August 22, 2023
Lauren Platero

Luxury Cruise Line Features & Amenities: A Complete Guide

Every luxury cruise line has the potential to offer the best features and amenities. From cruise ship food to diverse package deals, there are so many aspects to implement. Even if you want to become the best cruise line for families or build a high tech cruise ship, there are certainly must-haves. 

In this blog, we’re going to go over a total of ten features and amenities that can take a cruise line to the next level. Whether you need inspiration for your cruise line company or are starting from the bottom, there’s much to learn. Keep reading to gain all the insight!

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Luxury Cruise Line Definition

A luxury cruise line is a company within the hospitality industry that has a number of high-end ships under its name. These brands offer consumers vacation packages spanning the globe. Future passengers can choose from a selection of vessels, itineraries, and port stops. 

Each luxury cruise line also features a ton of innovative features and amenities. In fact, these are what make cruise vacation so unique. Aside from sailing the ocean, of course. Read on to learn all about them!

Five Innovative Luxury Cruise Line Features 

Okay, so you have rooms and standard resort amenities aboard. But which features will make your ships stand out as the best? Try implementing the following options to boost sales and customer satisfaction:

1. In Room Dining 

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of in-room dining, just envision hotel room service, but a bit more upscale. Allow passengers to order from the cruise ship food menu for delivery at their room. Just don’t forget the linens, glassware, and table settings. And if you manage to become the first cruise line with organic food only, this culmination will surely set you apart from the competition.

2. Unlimited Drink Packages 

The cruise director and other leaders are constantly looking for ways to maximize profits during each sailing. A sure way to do this is to sell various drink packages. Liquor has such a high markup, that even selling such packages at a reasonable price can turn a hefty profit. Plus, not all passengers will drink enough to cover what it’s costing the ship. So, it can actually boost revenue in the long run. 

3. All-Inclusive Cruise Booking Software

If there’s one solution that both the passengers and cruise ship management team will benefit from, it’s the booking software. With a booking software that syncs with the POS system, all data can be stored accurately and instantly. And when passengers are able to reserve time slots for amenities on their own, it reduces the amount of labor on the staff’s end.

4. Customer Rewards Program

Cruise vacations aren’t cheap. Though they’re a fairly reasonable way to travel to multiple countries at a time, laying out the price per package can be a lot for most consumers. With this in mind, offer past and current passengers a loyalty program. Then, they can earn points on all purchases related to their vacation, to then redeem them for on-ship rewards or an upcoming vacation.

5. User-Friendly Mobile App 

Develop a mobile app for future and current passengers. Install features that allow them to reserve seats at shows, order food online, book excursions, and more. Not only will it lighten the workload for the staff, but it will make things a breeze for the passengers. This is especially true since everything will be at their fingertips–literally. 

Five Must-Have Luxury Cruise Line Amenities 

Aside from advanced tech solutions and other features, each and every luxury cruise line has a variety of amenities on their ships. Not only does this make for fun vacations, but they break up the typical routine of everyone’s day aboard. To ensure that passengers can have the ultimate experience, invest in launching the following amenities:

1. Upscale Restaurant Options 

Every cruise ship has a main dining room. This space is where all the meals take place that are part of the cruise price. There’s also an all-you-can-eat buffet for all the other times of the day. However, cruise lines can benefit quite a bit from having fine dining restaurants aboard. These are often referred to as “specialty dining” options, are an extra cost, and give passengers quite the variety.

2. Robotic Servers 

If you wish to become the best cruise line for food and beverages, you need to innovate the ordering and serving processes. For example, Royal Caribbean recently introduced a robotic bartender, where you can customize drinks on a self ordering kiosk. Then, a robotic device mixes the different types of alcohol and presents the consumer with the concoction. Maybe passengers want one of the most popular cocktails. Or, perhaps they'd like to try an original mixed drink recipe. Either way, a robot can do all the manual labor.

3. Innovative Bars

Speaking of popular cocktail recipes, it’s also ideal for cruise ships to have innovative, futuristic, and creative bars. Not only do they nurture the atmosphere of a vacation, but it provokes the passengers to use their drink package if they buy one. Ditch traditional sports bar marketing tips and standard drinks and beer brands. Instead, hire experts to come up with unique recipes, install restaurant tech, and hire artists to design the themes.

4. Live Music Venues 

Most cruise ships have theaters for their nightly shows. Though nightly entertainment acts are major attractions on cruise ships, who doesn’t love live music? Ensure that casual eateries and other areas on the decks have proper sound equipment and music gear. This way, entertainment can take place anywhere on the boat.

5. Casinos

The casino industry is a booming one. And not only are they a way for passengers on cruises to have a thrilling time, but they can maximize revenue for the cruise line company. Take inspiration from the world's best casinos, adding an on-brand oceanic twist to the theme. Oh, and don't forget to implement modern casino software for an extra touch of innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Luxury Cruise Line

In the grand scheme of things, a luxury cruise line is a scarce business type. They require so much money and time for ships to be under construction, that there can only be so many in the world. Luckily, this means that inspiration is fairly straightforward for any new brands entering this niche market. So without further ado, check out the FAQ section below for extra insight:

What Is the Most Luxurious Cruise Line Company?

The most luxurious cruise line company is Royal Caribbean International. Over the years, they have built a number of high-tech cruise ships with more amenities than ever. They constantly set the standard sky-high for other cruise lines, providing passengers with the ultimate experience.

What Is a Premium Cruise Line?

A premium cruise line is a company that offers consumers luxurious accommodations. From upscale restaurants to high-tech ordering processes, they have it all. Premium cruise lines offer the perfect combination of comfort and luxury. These features also explain their premium price tags!

What Is the Best Luxury Cruise Line All Around?

The best luxury cruise line of all time is Royal Caribbean. They constantly set the bar for other cruise line companies regarding every aspect of a ship. From food to on-ship amenities, they get it right every single time.

What Is the Most Expensive Type of Cruise?

As of right now, the Oasis Class by Royal Caribbean offers some of the most expensive cruise packages. Their high rates on rooms, excursions, and amenities are driven by their impeccable quality. After all, they rank as one of the best cruise lines for a reason.

What Is the Number One Cruise Ship In the World?

Wonder of the Seas from Royal Caribbean currently sits at the number one spot for cruise ships in the world. This should be no surprise, as Royal Caribbean offers some of the best cruise vacations.

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Become a Luxury Cruise Line for the Ultimate Sailing Experience

Every luxury cruise line must have top-tier features and amenities for its passengers. Not only will this help you stand out from the competition, but it will allow you to offer the best vacations imaginable. Not too long after, you’ll find that the company’s reputation is heading in the right direction. Then, you’ll be able to sustain steady cash flow and positive customer reviews for the long haul.