August 15, 2023
Lauren Platero

The Importance of Operating a Cruise Line With Organic Food

A cruise line with organic food would accommodate countless consumers around the world. In recent years, the restaurant industry has been shifting more toward organic food than ever before. However, other sub-sectors of the hospitality industry don’t seem to move so quickly.

Even if you’re aboard a high tech cruise ship, menu types may be limited. After all, you only have access to what’s on the ship. So as you can imagine, a cruise line with organic food would give a lot of passengers peace of mind about the quality of their dishes. 

In this blog post, we’ll cover all there is to know about the concept of a cruise line with organic food. From the reasons why it’s not super popular to the importance of organic food in general, we’ll discuss it all. Keep reading for all the details!

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Cruise Line With Organic Food: Any Options?

When you consider what is the best cruise line, you likely envision both fine and casual dining options. With them in mind, it’s practical to assume that a cruise line with organic food is the industry standard. But surprisingly, there actually aren't any cruise lines with 100% organic menus across the board. 

Sure, companies like Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises offer organic options here and there. However, this isn’t a guarantee at every bar and restaurant. Despite the benefits of organic food, there are a handful of reasons for this discovery. 

Organic farmers and suppliers produce ingredients without artificial chemicals. Such substances can include things like pesticides and fertilizers. Organic food suppliers also opt against the use of preservatives. That's what keeps them fresh and organic. 

Organic food spoils much quicker than ingredients with preservatives or GMOs. While such food groups are alright for brick and mortar eateries, it becomes more complex for cruise ships. 

First, the cruise director and executive chef can't run the risk of food spoilage on a ship. Not only would they be unable to retrieve more products, but spoiled food in the vicinity of other ingredients can cause a domino effect. This is because of the gasses that emit from expiring food. 

  Second, there is only so much space that the kitchen staff on cruise ships can store inventory. So, it's vital that they make the best use of the space they have. 

 Now that you know why it's difficult to operate a cruise line with organic food only, let's discuss the importance of such food. Read on!

The Importance of Organic Food 

Organic food is significantly more healthy than foods full of different chemicals. It contains minimal toxins and other substances that are harmful to the body. Fresh produce and other products also have a better flavor. 

Organic foods are also better for the environment. That's right, organic systems require less energy than regular sourcing methods. Plus, they emit fewer carbon emissions. That's one of the main reasons why sustainable restaurants opt for organic foods. 

Plus, there is less animal cruelty in the organic food sector. Maybe you're shopping for wholesale meat and seafood for specific dishes. Or, perhaps you're stocking up on the basics like organic milk and other dairy products. Regardless, organic sourcing typically equates to sustainability.

Where to Purchase Organic Ingredients

Let’s begin by saying that organic food can cost a small fortune if you don’t shop from the right suppliers. That’s why it’s beneficial to shop from a wholesale directory. With a directory, business personnel are able to price shop and compare multiple suppliers. 

While creating cruise ship food menu ideas, keep meat products, seafood dishes, and wholesale produce in mind. That’s because these comprise some of the most common ingredient combinations. Plus, they come from industries where unsustainable practices are prominent.

Don’t forget about organic herbs and spices. After buying the bulk of your recipes, you don’t want dishes to end up inorganic due to something as miniscule as spices. 

Organic cruise ship food can quickly allow your luxury cruise line to become the best cruise line for food service. The cruise line management team in the food and beverage department should use an inventory management system like BlueCart to buy wholesale produce and other types of inventory. This way demand planning and scheduling the reorder point can be streamlined processes. 

Having control over your inventory levels and purchasing decisions will also save you time and money. Sounds good to you? Book a demo with BlueCart to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions About a Cruise Line With Organic Food

A cruise line with organic food has the potential to accommodate so many target audiences. If you find that your customer profile inquires about this sort of thing, it might be a good idea to try making it work. But until then, learn more about the concept of a cruise line with organic food in the FAQ section below:

Do Any Cruise Lines Serve Organic Food?

Yes, it's easier than you think to find a cruise line with organic food. However, these food groups won't make up the entire menu. One cruise line that strives for organic foods more than others is Celebrity Cruises. But until there are safer and cleaner ways to preserve food, your options for a cruise line with organic food all around might be limited. 

Are There Healthy Food Options On Cruises?

Yes, there are so many healthy food options on a cruise ship. You can order dishes that are baked or grilled as opposed to being fried. There are also a ton of fruits and vegetables available. You can also ask the wait staff for modifications, like sauce on the side or none of a particular side.

Are Cruises Safe for People With Serious Food Allergies?

It's always best to consult with the cruise line company before booking a vacation if allergies are a concern. However, cruises are often great vacations for those with allergies and dietary restrictions. Just ensure that the main dining room is aware ahead of time. Or, see if there’s a way to submit this information through the cruise booking software. It might also be beneficial to check if the buffets are doable.

How Does a Cruise Line With Organic Food Keep Ingredients Fresh?

A cruise line with organic food keeps ingredients fresh with the proper storage. Metal bins and trays are the best option, mainly because the material is the easiest to sanitize. Kitchens on the ships also use temperature-controlled equipment. Using this kind of restaurant equipment is ideal for prolonging the life of various ingredients.

Can You Bring Food Back On a Cruise Ship From the Port?

Yes, passengers are permitted to bring food and drinks back on the ship with them. After all, these are often souvenirs. Some guests might buy a bottle of wine in port stops along the coast of Italy or France. Meanwhile, those on South American cruises might stock up on their favorite coffee blends. The thing that you have to be mindful of are agricultural laws and restrictions.

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A Cruise Line With Organic Food: The Potential of Cruising 

Operating a cruise line with organic food is a major challenge at the moment. But once the cruise industry finds a way to properly source and store ingredients to do so, it’ll be quite a selling point. In turn, the growth opportunities can be endless. Many consumers opt against cruising due to their dietary restrictions and preferences. But if a cruise line with organic food becomes available, they’ll have the ability to dominate a very niche market.