights. As you can imagine, this constantly comes in handy amidst strategic planning.

7. Gift Card Integrations

Gift cards are fantastic resources when it comes to provoking repeat business. There are multiple occasions where giving somebody a gift card is appropriate. They also help past and loyal customers introduce your coffee shop to their friends, family, and coworkers. So, make the processes of buying and redeeming them a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Shop Online Ordering

Selling coffee online via digital realms doesn’t stop at the use of delivery apps! From wholesale business models to consumer goods companies, there are several avenues that consist of coffee distribution. Take a look at the brief FAQ section below to learn more about the coffee industry.

Are Coffee Shop Online Ordering Solutions Necessary?

Yes, in the digital age, it's vital that cafe owners invest in coffee shop online ordering solutions. Without the ability for customers to place online orders, coffee shops can miss out on a huge amount of sales. Plus, the convenience factor won’t be there, steering people toward competitors. Therefore, not using online ordering tools can limit success.

Are Coffee Shop Online Ordering Tools Expensive?

No, coffee shop online ordering tools aren't always expensive. What you want to look for is a SaaS provider that offers a subscription model. For example, Revolution Ordering’s clients pay a flat monthly fee for access to all the platform’s features. As a result, hospitality brands are able to accurately and efficiently weave their tech solutions into their budget.

Which Delivery Apps Should Coffee Shops Use?

Unless you create a coffee shop app specifically for your business, there are several third-party delivery apps that you can use. The best options as of March 2024 are Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats. Once your coffee shop is available on these apps, you’ll be able to increase visibility and your bottom line. Some of them will even be able to assist with your coffee shop marketing efforts!

Is Coffee a Good Product to Sell Online?

Yes, coffee is one of the best products to sell online since consumers have such a wide range of preferences. Some customers may have an interest in purchasing coffee from a particular country or region. Meanwhile, others might want to save money by opting for one of the best coffee subscription plans. Regardless of their reasons, purchasing coffee beans wholesale and selling them online can make you a substantial amount of income.

Can An Online Coffee Business Be Profitable?

Yes, an online coffee business where you sell beans and ground coffee from an eCommerce store can be very profitable. In fact, selling coffee online has become a multi-million dollar industry and is only soaring from here. From single-bag orders to coffee bag subscription plans, there are many ways to establish a lucrative business in the coffee space.

Let Us Help You Offer Coffee Shop Online Ordering Services!

Are you currently shopping for coffee shop online ordering solutions? Regardless of where you are in the decision-making process, we can make it just a tad bit easier! Schedule a demo with us, so we can walk you through our advanced suite of online ordering solutions and further explain how they can improve your business. From easy installation to some of the best prices in the industry, you won’t believe how you went so long without our platform!